no way through skinny legs now fifty-two quid and half of it was just
basically for him and his enjoyment oh I don’t believe they do skinny jeans
well the skinny trousers now for kids how fun is that anyway
I still gotta get a bag at lunchbox and he wants a toy as well Oh God dries
every little penny I don’t need a girlfriend because I’ve got a mini one
there oh yeah yeah that’s again that’s again a milkshake just to shut him up
because he was winning like Ken again Ken again can I give you these BA can I
give you those back yeah yeah go ice-skating have known this since
over 15 16 thing is I’m wearing bubbly cheese and I’m gonna break my knees my
ankles gonna be knackered her life off it now
well never done it with him and I probably will never ever do it ever
again with it we’re gonna have some fun yeah I told Dan’s yeah you’re holding my
hand you do two backflips oh my god I cannot stand up at all I am
going to definitely break my neck are you
what but I’m just going to say goodbye to everybody on YouTube because this
might be the last time why that one yeah yeah subscribe give it a thumbs up if
you like this video by then finally back he’s actually woke
up in a wind haven’t you weather so now I’m going to show you what acting boss
and obviously this is humbling difference nothing to do about fitness
but obviously if you’ve got kids he’s going to school
you got big school in September so if you’re worried about how to what to get
and you know maybe do you need to get everything because to go to school you
don’t need to get everything because most schools provide everything nowadays
I’ll just need these essentials you don’t have to go like this when you’re
senior school weigh anything but pencil cases everything like that because you
don’t need that they provide it or when you’re actually it’s a preschool so what
I got first oh no nothing after it first of all I got him a hunk bag yeah this is
obviously a sandwich bag got a bowl he liked all the whole characters and it’s
like your favorite characters day I like Captain America
oh he liked Captain America Hulk so I’ve got that you look at about six seven
pounds for one of them so I’ve got that yeah he’s also at the moment yeah my
middle backpack to pull that in and any papers and pencils yeah because at the
moment we set up the old way and we said yeah no money and we set up the
old weight and he’s upset about playing Mario now so he’s like into Mario
obviously the essentials black trousers and as dick mm you can’t wear a Monte
okay six pound two pairs you know cheap cheap so you don’t have to worry about
being expensive what everybody loves a Christmas a pair
of socks or actually one got seven pairs for freak weirder as their so kids go
through socks you lose socks don’t bother buying lay down my famil them
with socks if you’ve got any kids or even if you’re like not mentioning no
names socks go missing if you get all the fancy software the all pairs you
know different characters your washer one of this appear and then you can’t
have a pair of socks you know they’ll be not matching so simple socks the Ronnie
for school play any of them and cheap well in a minute also now he’s getting a
big boy he’s getting some boxes yeah he’s got boxes already but obviously you
want you can’t do with enough boxes so therefore your stinky boom-boom finally shoes
these ones flash so I don’t know if they’ll be allowed at school or mom
things they won’t but you know what is preschool okay you know I mean so if
they don’t like it they can give me some money of the pay from you know I mean so
they that is all why I got for it he doesn’t need anything else so now I’m
going to show you the obviously he’s not Bob banner because you know he’s got
toys in here why first of all okay this he does he’s played yeah I got him a
cooking set which he you can make play-doh food out of it so you can get
it all over the carpet and then we be able to get it back out yeah the
thing is I said I’ll never buy a play-doh again because he mixes it all
together and it just goes one manky quarter and then he gets the dinosaurs
sees a dinosaur to play though go on the floor onto the carpet and then we don’t
know about it and it dries off and it’s impossible
you’re gonna make me some breakfast okay next this is what he wants he wants to
be Captain America so so yes it’s a belt he’s got a bell his quiet
that’s my master that’s 16 that’s that’s my master that’s 16 pounds and then it
comes with a shield little mats and everything it’s actually in really good
condition it’s got it’s in there also got a little Mario game yeah which was
ten quid for that I see ex shop and I got him a little hog t-shirt my master
as well at the moment I got asked is pretty good I will submit win it so
before I put this on in and then you can see a real Avenger I just want to show
you a few things that’s gonna be in one of the next videos I’ve got I’ve got two
things right this is this which I’m not showing you which is hair dye and this
which I’m not doing that because um you won’t know what it is it’s gonna be one
of our next videos I’m gonna do a completely different image change and I
bought some of this coconut oil obviously I’m bulking and this is I
haven’t tried this I’ve seen it lots lots of places on the internet saying
use coconut oil if you walking because it’s a lot of calories
in it it’s good facts so it’s not bad for you and also if you try to make
stuff if you try to make stuff at this and you’ll have to 300 calories easy so
I’m going to be doing one of my shakes I’m pointing this in to see what I can
get out of one change shut up let’s wait a minute
so we’re gonna be seeing what I can get out of this in one shake okay so that
would be another video bought just to shut him up I’m gonna do the Captain
America now so right then I hope you enjoyed this video with me and a Captain
America yeah give me a thumbs up and a like and I will see you next time you

Antonio Breitenberg

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