Zhiyun Z1 Evolution Gimbal Review with Snowboarding

Zhiyun Z1 Evolution Gimbal Review with Snowboarding

Alright, product review for the Zhi-Yun Z-1
Evolution Gimbal. Their Website and extra info in the description. This is my favorite new video accessory, as
it makes my gopro video clips silky smooth. Basically you turn it on, and it has 3 main
settings for what you want to do with it, and you can adjust the angle and such with
the joystick. The end of it connects to my other camera
mounts for extra versatility. It comes with a cord to power or charge your
gopro directly from the gimbal, which I actually used for the following footage because I had
a bad gopro battery. The batteries recharge through a usb plug
with the included charger. To protect my camera from snow getting on
it, I’ve simply been using a protective lens that gopro sells, along with a layer
of saran wrap around the rest of the gopro, cuz I don’t want to find out the hard way
with how moisture resistant a gopro is or isn’t, without the waterproof housing. So lets test it out. This is me holding the hero 2 on the left
with my normal stick, and on the right is the gimbal. I’m jogging in place, and holding the cameras
the exact same, and obviously the gimbal works and smooths out the shakiness of the video. Now for the real test, on the mountain. Here’s some comparison shots from peak 7
at Breckenridge. Here’s part of a run without the gimbal And here’s the next day with a gimbal. With as much footage as I’ve edited, this
definitely looks a lot smoother and is more pleasing to the eye. So yup, if you want real smooth video shots
for anything, this Zhi-hun Z1 Evolution gimbal does an excellent job at that, even with using
it at high speeds while snowboarding. For some extra bonus footage, here is me taming
mountain lions with and without the Z1 Evolution gimbal. Thanks for watching, and happy shredding!

Antonio Breitenberg

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40 thoughts on “Zhiyun Z1 Evolution Gimbal Review with Snowboarding

  1. Javier Nieves says:

    Dude, greatest review ever, also I wanna say I've following your chanell for a while now, and your carving is just awsm.

  2. Lei Keller says:

    Really dig the way you ride! That Gimbal is looking very interesting!! What board do you ride in this one?

  3. Richard Mazur says:

    It's even more surreal to watch you with the gimbal.

  4. Judasz says:

    You're camera man doing great job 👍

  5. Jae-Hyun Lee says:

    I am using Z1 Rider 2 model. I was considering to buy evolution but ended up having rider version. I think for snowboarding and outdoor activities, rider version would be better option cuz it can be attached to everywhere so easily.

  6. JOBoarder27 says:

    If GoPro really wanted to take this to the next level, they would design their own stabilization mount that also includes a tracking featured which would receive feedback from the GoPro. This would allow the angle of the mount to change so the rider wouldn't exit the bottom or top of the frame since it could track the rider. With color recognition it wouldn't track other riders, just the one you've locked it to. It would require a new generation of GoPro but I'd love to see it.

  7. Vaporizer Wizard says:

    Sick review! I'm using the SteadyGim3 EVO 3 Axis and I love it. I just picked up the newest version that can mount to a GoPro mount so you can put it on a helmet. Thanks for the review man, loved it.

  8. humpmasterflex says:

    Looks exactly like my feyu-tech g4 gimbal. Only difference is you get a joystick with your gimbal while the g4 has a setting where it follows where you point it. Both seem to perform exactly the same, but for action footage having the follow setting is more convenient than operating a joystick while you are busy focusing on riding or whatever else.

  9. Brian Gardner says:

    One important thing you forgot to mention – the gimbal is not waterproof. I would stay away from big sprays, or even when it's snowing. Great review though.

  10. steliocontos82 says:

    ur cat looks like a baby lynx. did u take him/her home from the mountain?

  11. mart242 says:

    Starting at 2:40, it looks like a video game. Neat!

  12. Lars Van ELewijck says:

    Nice and informative review! Thanks
    On an unrelated topic: what is your snowboard stance? Almost seems -15° and +5°.

  13. Co Sign Sign Company says:

    Does your cat.. Err…. Mountain lion, have thumbs?

  14. Martin Kohoutek says:


  15. jasonsong86 says:

    Now your butter looks even smoother.

  16. Chen Jun says:

    smooth, looking forward to more cool videos

  17. The Fletcherson says:

    Now your movies are as smooth as you are on your Board 👍

  18. mennovdveen says:

    Feiyu-tech rip off :')

  19. Matt Blouin says:

    What days and when do you ride….? Nobody out there!

  20. Drikker says:

    Hey I need your help ! What are your bindings settigns ?? Btw I love your videos and my dream is to ride like you do :O

  21. Bennvido says:

    what binding angles do you use?

  22. karaoke Dam says:

    Hi! one of your followers, been watching all your videos. Just want to request if you ca do a video tutorials on rails, jumps,jibbing. That'll be awesome.

  23. McDudes says:

    didn't knew there's gimbals for go pros D:

  24. Nicholas says:

    Dude, how is there never anyone else on the mountain during your runs? It's incredible.

  25. Marten Sytema says:

    that's frigging awesome man!

  26. GreatYue says:

    But when the image is too stable it removes the adrenaline feel while I watching.

  27. deuces2k says:

    How's the battery life on the gimbal? Could u carry extra batteries for whole day use?

  28. Zer0kaaz says:

    it looks so good that it makes the footage look fake. Like it is CG.

  29. GoPro Edit Room says:

    Is it heavy, Ryan?

  30. CabrioDriving says:

    Amazing snowboard skills. He is dancing on the snow and amazing gimbal. I have it too and confirm – the device is great.

  31. BirdyB says:

    Awesome video. Quick question what board are you riding? Been looking for something with solid edge control but still pretty buttery and from the looks of it, you have it.

  32. michael oliveira says:

    sick riding skills. what kind of deck is that?

  33. Warren B. says:

    Wish someone would develop one that works equally well and comes in at the same price, but works with the gopro waterproof casing!!!!

  34. Cess Outdoors says:

    I wish I could snowboard like that!I can barely use my skies.Oh yeah, I just bought this gimbal I can wait to play with it!

  35. John Sims says:

    I got a Z-1 recently and love it! Thanks!

  36. Flo Reisinger says:

    sweet butters 🙂

  37. tabakh says:

    I want to buy the evolution gimbal, actually in order to use it while skiing. But is there a problem with water resistance? I am scared of destroying it, for example in case of falling. Can anybody give me some information

  38. Follow My Lines says:

    Good review and great riding! That edge control is great riding regular and switch… nice!!!

  39. Zachary Floyd says:

    Do you dull your edges to help butter like that?

  40. Howard He says:

    What board are you riding in this video (make, model, year). Great review and video btw!

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