Yuri!!! on ICE – 1st Impressions by Risa Light!

Yuri!!! on ICE – 1st Impressions by Risa Light!

Hello! This is Risa Light! Here’s my first impression video on Yuri!!! ON ICE. So this anime blew up my Twitter timeline when the first episode came out. But like at first, I wasn’t planning to watch this anime because I didn’t like the key visual, I don’t like sports anime, and I’m not fujoshi. So I’m like okay, maybe I’m gonna skip this anime. But… I watched it! Cause I was a little bit curious then surprisingly, it was so good! Like the story was really well made. And I’m actually enjoying this anime! The story is about a Japanese figure skater
who lost at Gran Prix Finale ice skating. Yuri Katsuki, he went back to Japan to reflect
what he wants to do in the future. But suddenly, his idol Victor Nikiforov showed
up in front of him and told him that he will be Yuri’s coach. At the same time, a young Russian professional
figure skater, Yuri Plisetsky also came to Japan to follow Victor. The OP and ED are so beautiful! Its so beautiful! They definitely got some gay moments but I feel like even boys can enjoy watching this anime. So yes! (THUMBS UP) So who else is watching this show? Comment down below and tell me why you like this or why you don’t like this anime. And here are my other first impression videos that you should check out! Or you can see the description box below for the full list. Again, thank you for watching! Bye bye!~

Antonio Breitenberg

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