Yura and Minah, Surfing at Huntington Beach! [Battle Trip/2018.03.11]

Yura and Minah, Surfing at Huntington Beach! [Battle Trip/2018.03.11]

I heard Orange County is nice. I heard that area is famous for surfing. Are we going to see the beach now? – Huntington Beach is… / – Hunting? – You mean that hunting? / – That hunting, she says. That’s why I learn English. I heard really famous people come here for surfing. We can see Hollywood stars here. We can pretend we know them. – We’ll say we’re Korean stars. / – Sure. Would they pick us up? (She’s embarrassed) So similar. That’s why this is called Huntington Beach. – We must go. / – It’s not just any beach. – We must go there. / – Yeah. (Surfing at Huntington Beach) They really had a packed schedule. As it’s our last day, let’s do some surfing. I’ve really been looking forward to it. Santa Monica Beach, Malibu Beach and Venice Beach… – Are very famous. / – Right. – Huntington Beach is most famous for surfing. / – I see. It has 100 years of history. (Huntington Beach is located in the south) The view is the best. It’s so big. They all walk around barefoot with surfing boards. (Huntington Beach) (Can’t get better surfing conditions than this) (From beginners to experts, they can all have fun here) (How good is Yul Bang Tour’s surfing skills?) Here we are. Heave. (Where are we?) Come here. I reserved a surfing school. – Really? / – We’ll rent wetsuits here… – And learn how to surf. / – Okay. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go surfing. – Yul. / – Bang. Tour. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – Surfing school. / – Can’t wait! (You can rent a board, suit and safety equipment) – Let’s get changed and go surfing. / – Let’s go! – Let’s go! / – I guess we must wear this. What is this? What is this? (Suddenly there’s strong wind) – The weather. / – It was so. I thought a typhoon was coming. That… (Will Yul Bang Tour get to surf today?) (The surfing beginners come for their lesson) Whether you’re scared, cold, or warm, you’re going to be smiling and have fun. Throw a shock in. Okay. You know what a shock is? Right there, yeah. You’re the only two surfing on the beach right now? (The instructor demonstrates first) (Don’t want to be too far back or forward) (Feet always at the back of the board) (Big paddle movements with both arms) (Big like this) (Put your hands under your chest and stand up) Okay! Feet back. Arms like this… Hop up. (Grab the board and hop up) – They teach it in one go. / – Are they doing martial arts? – It’s like Bruce Lee. / – I stood up in one go so… (Practicing like it’s the real deal) (Clapping) It’s easy. I really wanted to learn surfing. Was it fun? It was really fun. But isn’t it hard to stand on your first day? Right. It’s dangerous. Heads up. – Alright, lay down. / – Is it Minah’s turn? Here comes the wave. (Wave is coming right after she gets on the board) (She passes the first wave) (She passes the second wave) The waves are big. Here it comes again. (Waves come often in a variety of heights) (You can choose the right wave for you) (After passing the third wave) (That’s our wave!) – Paddle, paddle. / – Let’s stand up right away. – Paddle, paddle. / – Let’s stand up right away. Can she do it? (First ever surfing in her 26 years of life) (Can Minah succeed?) – Hey, I think she can do it. / – Since she’s light. – Will she? / – She’s standing, she’s standing. Goodness. No way! I crashed right away. No way! (Stands up for a second) – That’s really good. / – Isn’t that hard, Hwijae? – She’s really good. / – Really? – Did you really get up on your first try? / – Yes. – First time. / – It’s because she’s light. I thought he taught her half-heartedly but he must be a great teacher. Look how happy he is for her. (Good job) (It’s Yura’s turn now) Come on. (Get on) Lay down. You can do it. All the way. On your stomach. (The waves attack her two times in a row) (Argh) (Another wave is coming!) (Screaming) (Relaxed because she’s been through it) What’s up with your hair? Did it freeze? (She gets ready for the wave) Stand up, stand up. – Let’s do this! / – Come on! (Can Yura overcome her fear and stand up?) Get up, please! That’s wrong, isn’t it? She reached the beach. Hands up! – It was too shallow. / – Yes. It was the shore. (Couldn’t stand up) Minah’s excited. I really wanted to try this. Are you ready? Ready, ready? Paddle, paddle. She’s good. That’s very good. (They enjoy the surf despite the bad weather) Stand up. (They fall and fall again but enjoy the surf) She fell right off. You must’ve eaten so much after that. Yeah. That expends so much energy. – Now that we’ve surfed, let’s eat. / – “Let’s eat.” – Look. / – We got hungry. – You get hungry after a swim. / – You do. What are they going to eat? Let’s go eat. I’m so hungry after playing. Today, we’re going to a local spot in Orange County. – This is the place. / – Is it here? I heard this place is really popular. According to the reviews, it’s really good here. I’m hungry. I’m so hungry. (Have you heard of chicken waffle?) (Everyone loves chicken waffle) (Looks so appetizing) Waffle chicken? What is that? Mac and cheese. – This was really… / – It’s interesting. There’s no need for words. – It’s impossible to taste bad. / – It’s moist inside. This place is popular among surfers. – Really? / – So after they surf… They come here to eat. It looks so good. Those pictures make my mouth water. – The egg looks amazing. / – Exactly. – There it is. / – It’s coming. Amazing. Thank you! This is amazing. It looks so tasty. – It looks really amazing. / – I want to eat it again. – It looks really amazing. / – It does. That waffle looks great. Look at the egg yolk. It was amazing. This is what you like. – The crispy part? / – You’ll totally love it. (Crispy) – Look at her face. / – You like these parts. This looks amazing. It looks really amazing. It looks so delicious. Yura’s in a hurry. She can’t wait. There’s bacon and cheese. This can’t taste bad. I’ll add maple syrup. You have to soak it in the syrup. You pour maple syrup on that? – That makes it good. / – You need the syrup. Minah’s eating well again. You have to let go of your diet there. I thought that was Moon Seyoon. See the way she shoved it in with her fork? It was so good. They eat well. It’s appetizing. (It’s delicious as expected) She really likes it. – Her eyes are widen. / – So happy. – This is amazing. It’s so good. / – It’s so delicious. This is insane. This is perfect to my taste. I really love crispy textures. The batter and waffle are so crispy, and the chicken is so tender. This is the kind of texture I love. I can see why this is a popular restaurant. It’s really good. It tastes better with the syrup. This is the best example of a sweet and salty dish. It’s so delicious. I want to try the next dish. (It’s the signature menu of this restaurant) (Original chicken waffle) (It has salad in it to make it less greasy) (How does it taste?) The chicken is different. It’s a different kind of chicken. This is like chicken breast. Cajun salad. – This is good too. / – It’s good too. This makes no sense. – Goodness, she wants to eat it all. / – Yeah. Yura can fit it all in. – Yura fits it all. / – I’m jealous. A senior of eating well. It’s so good. It’s so good. She eats so well. How do you eat so well? – It’s even more fascinating in person. / – I bet. (They continued to eat well) – I think I’ll miss this food. / – I’m sure I will. I heard Huntington Beach is very famous for the sunset view. – While enjoying a cocktail… / – Sounds good. What are we doing? Let’s go. We have to go before the sun sets. Let me eat this first. Are you not done yet? (Sunset) (It’s their last evening in California) The day in California… – This is a typical view of California. / – It’s the end. This is a cafe inside a hotel but it’s the best place to see the sunset. To the last night. This is such a pretty picture. Unbelievable. – I see why people say it’s nice here. / – Right? – You can really enjoy the sunset. / – Yeah. – It looks so pretty right now. / – So pretty. I want to go there again. This place was so beautiful. (They realize their trip is coming to an end) I’m sure the guys are enjoying San Francisco. I wonder how it was in San Francisco. They finally remembered them. I liked that too… When we visited Arts District… That place was so good. It was great to experience the artist’s town. Then just 2 hours away, you can enjoy nature in Palm Springs. The fact that you can enjoy both is a real advantage of this place. You can see the happiness on their faces. We experienced both the city… – And the nature here. / – Right. The sun has set. Is the Yul Bang Tour over now? – Is it over? / – I feel so sad. It’s too sad. I want to stay longer. Seriously. It was fun. – Yul… / – Yul… – Yul. Bang! Argh! / – Argh! Thank you, California. We’ll come back next time.

Antonio Breitenberg

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    I ♡ girl's day

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    Jammin' in the Camaro and hangin' ten at Huntington. Gnarly, dude! Zip up those wetsuits sweeties, cuz that water here is cold !

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    I like soo much 💑 they are adorable 💞 I wish to be there

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    That water looked cold, also it was quite windy and the surf was broken up. Learning to surf in the shallows like that is a bit of a double edged sword. When you wipe out, you can easily go head first right into the sand.

  8. Genevieve Vu says:

    They went to bruxie’s for food

  9. Gothy Crumpets says:

    I tried chicken a Waffles once, it didn't go well; but if YuMin loved it I will try it again.

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    Dang I live in HB, it would've cool to randomly see Girls Day at Bruxie's 😂

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    8:25 omg <33

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    Lol when you live all the way in Louisiana and watching this makes you wish you where born somewhere else bc Louisiana never gets celebrities from anywhere

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    Bruxies is bomb as heck tho 10/10 recommend
    (I'm totally not gonna go there tmrrw and sit where they sat)

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    Can't believe they had soul food. Too funny. Nice to see African American culture in Korea =)

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    Wonder if the waitress (Bruxie) recognized them (she was smiling when she delivered the food)? Or was it because of the film crew?

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    Make em whistle like a missile

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    Live while we're young

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    While watching this i was like why am i singing One Direction's songs like its been a while then it turned that they put themselves 1D songs ahahaha i remember when i used to listen 1D's songs it brings me so many memories am i the only one? 😂

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    Wow that looks so cold in Huntington Beach
    Isn’t that in California. Wow they went to surf the waves out there amazing and really far to go. 🤗most of been really cold outside to out in the ocean for that

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    when you live in huntington beach ughgh man

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    This reminds me of when yura and Hong Jong hyun went windsurfing lol

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    Hearing so many One Direction's song in one video makes me really excited lol

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    I would love to be their instructor. I'll get them the perfect wave always. 👍

  27. Ronald Chan says:

    I’m going to Palm Springs in August (to go eat at Lulu California Bistro). Going to swing by (Bruxie) the Chino Hills location on the way from LAX. I’m going to be spending SO much money on food during my trip to LA in August. Mostly Korean food. Last year, I spent over $600 on food during 5 days in LA.

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    They shoulda went to roscoes for chicken and waffles. But that might be a bit too real for them lol.

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    Yura and hyeri are good partners because they are both dorky

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    I live in the OC and I really wished they went to Crystal Cove or Laguna Beach ☹️

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    The instructors are hot!

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    I live 15 minutes away from huntington beach -.- sucks to know that they were so close by me and i didnt get to see them.

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    BlackPink 0:23 whistle💜💜💜

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    minah 💖💖💖

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    it's kind of weird seeing my home on this show and with Minah and Yura… I'm glad they had fun though, cause one thing that I realized is because I've lived here my whole life I can't see it as a vacation and some place vacation like lol.

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    I love watching Yura eat.

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    Awh they played ikon 😊

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    Please comeback girl's day 😊😊😊

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    I missed you so much GIRLSDAY! YURAAAAAAAA💖💖💖

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    Imiss you guys comeback na girlsday yura 🙂🙂🙂

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    that sudden whistle from blackpink got played got me tho😂👌

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    I swear one of the lifeguards look like a trainee of “Bondi Rescue”

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