Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Kick a Soccer Ball

Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Kick a Soccer Ball

My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach of LaSalle
Academy for Expert Village. The next thing we want to talk about is shooting the ball.
When we shoot the ball we want to make sure that we plant next to the ball so that we
could follow through. We want to drive through the ball. Notice on this part we’ve been talking
a lot about using the inside of our foot, now we want to use this part of our foot so
we can drive through. Planting next to the ball and driving the ball through the net.
Let’s watch Luis as he takes a shot. Planting next to the ball and driving through the ball
as he puts, want to step into your shot. Once again using right and left foot. Now watch
as he really drives through this one.

Antonio Breitenberg

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47 thoughts on “Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Kick a Soccer Ball

  1. socc3rb4lla says:

    @arkowiec123 a brit making fun of an american, thats a joke xD

  2. MrBuffaloM says:

    @socc3rb4lla You call it soccer, thats a joke xD

  3. socc3rb4lla says:

    @mrbuffalom u drive on the wrong side of the road thats a joke xd

  4. GoingWhere says:

    @arkowiec123 haha your funny stupid. I guess those mighty yanks are in the World Cup? Not your team? Yep, i think so.

  5. Sprax says:

    @AlluringVintage ..That was stupid. That's like going "It's called telefon, not telephone" Different languages spell differently. Get used to it.

  6. Dick Faggotson says:

    bunch of racist twats.

  7. Alex Soriano says:

    I can appreciate that comment, it would be like listening to a funny talker teach me how to tackle in football. Real football that is.

  8. JeRseybOy251 says:

    @arkowiec123 your polish, why do you right your comment in english?

  9. NHK23 says:


  10. 1234REEB1234 says:

    @arkowiec123 who gives a shit I'm sure there are Americans who are better than you at soccer. Sure its not the best soccer nation in the world, but who are you that you think you are better than the entire country. And yes I know you're going to say "it's called football not soccer" but again, who gives a shit.

  11. Endeavourtolive says:

    Soccer is a sport that is popular throughout the entire world, thus anyone is capable of being good and accurate at it, doesn't matter whether you are british, american, asian etc. It's a world sport.

  12. TheSoccerHiro says:

    @TheZerocool66 That's not true, your suppose to look up only when you are watching where you want to shoot the ball, and when you'r shooting you should watch the ball to get best touch.

  13. 1234REEB1234 says:

    @FifaSoccer98 I know. Last I checked in 2008 the U.S. gotta pretty far in the World Cup. And had a draw with Mexico pretty recently.

  14. Slothrope says:

    @arkowiec123 well lets see your american football/baseball/hockey/basketball lesson. then well see who's joke it is.

  15. Pro139103 says:


  16. 1234REEB1234 says:

    Why are all the "it's football not soccer" guys watching this video if the title says soccer?

  17. Random Vidz says:


  18. Lewis Johnstone says:

    Americans can't even pronounce soccer right…

  19. socc3rb4lla says:

    @arkowiec123 funny how you looked up how to play soccer videos

  20. Riley Catalana says:


  21. Lorcan Doherty says:

    @eugeneee8827 pedo

  22. Pablin Lofish says:

    In USA are so stupid to soccer.

  23. Artin Shastvari says:

    Its called football

  24. Adrian Lagare says:

    It can twist your Ankle

  25. 9Pure9 says:

    Because when you type in Football, videos titled Soccer still come up. Duhhh is that to hard for u 2 figure out.

  26. 1234REEB1234 says:

    that's strange. I just tested your theory and you're wrong. I typed in football, and do you know what the majority of the videos that came up were? American football videos and 1 video of what you call football. None of the videos said "soccer."

  27. 1234REEB1234 says:

    no I'm from the US. I'm just asking why these European "footballers" are on this video when it says soccer. They obviously just come to these videos to talk trash.

  28. Dia & Nicky Mukerji says:

    thumbs up if you don't care if it's soccer or football, you just wanna play it 😉

  29. Jay Gonzalez says:

    no its not

  30. Joeyo says:

    0:05 for a good kick up the bum!! Haha!

  31. Radderz95 says:

    For the last time… IT AIN'T SOCCER!

  32. Ryan Archer says:

    I'm from U.S and 'soccer' is called Football. But, who really cares, just play the fucking game.

  33. Limasol Gaming Channel says:


  34. 1234REEB1234 says:

    yeah that's logical

  35. hrvoje says:

    0:04 I thought the kid was going to punch him in the ass xD

  36. Cali Living says:

    Why are all Spanish people, like, god-holy at soccer?!

  37. 1234REEB1234 says:

    I know that but I don't see the point in complaining about why we call it soccer and you call it football. (I'm not saying you're complaining just a lot of other people btw.)

  38. James Pham says:

    Different countries have different customs, just accept dat

  39. rio ferdiand says:

    mbuh yooo

  40. sujan grg says:

    0:4 i thought he was going to kick his coach 😀

  41. basketballislife77 says:

    Im watching it to become a better kicker whats their excuse?

  42. alexb188 says:

    this video sucks, the boy is not even shooting the right way

  43. Alysia Davenport says:


  44. Daire blankenship says:

    Hey everyone check out may channel I do soccer tutorials

  45. Gabriel J. Poncé says:

    Your retarded.

  46. Gabriel J. Poncé says:

    I mean you Mr Cooler Star.

  47. Vinamra Sharma says:

    i m not able to shot the ball higher with speed and when i strike the ball my thy also pain

  48. Ahzam Zafar says:

    foolish video

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