Youngest Snowboarding Champion Red Gerard on Winning Olympic Gold

Youngest Snowboarding Champion Red Gerard on Winning Olympic Gold

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Youngest Snowboarding Champion Red Gerard on Winning Olympic Gold

  1. cheeseball 47 says:

    Um but what is that “hat” (?????)

  2. Melvin Sewell says:

    He’s like it’s no big deal winning the olympics. It’s not like the xgames

  3. yeomintaes says:

    This makes me genuinely happy

  4. Stan Khan says:

    I’m surprise Chloe Kim hasn’t been interviewed.

  5. Ethan says:

    He’s arrogant asf

  6. Bomrad says:

    How tf do you not even mention the hat?

  7. ATinyWaffle says:

    Red is pretty good at snowboarding! He should try and take on the Pokemon league after this.

  8. Rajitha Ranasinghe says:

    Brooklyn 9-9 is not on netflix though.

  9. LordOrion says:

    LIAR! Brooklyn 99 isnt on netflix!!!


    Red Gerard snowboarding at 9 —->

  11. Eri Dumesh says:

    Don’t try to fool me that’s Neil Patrick Harris

  12. Jonanice says:

    I hear he couldn't find his hat before the interview & had to borrow an XLarge one

  13. tyson says:

    He's awesome…but I don't think he knows his neck turning muscles worked that day.

  14. B4 W says:

    Ground Control to Major Tom trippin trippin

  15. Lora Urian says:

    the chillest 17 y/o i’ve seen hahaha

  16. JJL TRICK SHOTS says:

    who else watches brooklyn 99?

  17. BASARABA says:

    Here's a rare video of Red Gerard snowboarding at 9 years old —->

  18. g3mccotter says:

    Haha no filter.

  19. erick leon says:

    why does every comment have like thousands of likes ? haha

  20. я не такой says:

    Is he on speed?

  21. Tye Howling says:

    kids high as a kite

  22. chocograph says:

    "Take that ridiculous thing off."

  23. ebsss100 says:

    He must be a fan of Jotaro, from Jojo's bizzare adventure

  24. Ravenn says:

    wow i feel like a failure

  25. Kyaira Peoples says:

    Ummmm…..Brooklyn 9-9 is not on Netflix lol

  26. Brad Kasteler says:

    I love how he's just leaning in and staring directly at jimmy kimmel. he's so cool.

  27. Kheiziarh says:

    He’s so chill

  28. Q says:

    18 family members- white privilege

  29. gabrielle rose says:

    he’s cute and chill and my age uh hi red

  30. Nóra Aly says:

    So this is the kid from the meme 😂

  31. tubesockets120v says:

    This was awkward with the opener about drinking, and Red 17.

  32. Robert Swinda says:

    Dude he is so good at public talking. Let alone having perfect landing. Jimmy was slacking in this interview

  33. Dave East says:

    Seems like a really cool kid but what’s up with the hat

  34. Kyla Suttles says:

    I literally only clicked on this cause of his hat and he was cute

  35. Chad O says:

    This kid reminds me of a young Sean Penn

  36. Ice Bird says:

    Gosh. 17 years old, winning a gold medal AND is on Jimmy Kimmel!? Huge congrats to him x10! I’m 18 and I’m…. literally being useless…dreaming I could be even an eighth of how successful he is! He’s also hilarious and so chill. He needs to be a comedian or something after he retires from competitive snowboarding a couple years down the road! Love how he exposed his cousin 😂 I would totally do the same to mine! Hahaha, Go Red! 😂❤️

  37. E M ☾ says:

    He’s so bloody cute

  38. Mighty Mouse says:

    He should've said 'were talking mountain dews baby'

  39. Zairem Renthlei says:

    He is cooler than my ex's cold icy heart

  40. Videos By Barker says:

    He’s like the youngest, most successful, member of the Gallagher‘s (Shameless).

  41. Lewis Allen says:

    Yo he look like a teenage Casey Neistat…

  42. Peter Costanza says:

    kids funny

  43. Tasha Zalinski says:

    very confused about the hat

  44. Dana Bigelow says:

    That hat is amazing

  45. arman brar says:

    Thought that was Hannah Montana’s brother from the thumbnail

  46. 51UM says:

    Olympic gold medalist and one of the chillest dudes ever at 17

  47. Eamon Cavanaugh says:

    Brooklyn 99 isnt on Netflix

  48. Cool Dude says:

    No more

  49. C M says:

    this kid is totally kyle.

  50. Alexander Villegas says:

    Yo Brooklyn nine-nine is not on Netflix I wish it was but it ain’t

  51. Norbu Sangbu says:

    Homeboy a pot head.

  52. Amy L. says:

    how come hes always wearing a funny hat? LOL

  53. Jackson Matthews says:

    Why is jimmy talk to a child about getting drunk ?

  54. abbs says:

    he's so cute omg

  55. Caroline Riemer says:

    i'm confused by his hat

  56. CJ Explored says:

    train conductor swag on point!

  57. Estella Crosby says:

    Why is no one talking about his hat

  58. Eric Walsh says:

    Stupid name stupid hat.

  59. King Cuan says:

    Is Kimmel high 24/7?

  60. Oisin Osborne says:

    Mark should of got Gold not Bronze, Gerdard is insane for his age and landed a sick run.

  61. onefour14 says:


  62. Lock Thedoor says:

    Congratulations Red!

  63. 2M A says:

  64. furdedezee says:

    Is this the kid who stayed up all night binge-ing Brooklyn 99 and almost missed the Olympics?? Bec dang i want to be best friends 😂

  65. Fox Bond says:


  66. Uzun Dmitry says:

    He would be an even better Spiderman than Tom Holland!

  67. Sans the tiktocker says:


  68. The Bear Dog says:

    He’s like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man but more chill and ‘lax

  69. Darrius Hairston says:

    Brooklyn nine nine isn't on Netflix lies. He was partying lol

  70. Gregory Gagliardi says:

    "they were on one"

  71. MassiveLegendOfficial says:

    Went to Summit high School with this kid. He was real quiet and wasn't ever at school because of snowboarding. Crazy stuff

  72. ICouldveDroppedMyFreshavacadoInMyValentinoBag says:

    Imagine that college application

  73. Sim Won says:

    that last comment from Red lmao he knows that at some point, everything that goes up will go down…such wisdom already!

  74. Andrew Bortz says:

    Gold in a metal detector lol it is so magnetic don't u know

  75. Jnez says:

    Chloe Kim is younger by 2 mounths ?…… so why is he the youngest

  76. severus snape says:

    Woah holly molly !!! Draco malfoy !!!

  77. M&J Videos says:

    Went to middle school with Red, he’s a cool kid!

  78. Namez says:

    yeah, yeah

  79. TheOuterLimits says:

    I like just how mellowed out he is.

  80. julien st-jacques says:

    leave some pussy for the rest of us…. geez

  81. B T B says:

    Love this dude… Hate Jimmy Kimmel. He has this weird complex going on where he tries to belittle his guests every time he interviews someone. I dont know man, dude's a cock.

  82. Josh Eidt says:

    I personally think max parrot should’ve won, but Im still happy that Gerard won

  83. RobotikEmpire says:

    I guess I'll say it.That is the stupidest hat I've ever seen. And I've seen Pharrell's 100 gallon hat!

  84. Lil Trickzy says:

    Wtf is on his head

  85. aurelle champagne says:

    What a fuckin goof.Olympic snowboarding??????? What a joke.

  86. Cameron Starrett says:


  87. Nataliya Nabakova says:

    red gerard is cooler than i ever will be

  88. dirtbagzrus says:

    Is he conducting a train?

  89. Donell Lee says:

    He looks like a comedian already lmao

  90. Jack Tingey says:

    This man is so chill

  91. Joon Lee says:

    What’s on his head

  92. kate says:

    why is this so dope

  93. Louise MC says:

    He's cool but turn around a bit!

  94. Big Pog says:

    444 people that lost disliked this video

  95. William Fries says:

    This guy is more effective than Xanax.

  96. Baked Utah says:

    Hat. Why?

  97. Ross Ringold says:

    My mom only drunk once. How can a kid like that be so successful when he has drinkers in his family ?

  98. Dimitar Talevski says:

    If Marty McFly and Frankie Muniz had a child

  99. Life YahFavortieRappersFavortiteRapper says:

    he made history @ 17….not bad Red Gerard!! I honestly feel like theres more to this young legend and his family. I would pay to see a reality series on them.

  100. Indi VD says:

    What is on is head

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