Quiksilver’s Young Guns Surf was born in
2004 when Kelly Slater took the world’s best groms on the trip of their lives.
The trip became a film the film became a series and the series became iconic for
high-performance surfing in the 2000s there were boats, helicopters, INXS and Clay Marzo turns. Since then
Quiksilver has done Young Guns trips all over the world. The concept
eventually morphed into a contest for teenage surfers. Any kid from anywhere
has the opportunity to go from the local beach to our global finals.
Here’s how it worked this year. Some say hundreds others say millions of Young
Guns submitted their clips on Instagram our partners at Stab picked the top
eight the top eight went through around of public voting. Which sent two surfers
to the final. Mikey Wright picked one “my picks Levi Slawson, you’re in the
final, take that sh*t out”. And Zeke Lau picked one “Luke Swanson I’ve selected
you good luck, go get them”. Rounding out the final to four. Regarded as the most fun
junior event in the world, the Young Guns finals have been held in some of surfs
finest locations, like Sumatra or Fernando de Noronha or Kelly Slater’s wave pool or Yemen just kidding we didn’t go to Yemen. This
year the four finalists went to Portugal to spend a week with almost local, Kanoa
Igarashi. “This is like my breakfast every morning, I’m not getting
paid to say this or anything, because I’m honestly, being truly honest. I’ve been
coming, pretty often to Portugal for the last like three-four years. Now I have my
house here so it’s a little bit more cozy. Pretty much the polar opposite of
my house in Souther California. My only comment is you like perfect like maniac garage
surf shop? Here in Portugal it’s like all right, use this board today. I like spending time in
Portugal because there’s so many different types of waves and every
single day of the year you can find some sort of surfable wave and I’m not just
surfable but like above-average. Having that kind of luxury of being able
to surf good waves all the time is pretty nice. Favorite memories from
Young Guns trips growing up. Jesus, I have so many good memories when I first got
on Twitter around 12 it was like non-stop Young Guns trips, you know, Snapper, France, G Land and everyone was like you know been on Quiksilver for 10 years 20 years like all these legends were there”.
“Go go go, no no, aww”. “I was like I just got on Quiksilver a couple months ago. No matter how old I get, I’m gonna be Known as a Young Gun. Doing the
Young Guns and King of the Groms growing up this perfect environment for me to be
the surfer I am today. So this week the kids will all be free surfing while
being judged by Brooko, Tiago, Morgan and myself. I’ll also be in the water, free surfing, hanging out, being a grom and frothing out with them, stealing waves. This year for 2019 Young Guns we have for epic kids from all around the world we
have Luke Swanson he’s 15 years old from the North Shore Oahu. Next up we have Levi Slawson.
He’s 16 from Encinitas California. We have Oscar Berry turning 17 this trip
from yam by Australia and rounding it out we have Leo Casal 15 years old
from Santa Catarina. Alright we’re here, day 1, Quiksilver
Young Guns, the kids are out there So who won? Good question, Kanoa and the judges decided that one Young Gun stood out from the rest. So boys over the
course of the last eight days, I reckon we saw more than a thousand waves, pretty much and I think it’s a wrap-up. We’ve seen all kinds of surf, amazing surf and we have a winner. Pen, Kanoa. 2019 Young Guns winner is Levi Slawson. “What am I doing with my life, that was so bad”.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. krusher74 says:

    It would have been nice to see each of the kids get a section so we could have compared.

  2. Erwann THOMAS says:

    Great vidéo. congratulations !!!🏄👌

  3. Daniel Uzunov says:

    Everyone is just slaying….

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