Yoga For Snowboarding – How To Do Boat Pose

Yoga For Snowboarding – How To Do Boat Pose

Hi! I’m Emilien Badoux Welcome to my yoga lessons designed to improve your snowboarding. Your legs aren’t the only parts of your body absorbing shocks when you ride. Your abdominal muscles support your upper body and protect your back, which is why the Boat pose is important. Sit down with your back straight
and your legs straight out in front of you. Lift your legs up to a 45° angle. Keep your legs straight.
Point your arms forward. Hold the pose.
Look straight ahead. Breathe through the nose. After one minute, cross your legs. Lift your body off the mat,
or just your buttocks if that’s all you’re able to do. Repeat the pose 5 times.

Antonio Breitenberg

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