Yoga For Snowboarding – How To Do A Headstand

Yoga For Snowboarding – How To Do A Headstand

Hi! I’m Emilien Badoux. Welcome to my yoga lessons designed to improve your snowboarding. The Headstand increases your confidence and your awareness of the relationship between your body and the space around it, to help you discover new sensations while snowboarding. Interlace your fingers. Place them on the mat with your elbows wide apart.
Place your head on the mat. Straighten your legs.
Keep your feet in close until you’re balanced on your head. Raise your legs up until they’re in line with your body. Once you’re comfortable in the pose, bring your feet down slowly, pushing your buttocks back, until your legs are straight and horizontal to the ground. Bring your feet back down to the mat. Relax in this position until your blood flow feels normal again.

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