Ylvis – Snowboarding (eng.subs)

Ylvis – Snowboarding (eng.subs)

I’ve never tried snowboarding, so I thought
this might be a golden opportunity for me to… …learn some tricks?
Yes! What if I turn out to be a natural, do I have
to act bad to make good TV? Hi, and welcome to “irrelevant issues” Go ahead! OK Look forward as if you’re bicycling. Did you see that? I almost grabbed it. I managed to stop! You drive like a god… …god and god Oh, now it went really fast. It went faster downhill than I’d thought. There you go, we’re down!

Antonio Breitenberg

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4 thoughts on “Ylvis – Snowboarding (eng.subs)

  1. Kats fluffy fox says:

    Vegard's break at the end is epic! :)) and Bård is nature talented! 😮 (sry, don't know how to say -.-) is there anything these boys aren't good at?
    Thank you very much for translating and subtitling 😉 which programm do you use?

  2. Mona Lisa says:

    Yeah, they're the greatest:) I use Windows movie maker:)

  3. VABkWrm says:

    I love how silly, fun and adventuresome they are!

  4. VABkWrm says:

    Is this recent?

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