Yellowknife: Dog Sledding with World Champion Grant Beck

(dogs barking) Your turn, your turn, your turn. Okay! These are Alaskan Huskies. Got a lot of endurance, got a lot of speed. Grant Beck: They don’t like waiting, they’re very impatient cuz they’re excited to go. So how do you drive them? Talk to them. Voice control. A lot of training, all summer. Maybe three years. These are athletes. They can run a thousand miles if you train ’em up to do it. What do you love about dog sledding? Ah, just being with them, working with them, you know. You’re always in good shape. Dogs are happy, moving along and enjoying it. Just, being out there with them and doing the stuff we’re doing right now is pretty nice, you know? (whistling) Okay guys, go home.

Antonio Breitenberg

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