Xtreme Ice Skating – Unity Stop tutorial

Xtreme Ice Skating – Unity Stop tutorial

For the Unity Stop, there are only a small number of things you
have to know, and the rest, is just a matter of practice. So the position is where you have one leg
tucked behind the other. And the supporting leg, or supporting foot
is what provides all the balance. So here you’ll notice immediately my arm position,
and how my chest is sticking out as much as possible. And is see that… supporting knee? That is basically almost touching my chest. In this particular stop you can see how my
balance was thrown off a bit. And the reason is because my arms were to…
the side as opposed to being straight forward and backward right away. So what you want to do is, make sure your arms are straight forward and
backward as soon as you enter the trick. And try to make sure you’re looking forward
if you can. OR, slightly down just to check your feet. So what you have to do is you have to put
your weight and your balance, on the stopping foot. And so it will sorta (sort of) almost just
hover that other foot. As opposed to taking to both feet in one unit
for balance. That’s how you play this out. And you can see here, I’m doing almost like
a “test run?” I’m simulating what it would be like to… stop at a particular position or a particular
timing. I am figuring out – – well which muscle works
with WHAT. I’m sure a lot of skaters do this all the
time. And this is what you ought to do with most
things that you are trying to learn on the ice. Continue to analyze yourself. In this particular
stop I noticed that the balance felt really good. And you can see here with my arms; the reason
why I did that is because I knew that my arms were straight forward and backward right away. And that last stop I knew that my balance
was off a bit. And that is why I did that extra take. So to recapitulate everything: make sure you
arms enter into a straight forward and backward position immediately. Stick your chest out until it can go no further. I mean… REALLy stick it out. Look forward into the direction of your momentum
as you would in all tricks. All balance is controlled from the stopping
foot only. This is the most important step right here. Do NOT try to control both feet. (Your balance)…
you balance simply from the stopping foot. Stop at a higher position first, which is
a lot easier, and than obviously go to a more difficult
position, which is a lower position. And finally, arch your lower back inward,
as you would in all tricks.

Antonio Breitenberg

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