Xtreme Ice Skating – “Kicktail” tutorial

Xtreme Ice Skating – “Kicktail” tutorial

So that’s basically it – I mean… You get low to your balance, and than, you get your balance over your hips and your
chest a bit; you stick your chest out a little bit. And then after that it’s just… you put your foot out, you’re aware where
your foot is, and you’re looking forward, so you’re looking forward at your foot at
the same time. And then one hand is forward, and than the other hand, is behind your back
which seems to work the best. So you can see here how I’m putting my arm
behind my back. That’s an important step. And that front arm, remain it (correction)
keep it forward, so that you can continue traveling forward,
and you could also see that my head is looking in that direction. So you wanna (want to) look forward to maintain
a FORWARD momentum. And, if you drop your front arm it appears
that it helps to turn your body. So how you angle your arms, is how your body
will turn. And you can also effect this by swinging your
rear foot. So keep that in mind. But predominantly, for this particular stop,
all the balance comes from your hips. So, your mind should be,… and your thoughts
you should be on your hips to do this trick well.

Antonio Breitenberg

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