Xtreme Ice Skating Eagle Air – tutorial

Xtreme Ice Skating Eagle Air – tutorial

Start off simple with a small jump. And notice here, how my arms are keeping my
shoudlers straight, and I’m looking forward. The idea now is to be able to jump higher,
lift your knees up higher, and land as low as possible. And just get used to this feeling of being
level in the air, and being level while your land. Here, you want to be able to visualize yourself
doing this position in the air… or HOLDING this position in the air. So before yout take off, and while you are
taking off, you should be visualizing this position, as
you are floating backwards. So the idea is to float backwards in the air,
in this position. And you could put your arms out to help stabilize
your balance in the air; And to try and hold this position while you
are moving backwards in the air for as long as possible. Hence the name: Eagle Air. You are supposed
to look like an Eagle floating in the air. And what makes this trick MOST impressive,
is if you skate as fast as you can, jump as high as you can, and hold this position in the air as long
as possible as if you are giving the impression of.. a floating sensation – – as if you were floating
backwards over a long distance over the ice, in this TUCKED position.

Antonio Breitenberg

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