XO Coco Ho Documentary – A Look at The Famous Surfer’s Career

XO Coco Ho Documentary – A Look at The Famous Surfer’s Career

[Coco Ho]
“There are definitely moments where I hated the ocean.” “I hated surfing.” “I took being on tour for granted.” “I was very distracted.” “Distracted by what I didn’t have.” “Being so good during my childhood, I didn’t experience everything everyone experienced, and I never had a boyfriend.” “And then… the universe like gives you something.” “It might have taken love.” “You know, I had my first love and that was kind of like the rebirth for me.” “Hi, this is Coco Ho at the NSSA Hurley Regionals.” “If you think the boys are ripping, check out the girls.” “I started surfing when I was seven years old.” “I was actually late to the game in a sense that so many kids are on it nowadays a lot younger.” “We would start playing around on bodyboards.” “Eventually, Mason started bringing my dad’s boards down to the beach and surfing, and then he was like, ‘try!’” “And I hopped on and tried to show off to him, and it worked!” “I just remember trying to impress my brother.” “My whole growing up was like all to impress Mason.” [Mason Ho]
“Well, we hung out a lot.” “You know how some people run from their sisters and stuff?” “I just remember, dad and them, they wouldn’t let her do exactly what I was doing yet.” “Because we were always together all the time, and then right as I had a little bit of freedom, then all of a sudden I was with my friends all the time because I think I just got into surfing and stuff which was like eight or nine or something, she like was, boom, was right with me again.” “From then on, I got into it and eventually then I was like, ‘Dad, for my birthday can I get my own board?’ “And he started to notice we loved it.” “Mason and I always went to the beach to go surfing and she kind of got left home with mom, and back then, the only way to go to the beach is to go surfing, so she started running around with Mason and Burger at Sunset, and the next thing you know is she was running around with me at five or six years old just wanting to surf.” “Learning to surf, my dad just taught us about the ocean.” “He almost sounded like a broken record when I was growing up, like telling me where to sit at Sunset and almost so, so about the ocean and not surfing, I’m like, ‘but, did that turn look good?'” “But he was so one-track minded about the ocean, and now I understand everything.” “Why he meant all that, because… to get the best result, to do the best turn, you want to be on the best wave, and that’s what he’s teaching us to do, you know, around the world or in our backyard.” [Stephanie Gilmore]
The Ho Family are the most royal Hawaiian family that ever touched the ocean.” [John John Florence]
The Ho Family really shows what it’s like growing up here on the North Shore.” “You know, you have the family that revolves around the ocean, everyone’s surfing.” “You know, you want to apart of their gang, you want to go surfing with them, you want to learn from Mike.” “You have Uncle Mike and Uncle Derek who have been Pipeline pioneers since back in the day.” “My dad is fisherman, avid fisherman, avid surfer.” “Just learned at a young age just to be around the ocean, the currents, different tides, different waves.” “I’ve been surfing since probably I could walk, you know, probably four or five.” “But, competing is really tough.” “Winning was always good, and defeat was really, really tough.” “It’s been probably a good, long 50 something years.” “Growing up on the North Shore was fundamental to my being, to who I am.” “I lived at V-Land and John lived at Ehukai and we would bike to his house and surf until dark and we just all had to be home before the street lights came on.” “We grew up surfing with Coco.” “There are so many good times I remember hanging out with her.” “Whether we were playing games on the old cul-de-sac road down there, chasing each other on bikes and stuff.” “We had the funniest days surfing Little Shores.” “Growing up on the North Shore, you had this independence, and you kind of matured quicker because you did everything by yourself.” “It was that freedom that allowed us to do what we were set out to do.” “The whole thing is be on tour, go around the world and compete being a professional, and that was kind of my goal to do that, and win events, and yeah, just really have to focus about the same thing in mind.” “I’m so calm and confident when I’m at an event with my dad because I feel like I’m very in tune with where I’m going to sit, and… what’s available, you know, out there.” “You just got to be right in front of that cave.” Yeah, they are all directly in front of that cave.” “And in, sit inside.” “I’d rather be under… like John John and them, and instead of being outside and can’t catch the wave.” “Least you can just pull in.” “Woah, look at this bomb.” “We are just trying to figure out what she needs to do to win events, but as far as her surfing, I think she’s at the top of women’s surfing right now and we’re just trying to fix a couple things up for her competitive surfing.” “You gotta listen to some – if it’s going to be girl sh*t, It’s gotta be hard girl sh*t.” “Not lovely this, lovely that.” “Hey…” “That’s why I wear these.” “Coco has this little sassy side to her, and that’s what makes her such a good competitor because, it’s like, you need that.” “You have to sort of have that balance where you can be yourself and comfortable and nice, but as soon as it’s competition time, you’ve got to have that inner bit*h.” “As a competitor, I’d like to say… she’s a little tired.” “I feel like she gets all feisty, but her surfing has this boy attitude, but it’s so pretty.” “I remember Coco coming on tour as a young girl who was already so worldly.” “It’s like she was a seasoned vet in her rookie year.” “I think Coco won her first world tour event.” “She was still such a grom.” “To reach that status where she beat all the best surfers in the world, it was like this was her moment where she’s about to kick off and start to shine.” “When she qualified it was definitely like, woah, I wanna do that. That’s so sick.” “How do I get on tour then?’ “I just keep on losing and losing and then she was kind of just killing it, winning events, becoming Rookie of the Year right off the bat, and I was like, holy sh*t, what do I gotta do to get there”? “So, definitely inspired me, I think, when she did that so young.” [Announcer]
“Stephanie, that last score’s an 8.40.” “Rookie of the Year is pretty special.” “It’s once in a lifetime. You’re only rookie once.” “I owe Steph [Gilmore] my life!” “Oh my god!” “Your first two years on tour, you’re very appreciative, you’re young, you have fresh eyes, you don’t know what you’re going to get, and every result you do get is a pat on the back because you have never been there before.” “Your six and seven, like… it was such a lull for me, and it was… hard because I’ve already won one, I’ve already got a third, got a fifth, I’ve got every result you can get, and then I went and just got a bunch of lasts, and I was like, ok wait, this isn’t even fun anymore.” “When she loses a heat, she gets really upset, she gets really hard on herself, and I think it’s because she knows that she has all the talent in the world to win these heats, it’s just that inner drive and that sass that sometimes doesn’t come out because it’s not life or death situation.” “When you lose, you carry that on to the next event, and then you carry that on, and it’s really easy to get stuck in that kind of snowball effect of losing I feel like.” “I took being on tour for granted.” “I was almost forgetting about tour results, rankings.” “Getting on the tour so young was probably like, tough to actually like grow up as a person just because you’re always – it feels like there’s no time off.” “I was definitely just looking for stuff I never had and looking for things I didn’t get to do yet.” “I missed prom, I missed a lot of high school things and I never had a boyfriend, and all of that kind of just hit me head on.” [Friend]
“This is a very Sofia Richie outfit.” [Friend]
“I think it’s cute because it’s all black. It’d pop on the red carpet.” [Friend]
“I feel like she even wore these shoes.” “Surfer Poll is her night.” “I mean, I couldn’t imagine growing up on the North Shore where there’s nothing.” “You go to school, and then you go surfing and then you hang out with your mates, and that’s about it.” [Friend]
“This is fashion, everyone.” “Surfer Poll is definitely, still to this day, my prom.” “He’s my date.” “It’s the one night of the year that we get to dress up, and we get to wear heals, and I just remember always the reaction every year being like, ‘whoa, you can clean up!'” “And I just love that feeling of getting to be girly and dance in high heels and wear makeup and not get questioned.” “For a lot of surfer girls, you kind of grow up, especially if you have brothers, you grow up as a tom boy and you just want to hang with the boys and wear boardshorts and just be a grom, but Coco – the more I got to know her, and I would go in and actually see in her bedroom the sorts of things she had hanging up, and it was all very girly and princessy.” “That’s when I really got to know more about her style and who she is.” “It might have taken love.” “You know, I had my first love and that was kind of a start to a new me.” “I started to find my feet again, and have drive, and have someone to compare to and want to stoke out.” “I’ve known her her whole life and her surfing’s on, her health’s on, her brain’s on.” “It’s right at that perfect age and everything’s there.” “The opportunity’s there.” “I think she should have a world title.” “So… how do we get one?” “You are the only Coco Ho in this world.” “You’re awesome, you’re incredibly talented, you’re smart, you’re beautiful, and you freakin’ surf unreal.” “So, go out there, take this opportunity on tour, win a title, win as many contests as you can, smash as many girls as you can, this is what we’re here for.” “You have a great opportunity and run with it.” “I’ve had my highs and I’ve had my lows.” “I’ve been living and learning on tour for the past 10 years now, and I’m really looking forward to just focusing on my surfing and that’s it, and solely letting that speak.” “No way I’m slowing down, if anything, I’m more inspired and more energized than ever, and I’m not going to let anything get in the way this time.” “I’m going for the world title.”

Antonio Breitenberg

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