music cough Your boy just woke up with a little bit of what Quinnten has the throat pain, but I’m gonna persevere What is going on guys? We’re back in today because they’re all have a great day today is the day I’m going snowboarding for the first time ever I’ve never been just woke up at the dibs house next to Quentin probably why I’m sick got a Little more editing to do in this basically hotel bed even under renovation. This house is beautiful mourn good and crew how are you? I’m great Adam. Just woke up like five minutes ago like six hours There’s girls over there, but YouTube doesn’t like boobs or butt so I’m going to go edit Just a quick nine point turn to get out of here We drove all the way up this hill and it’s a dead end up there place. We’re going to is called Big Bear It’s supposed to be one of the best snowboarding places. Yeah, we did it Yo, and R8 with this same cover as mine. Let’s go Tell me how close she is on this side. Yeah, you’re good. You’re good. You’re good. You’re good Well it’s getting dark, but we’re getting close and the houses are getting cooler cooler as we go up this giant mountain Oh, oh my god. Yo, yo okay. That’s not very like squishy, but it’s no Room for six yes Stairs pretty small staircase relax, hey we have one of these in our attic another bedroom TV We might be lost you know boarding if we don’t work We’re doing some reckless stuff in the mounts probably tackling barriers and stuff now We got snowboards then we could scoop out what we got to put them out here track I’ll probably just film in the morning Everybody’s ready to go because it’s getting dark and I kind of want to learn how to snowboard we brought the GoPro we got everything Oh my god. I’ve never felt these and it feels like the place. No feels like cactus. Oh, sorry. We’ll see you guys the morning Saxon Jackson, what are you doing? Oh? Really look at my pajamas. I’m freezing Tell Tanner you’ve been working on your flips. Oh No way dude, I’m gonna. See you again really soon, but I’m gonna give you back to your dad Nick Nick an athlete that’s me I’m only a little bit sick, but he’s a lot a bit sick so guys. It’s morning. Everybody’s getting around real quick I have all of my clothes laid out right here And we’re about to take the air track find a random Hill and just slide down a narrow top We have all this kind of planned ow are you coming? Here buddy for your birthday, there’s there’s a little bear on there too. Oh Good night, baby Gonna be wrapping the new dibbs long-sleeve ros t-shirt. It’s not a t-shirt It’s a shirt should probably get a little bit more layers because last night we went snowboarding and I started off horrible And then I got better, but I’m gonna show you guys the progression here, Thank You Ian Aka Saatchi AKA post Malone for filming while you guys watch that I’m gonna go get dressed So I’ll see you guys in 69 seconds wait wait that penguin Whoa you got the drink She’s great you get back up and you try again motivational learning Killed us we died someone do that yeah, we’re gonna make it yeah, I just like twists it landed on it What’s the lesson here lesson is watch your back rent a private voice Yo, who’s just approached snowboarder dude what is that all matter mistake for me, but he got? He’s killing this is the second time ever down the mountain she’s a freaky bro almost 10 clan with dude, where’d you get the Taylor beanie? You know the guy is this the next innovation? No freakin way, dude. It’s yours get yours today drop the link everybody needs one. No. I don’t think these are for sale actually You be that giveaway three pairs of socks two pairs of pants gonna be three two shirts What about you sit in one? What do we got four outfits today? We’ve got a head straight back to LA right after we get done filming this video, so we’re gonna pack up everything right now Keep doing you, man. Yeah, I love you. It’s fake money So we’re sitting here now at the new location there’s an RV right there trying to power the wind to blow this thing out We’ve been sitting there flight. I don’t know probably an hour trying to figure all this out, but it will happen Well ten clan we’ve done it we have the world’s biggest lead I’m pretty sure no one will ever top this Let’s go is it red is it I agreed if it’s ripped. I’m paying for us, so hopefully it’s not ripped Look at this that was from right now right when I jumped on Now This is beautiful, it’s hot We have some nice young ladies here willing to hand me their sled before we launch the spaceship. I’m down Yeah, you don’t know our spaceship It can fly davin you just got to get the music really loud oh my butt already hurts already hurts Thank you, yeah, why not let’s use a box The last thing we’re gonna film Zack is going to try to land a backflip or do one Alright, let’s pack it up and apparently now. We’re going to the billionaires house for a party I don’t care to go they all want to go so we’re all going that would be in the next video But for now we’re gonna go ahead and in this video here to hope you guys enjoyed I think I said was watching a dope with me vlogging show the French we enjoyed subscribe for new no see You just may beat

Antonio Breitenberg

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