World Cup Cats

World Cup Cats

Hm, I think I’ll… YES! Inflate the ball, w… work… out… Jump rope now kick the ball wow, that wasn’t good Come on! Don’t let goals in! Don’t let the balls in the goal! OH MY GOD I DID IT! Wow Phil, just, wow Ow! What the- RUN RUN RUN Come on! Faster! Like this I can do… OH COME ON! Work… out… more This is easy Oh, hello :3 OH CRAP! Oh, YAY! Come on, I’ve got it Dang it Ow! EAT IT MORON! Don’t look bad… don’t look bad… Hey, that wasn’t bad! Nice, nice MICHAEL YAS!!!!! Oh yeah… I’m ready MICHAEL OH MY GOD Okay Michael! You’re up! Get in there!! Time to show everybody what I can do! (people cheering) Michael walking into goal Annoncer: That’s not something you see everyday Annoncer: With the kick off! Micahel: Oh God: Annoncer: The visiting team moving surprisingly fast down the field! … Ouch… Beatiful art of Michael scoring, Check out other videos of Michael, they’re awesome as always 🙂 Make sure to subscribe if you liked it, for more videos starring Michael If you really enjoyed, like the video! It helps Aaron and Michael Stay notified when new videos come out with the bell icon Have a great day 🙂 *Turn captions off*

Antonio Breitenberg

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73 thoughts on “World Cup Cats

  1. AaronsAnimals says:

    thanks for watching. this one was loads of fun.

  2. Victoria Suarez says:

    El mejor youtuber

  3. Rainbow says:

    zach kings cat

  4. SoyJuan Fx says:

    Me preguntó que tenía que ver España con Alemania
    PD:los Argentinos merecíamos la Copa 2014

  5. Kuro Neko says:

    Lol cat's so small and light, the ball just sent him flying

  6. sorojini choudhury says:

    Hahahahahahsha so cute cats

  7. Dragão de Fogo Do Vlad says:

    3:03 That was line, nice def.

  8. THÀNH ĐẠT 153 says:


  9. Antonio Hušnjak says:

    ball isnt in goal lol

  10. julie cash Tv says:


  11. Comunist8 Laridatar says:

    Unite all fans of Football to defend all wildcats from genocide of australian goverment…

  12. Samuel Scott says:

    So cute 🐈

  13. i bims der hildi says:

    Im german but why had you a spain flag

  14. Efe Alp Bozkurt says:

    That Wars so cute

  15. Yaretzi Hernandez says:


  16. unicorn DAY says:

    So sweet

  17. Pechy 72 says:

    IT is fffffffaaaaaaakkkkkkkeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Pili says:

    Jajaja….I LOVE Cats Traducción:Jajaja…me gustan los gatos

  19. 왕혜자 says:


  20. Mariela Escobar says:

    C3 “0

  21. Kolo Lolo says:

    0:09 Me in Friday’s

  22. Pechy 72 says:

    The goal Was in year 2014 and the video is in the year 2018


  23. Serbianguy says:

    Serbia in the back 0:01

    My from serbia

  24. analilia murrieta says:

    At 0:10 he said super Mario

  25. TheDareck F1 says:

    I like michel is a spanish fan

  26. Itz Abz says:

    Very good

  27. Doge 5454 says:

    The cat was at the begginig:
    Arriba España!!!😂😂
    Edit: like si piensas lo mismo que el gato

  28. Consuelo Villca says:

    Pobre gato

  29. Николай Романов says:

    Ha ha ha🤣🤣🤣 1:57

  30. ARCANJO 2745 says:

    Germany goal celebrates with Spanish flag

  31. Creeperboy and friends says:

    We need to actually train cats to play sports

  32. •ANNIE OTAKU• says:

    0:08 new video

  33. Pedro Games says:


  34. ricardo avendaño says:

    Love you cats🐈

  35. itsme e says:

    he/she is a girl or boy????

  36. A Cha says:


  37. Ajay Singh Rathore says:

    But deep down we all know

    Messi is better than ronaldo

  38. guerson acuña says:


  39. yunus jr fatuni says:

    Coba aja ada subtitle nya jadi orang luar bisa ngerti

  40. Игра мания ТВ says:


  41. Игра мания ТВ says:

    Мучеешь котиков бедных долбо ящер

  42. Jose Ortiz says:


  43. BraneX says:


  44. sirgamer 550 says:

    3:00 F for the cat

  45. bi fifa says:

    Забил гётсе он из Германии а он махал флагом испании

  46. aydan khaliq says:

    Wait why was he waving the Spanish flag for a die mannschaft win

  47. jomon George says:


  48. Max Maz says:

    Че так печально?

  49. Vishal Bagrecha says:

    The pictures are really cute at the end of video.

  50. 『ᏣᏒ』 sᴡɪғᴛᴛᴏᴏ says:

    Gran video

  51. Vertex Nicolas says:

    Hello! I subscribed to your channel because 2 years ago I had a lead kitten died 1 year ago it was called Chuchui It was a special kitten for me Greetings from Chile

  52. 이재숙 says:

    I'm Korea


  53. Val Domiro Dos Santos Ferreira says:


  54. Luisa Pulgar Vargas says:

    1:12 😂😴

  55. Andrés marcelo Medina sánchez says:

    😂😂 👌

  56. Johan Ricardo Arias López says:

    Están muy buenos

  57. VHL GIRLZ says:

    Meow 🐱

  58. David Mancilla says:


  59. M-ENERRRGY says:


  60. Ro3bl6xGamer YT says:

    is this real with the cat ?

  61. Min Micle says:

    OMG has VietNam flaggg

  62. Youngmin Jo says:

    0ㅂ0 0ㅅ0

  63. sunethra Sauri says:

    Anyone else got this recommended

  64. Kayleen Cier says:

    Yeah Blastoise

  65. I Am Aqua says:

    Is this a real life cat?

  66. ηЎηČẸĤЬ όήέ Ļόνέ says:

    Вы не понимаете что тут написано, и не поймёте пока посмотрите перевод текста!!!!

  67. charliechaplin 448 says:

    like: cat
    comment: dog


    Why did Micheal wave spanish flag when germany won

  69. Luisa Alarcón says:

    Eso es maltrato animal

  70. INDIAN 's says:

    From which country are you


    Да да ты видишь русский коментариее

  72. бравл старс says:


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