Working Harder Not Smarter (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 150

Working Harder Not Smarter (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 150

– [Elayna] Looking good fellas. ♪ How come I’m painting
cardboard boxes blue ♪ ♪ How come I’m peeling ashes
bolts for two like you did ♪ ♪ Like you did ♪ ♪ How come I’m feeling
like I don’t exist ♪ ♪ How come I’m poking at the
boiling cyst on your leg ♪ ♪ On your leg ♪ (waves crashing) – [Riley] You tuned in
last time with us in Nevis where we got a little taste of the town, hiked a volcano. (monkey call) Before departing to St Martin, an island just north of
our current location. We were up with the birds so that I could have another
shot at a wahoo along the way. Unfortunately my slip tip failed me which you will hear a lot about very soon. It’s been
years since we were last here on old La Vaga and
clearly a lot has changed. We couldn’t help but to feel
sad for the people living here whose home and businesses were destroyed by the hurricane last year. That was a big cateran. And for all the salties
whose ocean adventures were put on hold, for some what
looks like will be forever. Hurricane Irma was the strongest
storm on record to exist on the open Atlantic region. The highest wind speed recorded
was 285 kilometres per hour and the total damage costing
around 64 billion dollars. So here’s the famous Simpson Bridge. – [Riley] Oh I don’t like that. It should be available
to everyone you bastards. (giggles) Two things which happened here, you might know that we
dragged anchor over here, you might not know that
it was the first night mum was on board and that’s why we got the big anchor. – [Elayna] What’s going on Riley? – Well, I’m pretty sick
of dragging anchor. – [Alana] So you bought yourself a? – About a 45 tonne bloody, hunk of metal, this should keep us in place. (laughter) Yeah I think we did say that but we might not have placed
enough emphasis on the fact that it was pretty
horrific, we dragged anchor and ended up on the rocks over there, didn’t film anything and
we were quite embarrassed. Because of that we had
to repair the rudder and I decided that it would be a good idea to save like 200 euro to
just pull the rudder out to save like 200 euro to
just pull the rudder out in Simpson Bay over here. – [Elayna] Anchored. – Right, whilst on anchor, rather than just going over the lift and paying someone to
pull us out of the water. And I took Elayna and I about four days, And I took Alana and I about four days, it was a
(barge horn) nightmare. It was so frustrating, and annoying and such a nightmare that
we didn’t film any of it, and we were pretty– – [Elayna] I couldn’t. – We were pretty embarrassed. – [Elayna] I tried to film but Riley would’ve bit my head off. – Yeah, like it was a bad time. (aeroplane whirring) – Pretty sure that’s what
Simpson Bay is famous for, the airport that everyone
goes and stands on the beach, and gets blown away. (aeroplane whirring) (rhythmic chill instrumental) It really hurt. I don’t know, it just felt like sandpaper all over my face and body, I couldn’t do anything, it was horrible, I don’t recommend going there. (giggles) (waves crashing) Good morning my boys. – Hello! – [Elayna] Alright Riley
so, are you alright to talk about the speargun now? – Yes, I guess. So what happens is, you shoot, this part goes through the fish, and then there’s what’s called
a slip tip on the other end so then if the spear goes back through, the tip will hand out the
other side of the fish and there’s a line that
goes from that through here, and what happened was,
which really, really, shouldn’t happen, is the knot on the end pulled through. Which is just, obscene, it’s unheard of. It just should never, ever happen. But I do think that I’ve been unlucky. But that’s the latest
in a series of problems. I would like to just be living off fish for the entire time
we’re in the Caribbean, and the local reef fish,
they’ve always got ciguatera, so, and there’s less of them, those big pelagic fish, they’re the ones that we want. – [Elayna] Okay, what are
you doing this morning? – Checking in to the country, buying a slip tip, a knife sharpener. – [Elayna] Alright, well
I’m gonna stay here, so, I’m gonna give you the camera,
can I trust you with it? – Yeah. Hey everyone, we’re gonna go into town. (Elayna giggles) (motor whirring) (background talking) (background talking) Immigration check in complete. We’re no longer illegal immigrants, like we usually are. Just going to see Dominic who
has the fitting for the boom, the gooseneck, so I’m
gonna go and meet him on the other side of the island. I’ve stopped halfway there because I need to check my navigation. – [Elayna] The boys have
gone to town this morning. And I’m gonna surprise them tonight with some chocolate mouse, so I thought I’d share the recipe with ya. I don’t know exact measurements,
I kind of just guess, but if you’re into experimenting, I would love for you to experiment with me in the most nonsexual way. So you’re going to need
some vanilla essence, some cacao powder, some coconut milk or cream, some agave nectar, or you
can use honey as a sweetener. And a ripe avocado. Now this coconut milk’s light, so I’m gonna use the whole thing, but if you’ve got some like thick cream, I would probably maybe use half. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh
what am I doing here, that was the worst pour. You wanna plunk the whole thing in there, one whole avocado. Mmm. And then you’re gonna want probably three big tablespoons of cacao. three big tablespoons of cacao. Now because the coconut
cream’s already pretty sweet, you don’t need much of another sweetener, but, I’m gonna give a squirt of agave. Little pour of vanilla essence. (blender whirring) so you wanna get it to this consistency. Where it’s like, definitely not runny, but you can imagine it turning into mouse and I’m totally freaked
it and got it right. So this is what it needs to look like. (slurps) Make sure to make yours bigger. Place them in the fridge. And I don’t know how
long they take to set, but my guess is maybe an hour, maybe more. – God I really hate pointing
a camera at myself in public. I gotta go find this bloke and then fix my spear gun. So I’m walking around to
try and find a restaurant with my speargun. (speaking in foreign language) (rattling) – [Dominic] What up, what up. – So we got the spare parts, that was Dominic, he’s a French dude, he lives here, and Outremer sent over
the gooseneck with him. So I’ve organised a rendezvous, or they did over here at a restaurant, and then it turns out he was a spear-o so he took me to one of the other places, they didn’t have a slip tip, then he informed me that the place in town here wouldn’t have a slip tip. But, we got the spare parts so that’s the main thing, we got the gooseneck for the boom, which is definitely what I came here for. One thing that I have noticed since being back in the Caribbean, where I would’ve ordinarily walked around for an entire day up like, hot roads and windless streets and
arrive at a destination only to be told that
the shop was shut, or, it just feels like we’re working smarter rather than harder. By meeting people and
interacting with them they’ll like drive you
around to get shit done or just have a bit of local knowledge and you’ll get stuff done
in like a tenth of the time. Certainly today I went and
had lunch with those guys and then they drive me around for a bit, and I just got two jobs
done in about two seconds, which I know damn well would’ve taken me weeks, potentially months to get that part sent over in particular. And, yeah, I’m pretty
bloody happy about it. So there you go, there’s a very small, uninteresting, reasonably inconsequential piece of information which
you can do nothing with. (wind rustling) – We’ve just tied off to the jetty and we’re gonna have a
swim here on the nice white sandy beach because it
is the most humid day (horn honks) and we’re all dying on the boat. Something smells really nice, have you eaten Riley? – [Riley] Yep. – Damn it. Feels like I’m on holiday. Do you feel like you’re on holiday? It must be the umbrella. Hey cutie. (Elayna laughs) Aww. You’re really cute, go find your mum. (waves crashing) – Merci mademoiselle. – [Elayna] I got you a long island. – A long island ice tea. – [Elayna] Yep. Enjoy it. – I will. This is the first time I have like drunk cocktails on
a beach in two years, no one will believe that, but that is. – [Elayna] We should do this more often. (chuckles) – Oh this amazing. – [Elayna] Very relaxing. – It’s bit, it’s pretty unadventurous, in a bit of a tourist trap. – [Elayna] Oh well, something different. – When in Rome. – [Elayna] Cheers. – My gooseneck is broken for those of you that don’t know, and we got sent out the wrong part the first time and now
we’ve got the right part and now we’re gonna go
and install it on the boom. – [Elayna] Well, alright, and
we’ve got Stephen here to help cause I can’t pick up the boom by myself. (Rocky theme instrumental) – [Riley] Two, three. (Rocky theme instrumental) (grunt) – Whilst the boys have been working I have been rehearsing a gooseneck dance that will be performed to you when the boys finish the task. Boom lifted, pulled back, hopefully this is it. Too much space, really? Yes! (Rocky theme instrumental) Looking good fellas. (Rock theme song) – [Riley] Pull on the red one. – I couldn’t come up with a goose dance but I made a rap for you instead so I’m about to sing that to you. Alright, you ready for it. (homemade beatbox) I didn’t know a gooseneck
was a part of a boat until I ran over a float and I choked, jibed and I broke my boat I’m so recrued, but hey, it’s okay, it’s all done and we can go sailing today and next time I’ll tighten that line I promise, you can count on me
and if I’m being honest I don’t like geese cause
this one time I got chased and I tripped over and
I was faced with a goose wanted to see how I tasted. So I’m scared of geese. (laughing) Couldn’t come up with
a good enough chorus, that’s all I’ve got for you, I don’t like geese, and I’m glad we don’t have to talk about the gooseneck anymore because it’s done. I was in a really weird mood and it’s convinced all of us to go and pick up the laundry from Shrimpy’s. So that’s what we’re doing this afternoon. We’re all going in a bit of a boat trip. It’s actually a fair way, we have to go under two
bridges to get there? It’s on the other side of the island. (chill rock instrumental) (laughter) (chill rock instrumental) What’s the story of the ship? – So, three years ago
definitely pre cyclone, there’s this old Norwegian dude that just used to run like a
bits and bobs shop out of it. This is what it used to look like. – [Elayna] Even before the hurricane? – Yeah, way before the hurricane and there was a dude
on here living on here like something out of Lord of the Rings selling bits and bobs
that you would barter for for your yacht, and it was really funny. for your yacht, and it was really funny. And he was a funny, nice dude. He just had like every
old nut and every old bolt from Imperial and metric from Imperial and metric and he just had every weird
little bit of metal stuff that you needed and it
was all suitably rusty. (chill guitar instrumental) – [Shop Owner] Hi how you doing? – I see Elayna, that’s ours there. (chill guitar music) (incoherent crosstalk) (chill guitar music) (incoherent crosstalk) – See you Shrimpy.
– [Elayna] Ciao. Success. (chuckles) Like children. I made a homemade chocolate
as well to plunk in there. Thanks for watching. Tune in next week for
one of the most bestest, most awesome sails we’ve
had in a very long time as we head north to the
British island of Anguilla. Life was peachy until
a squadrant of seagulls engaged our drone in a
dog fight to the death. We’ve lost the drone and
it’s in the water somewhere and we’re trying to find it. – [Riley] Okay we’re about to commence operation zero chance. (bleep) (laughter) – Just a bit of housekeeping from us, we wanted to call out
some Patrons names today because we’re going to be
doing another Patreon meetup in the Bahamas end of August. – Which is gonna be incredible. I’m really looking forward to that. – Yeah. – The last few that we’ve done has been absolutely amazing. We’ve got the correct format, and more importantly the
people that we’ve met have just been. – Yeah. – Like we’re really, truly blessed. – Very interesting. – Yeah. – Everyone was super interesting, easy to get along with, helpful. – We basically love you
guys and we wanna meet more of you whenever we can. So the next time we’re available is the end of August. And yeah we hope you guys can make it so we’ve drawn out two Patrons name. This guy’s from Germany. – [Computer] Yorg Von Hauser. – Yorg Von Hauser. – Congratulations, thank
you so much for the support, send us an email if you think
you can make it end of August. If not please send us an email anyways cause we’d love to hear from you. – And Craig Margettes. So if you’d like to join us for a week of sailing, drinking, wine,
having fun, hanging out, hopefully Elayna will break out the guitar, she’s been doing more of that lately. Learning to free dive,
all of that cool stuff. There’s still time if
you’d like to join up, we’re gonna be calling out another 10-20 names, however
many there needs to be to get a full house over in
the Bahamas for late August. – So congratulations Yorg and Craig. I’ll be checking my emails. Alright, that’s all from us you guys, I’m gonna say goodbye, please give the video
a like if you liked it. You know, we really appreciate
it when you guys do that. And also if you haven’t
heard my cover song Devil Like Me, that’s up on my Band Camp, so you guys can listen to that, the links in the description below. Have a listen, see if you like it, and it’d be really cool to see you guys listening to it in your boat or your car or where else
are people hanging out? Houses, that sort of thing. (giggles) Lots of love from us, thanks so much for watching, we love you guys. ♪ I ♪ ♪ For you ♪ ♪ Is the Devil so bad ♪ ♪ If he curse in his sleep ♪ ♪ Why the Earth turns ♪ ♪ And his kids learn to say forget you ♪

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