Women’s Burton Yeasayer Snowboard

Women’s Burton Yeasayer Snowboard

This is the brand-new Burton women’s
Yeasayer snowboard. This is a great board for an all-around rider who’s looking to
do everything on the mountain. The Yeasayer comes in two different bend
shapes you got a flat top which is flat throughout and then rocker at the tip in
the tail. So just a general all-around board soft and playful and then Flying V.
Flying V is rocker between your feet camber underneath your feet so camber
where you need it so you get a little bit more grab onto the snow and then it
has a rocker tip and tail which is completely off of the snow so soft and
playful. The graphic on this was done by an artist named Andreas Lie who has this
amazing collection of artwork featuring animals intertwined with mountains.

Antonio Breitenberg

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1 thought on “Women’s Burton Yeasayer Snowboard

  1. Anna H. says:

    That bord looks so cool😍 Want!

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