Women’s Burton Stylus Snowboard

Women’s Burton Stylus Snowboard

Alright this is the brand-new women’s
Stylus snowboard. It is a great board for a girl who’s looking to get into
snowboarding. The Stylus is a soft and fun forgiving snowboard twin tip so it
makes it easier for a beginner to figure out what they want to do with
snowboarding. Another reason why this board is great for a beginner or
somebody looking to get into snowboarding is the flat top profile
which features a little rocker in the nose and tail which will be catch free
and really help build up your confidence. This board features a graphic which was
hand-painted by one of our own Burton girls who works here super excited about
it it’s beautiful and it’s very friendly and fun.

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “Women’s Burton Stylus Snowboard

  1. GummiBearz says:

    That is a beautiful board 😍

  2. tito tito gorgorito says:

    I love the graphics, i want a male version of it

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