Women’s Burton Lexa Snowboard Binding

Women’s Burton Lexa Snowboard Binding

This is the women’s Lexa binding. This is
the first-ever women’s specific binding really high performance you’ll see a lot
of our team riders riding this especially in the Olympics. Really great
binding it comes in EST and reflex so part of what makes it so comfortable is
this hammock strap so really soft low profile contours to your boot and even
though it holds you in super snug you’d barely notice it’s there. So this
high-performance binding is going to have a heel hammock on the high back it
works hand in hand with this get-a-grip 2.0 cap strap now what that means is this
cap strap is all new it’s universal fit for all makes and model boots
lightweight and this will work to push your toe so your heel hugs right into
that heel hammock and you get the snuggest tightest performance response that you
can get out of a binding.

Antonio Breitenberg

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1 thought on “Women’s Burton Lexa Snowboard Binding

  1. The Snowboard Asylum says:

    We think this new Burton Lexa is super comfortable! Especially with the Hammockstrap.

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