Winterfest At The Arch Outdoor Ice Skating Rink In Kiener Plaza Park Downtown St Louis At Christmas

Winterfest At The Arch Outdoor Ice Skating Rink In Kiener Plaza Park Downtown St Louis At Christmas

And he was hugging the wall, and now he’s trying to get around a two-year-old. I think you should quit while you’re ahead! We’re at the corner of 7th and Chestnut
in Downtown St. Louis at the Kiener Plaza, because they’ve set up an outdoor skating rink. And we’re gonna go check it out! This is Winterfest at the Arch. And it’s pretty cool. They set up a skating rink within view of the Arch! And usually during good weather, this is the gathering place for a lot of people in Kiener Plaza. This is where you rent the
skates. Skate rental is $12 for adults, and $7 for children. Sizes Toddler 8 to
Adult 13. And you can get merchandise too. Beanies, and scarves, and water bottles,
skate socks, tote bags, and a ball cap. It’s pretty nice. It’s a big enough rink
for several people to be out there. So, looks like a lot of fun. And they’ve got a setup where you can get drinks here. And a merchandise store. Gloves, hats,
toys. All kinds of Saint Louis Blues merchandise. Donna got us some hot
chocolate! I think I’m gonna try it it. It looks like
fun. It’s been a long time since I was on ice skates though! But just the chance to get to skate, kind of in front of the Arch…it’s kind of hard to resist! okay Stan’s gonna attempt skating on
this rink with all of these children and a few adults. Watch out ! They didn’t have my size and it hurts. Okay, I say you go around once, and go turn them in. We want to see
you go without hugging the wall, honey! We’re gonna see if Stan can go one time
around. They didn’t have his size so he’s squeezed his size 13 feet into a size 12 ice skate. I’ve shouldn’t laugh! He’s painfully going around the ice skating rink! Hopefully he
won’t get knocked down by a teenager. He’s still hugging the wall. There he let
go of the wall for a split second. Whoa! And he’s about to fall, so now he’s hugging the wall again. Puppy dog does not like all this ice skating! And he was hugging the wall. And now he’s trying to get around a two-year-old; almost two-year-old, its
probably 18 months old. I think you should quit while you’re
ahead! Okay, go go to the end, and I’ll bring
your shoes! I’m sorry I shouldn’t be laughing when someone else is in pain,
should I? That’s not very good of Gma to be laughing at Gpa. and so far he has
not fell on his rear. So, I’m calling this a ten out of ten for ice skating, with too small of skates, not the right socks. Look at that beautiful sun coming over – it’s beautiful! It’s probably maybe almost 50 today! I shouldn’t be laughing! I’m not even brave enough to try it! So did it hurt? It hurt so bad. Yeah, look
up and look at the camera. Did it hurt so bad? So bad!!! So that’s what you had to wear after you got your skates. You got this wristband we had to put on
in order to get on the ice. Here’s where you change your skates. They’ve got their own little Zamboni there. It’s a really cool setting to have this out here. And they have some trainers for kids. I feel like I might need the adult
version! And they’re actually open till January 1st. Open New Year’s Day 12:00
p.m. to 7:00 p.m. So this would be a cool thing to do to ring in the New Year! There’s a lot of different sponsors: KMOX, Y98, 102.5 KEZK. And the Centene Charitable Foundation. They’ve got some booths set up. This one is to join the Gateway Arch Park Foundation to become an Arch Park Friend and help
support what goes on at the Gateway Arch. And while you’re in Kiener Plaza, your
kids can play in this play area. There’s a big fish slide .Donna found a snail to rock on. She’s having a good time! And Donna’s in a one-horse open sleigh! Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells! Look at that little tail! They don’t like it when you play with their tail! And there’s a little rope climbing area
for the kids, too. This is Stan doing the ropes course here at Kiener Plaza. It’s like a wood and ropes course. Like where are you gonna get down from
there? I think I’m stuck. I can’t get down.
No! Oh look – there’s a giant swing over here. Kids could like lay down on that. That’s cool! You even get to see a little bit of the reflection of the Arch in the
building behind you while you’re skating. So, pretty nice setting! And it’s just a short walk from Kiener Plaza to the Arch. So we’re doing that too. There it is! We’re pretty close the Gateway Arch. And this is Sunday night, and they said the rink is open till nine o’clock, so that’s good. That’s pretty late. And Donna’s dancing!! Yeah, it’s a really cool atmosphere with the ice skating, and the Christmas music. And the lights. So a lot of fun. And the dancing to the Christmas music! Go, Donna! Dance with me! This is fun! That was a really awesome experience! Even though my skates were too small and they hurt my feet. I
probably had them adjusted wrong. But if you get a chance, definitely try this! It’s a really neat experience right in the heart of Downtown St. Louis at
Kiener Plaza!

Antonio Breitenberg

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