differently neighborhood rollerblader
MONTRE LIVINGSTONE we’re winter clash 2018 or the blade camp Olá Youtube my
name is Ricardo lino and I´m a wheel addict I’m right now in hind oven the first day
of winter clash is gone but I’m gonna show you what I’ve done today so
basically after losing my flight in Dubai because I was editing the prior
the previous video and didn’t change the time on my phone and up losing the
flight it costed me 200 euros at least one event and that event was
the pre clash which is an event that was about to happen in Rotterdam I missed
that one but you know what everything happens for a reason so it’s going to be
cool there will be cool stuff happening seven hours later I landed in Amsterdam
I ended up staying with Kevin and Robbie beets and Johnson mark Moreno Jeremy
Spira and Brian Weiss and then we just made our way to kind of it Robbie which of your college just
incisors we got with the pretzel or the scissors scissors also work that’s the discussion areas is it the
cost of a know unity is it to serve well through spin are you cleaning your just
respond unity that’s the discussion I just sit down cover pictures just
chillin oh by the way it’s your friendly neighborhood rollerblader mantra of
insulin bro in a clash 2018 or the blade camp blade canvas something that we put
on a couple years back and it’s going strong we started off with 25 scanners
we ended up with 34 so it’s getting bigger
how we doing Thank You yo-yo and Thank You class thank you so much for what you
guys are doing seriously yeah it has we need it we need more kids skating in
haven’t the kids come to us and bring their friends and every time it’s how
will this sport grows and this port just needs more kids so it can grow because
old guys are gonna do it as long as we can hitting the kids food man in the
kitchen we hide in the corner if we addressed a food when they’re gone
I’ll let them know and we got Alex winning it around right
there baby you give him a big circle on that yeah we’re just doing the
we’re the contest and the winner clash is it
is it your first laser scam let it go some
so you enjoyed that’s why you’re back Hey
and what do you expect for the winter – what do you think is gonna weigh what do
you think that way what who do you think is gonna win joe-joe I can tell it’s so hot there’s so many good spirits wait where are we going zero funny B mix
pork so for those of you that don’t know this is a Harriet 51 which is the part
and on the other side of the door behind me there’s like a DMX and scooter part
usually on a BMX the 1k right here play only today yeah so today you’re allowed
to go so if you open this door check this out you’re about to see it for the
first time here see now that’s crazy that’s what I didn’t
know so I can’t go you can’t go back I can’t
go here so now I can’t go back so kids don’t do this that over there was this
boat this is for Tommy some flips so they didn’t let me go out the same
way apparently it was illegal but varnish is Portuguese and I remember for
is competing in me with me in Portugal like back in 98 like you were in fact
one of the first guys that I saw doing Kristine marques and crisp insult really
on that on those fabbrizio ramps with a coping on the outside a little bit of
history here portuguese inline skating history right here 20 years fest every
still here that’s the amazing thing about the winter flesh-like man I’m
Portuguese these Portuguese and we end up getting
together here cool you should come Ronald yes we’re taking is Ronald let me
to the jack or Street okay so we’re gonna finish the day in drag where I got
Boris on one side really on the other side and we’re about to finish the day
like this I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you didn’t try this video don’t
forget to subscribe to the channel and if you like this video maybe some give
me some thumbs up if you don’t well thumbs down but let me know I don’t
forget what we all started skating because it’s fun cheers guys you soon

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Jacques du Plessis says:

    I Love it!! I am so going with you next time!

  2. Jonathan Hobson says:

    Man, I wish I was 20 years younger so I could get taught by Montre! I love it when awesome skaters also seem like awesome people.

  3. SWELLPUMAtv says:

    What times the next clash live stream I watched yesterday

  4. Ray Mendez says:


  5. T'Meeka Alexander says:

    Why was going in the other door illegal ?

  6. JP Rolling says:

    PUTAQUEPARIU eu queria estar aí

  7. Franco Cerella says:

    Montre is super nice , keep up the good work lino

  8. DAN_MARZ says:

    how can I watch this comp ?? anyone record ??

  9. Kndm Pavel says:

    Do you know mihai ion

  10. kev low says:

    Ricardo get Montre Livingston to sign something for me please 🙂  i Bought his USD boot from your shop, LOVE them 🙂

  11. ismael de jesus says:

    what the name of the trick 8:00??

  12. Daniel Naron says:

    If I could go to blading camp, I would! Hell, I’d still go now if possible. Not to mention hang and learn from the various pros! If we could get kids in the know, maybe they will love it as much as us. I’ve been fortunate to have a number of pros in my own blading circle. Really fortunate! I didn’t even know when I met them. Not that I treat them any different but it’s nice to be able to ask their advice and pointers. As for the bike park, it’s like my own indoor skatepark near my house. Super fast for us bladers but great when we can reserve it.

  13. BladeAddicted says:

    Tre & Quinny <3 #bladingcampfam

  14. ThatSly B says:

    Im so glad I found your channel… i didnt know this many people still skated. All the videos of older pros have no views, no comments in recent years. All those skaters stopped making videos. Xsadow went out of business.. and most of the videos of aggressive inline is people riding big standard rollerblades on ramps. i thought the sport was basically dead. Now i see theres still other people doing it

  15. 04ra says:

    Man i miss skating… Broken bones, bruises, all day long skate days…. I still have all the skates i have ever owned and will never get rid of them. Even if i havent put them on in over 15 years.

  16. theydontknow806 says:

    Man, I’d like to come Lino
    But you can’t play that music, lol

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