Winter Sled

Winter is often thought of as an isolating time. Ruled more by darkness and cold then light and renewal. A time to hideaway and gather ourselves for the promise of Spring. But winter can be a noble force, and through the challenge comes reward. Through perseverance comes connection Tradition tells the story where, for many people, winter was the time of freedom. Winter opened the landscape where frozen lakes became highways, snow covered forest trails became roads and communities, once again, became connected. The bond between dog and man, spans 10’s of thousands years. Evolving and learning together to create a mutual strength that allowed access through the harshest of climates to some of the most remote places on Earth. As humans spread to live in colder climates our kinship with dogs deepened. In order for the sled to go, you must be present to the needs of the dogs. We honour them by joining in on their run. The dogs teach us to open the senses, it reveals the subtlety of your surroundings. It forces us to remember that we are not separate from the world but we are in balance to it, just like we are to the dogs themselves. To share in such a unique experience reminds us of last time we truly enjoyed the winter… …when we were kids and we couldn’t wait to play in the snow on a sled. When surrounded by such love, Winter is anything but isolating.

Antonio Breitenberg

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