Winter Olympics FAIL By “Are You Stupid” Sven Coach?

Winter Olympics FAIL By “Are You Stupid” Sven Coach?

test bank rainer is one of the speed skaters and cult actually by standing on his board
during the race and it cost him the gold medal he changed lane and it was a total what i’m hearing elementary mistake venetian happy taking in the olympics
and totally cost in the couple all right now i love the story uh… for a number ok one i’m not a big
fan of spain grammar uh… we get a store and then before
where uh… n_b_c_ report comes up to this issue
with that can you say your name in your country into the tape because i was because you’re taking
someone you haven’t to say that into the tape so they can easily identified leader for
every this one doesn’t know that he thinks the
world world should know he said to the report are used to open it okay now so he’s known as are you stupid uh… it’s got a hurts when that’s gotta
hurt going in the wrong leg and now they say the soul of the biggest
boneheaded maneuvers it in almost in winter olympics history
certainly within a sport not to be fairness when you redo the
article and and find out what happened and it turns out it was really his back if you listen to this cut right at one
of the site has got a little can see is that where he was at that i need i really think that that’s an
excuse this is the olympics too jackie silverdarkcure ok the olympics you know
that surrounds you know i think this is just karna this is just what happens yeah and
looked at after he got famous for states also was stupid to pull this move yes i mean jackie’s rated summit of
course you know you gotta listen your coach and that’s the top break-neck
obviously other coaches fall to a large degree but your in the race cabal they go inside lane outside lane
inside lay now seventy-nine knows he just did that way right so he knows he spokesman explained now i feel bad for me anyway even though
i’m now randomly distributed right okay but whether all that well but they can get
that the end of the storage at the i sucked on that form because they explain that after was over and is
coach told all my god i’m so sort you are one otherwise it looks like you will work without his glasses and apparently like
pushed up the coach a little bit right yeah kathleen a list that catches fault that
i mean you have nobody else to blame but
yourself when you’re in the actual raids amin that’s a sore loser play yasin plus you
know if somebody made that kind of mistake i’ve seen cost
you a call this huge i’d get it and of course you can be tremendously upset but in the middle of cameras everyday
the that guy is also devasena coaches absolutely positively dennis is mistake
we don’t lose pusher you know n look you know that’s how it’s reported people who sought but could judge better
weather was an actual question out or whatever but you gotta be at that time console
him a little bit too if you’re i think if you are decent
human being except i think it’s exactly it enough you know it’s a shouldn’t be should be going about it that way that’s just that’s poor sportsmanship
but something you learn and no fifth-grade soccer increases paddies and that’s o_j_ but
apparently spend misfits great soccer even though he faces the shoes knit i’ve
already probably dead they certainly don’t know why i would just won the gold
of smoker a mug are you still bad no the cpc of that i’d really like the so if
there’s a big bets just in bad taste at the olympics is divided and ob right
there with you you know he was supposed to end three goals it looks like not
only went to go no rights you’ll be all right blackaces you enjoy that paper that uh… was that but all the afternoon of what happened after well slammed uninstall blanket uh… going to get a lot of it uh… alright was next next sorry kids he elected in you penny pushing go
awarded himself a platinum at all after not winning the call i think there was no whether workload in
their art closed a large crowd it just felt that he deserved to ge also bad and that ad event list i had to actually won the
gold just did not deserve that and so he tried talking about the olympics wings
is ever done that before i think this is another just poor sore loser that is trying suggests you know himself in the headlines such
and that’s not the way to though about it i mean so he’s kinda like the lady gaga billet uh… if you have to put the phone on
his head in a bird’s nest that fact that the strides revocation anyway papa
selling abby’s kafabric i read that he keep believes he should win because he
had a quadruple job and that’s outlets like dingy one mhm throughout his call uh… risky if you want flawless lestat to meet some of the little bit and baptized don’t deserve to win the
cold if you’re gonna mess up seventy debt wallace routine cervical mhm and why you know i’m not in a position to judge
between who leaders how important quadruple jump is as opposed to the
triple jump and you know that would be to probably be rats the wrong place that
uh… uh… advantage of all the talk shows
some of the live picture it okay now having said that my guess is
that he got the silver that’s what you got with defender hats here sobers you know what you know it’s it’s
a lovely piece it all uh… what mona no not really natalie
i’m at all i can say and uh… and that’s a bad way to go out looked like a smile if i was a
plaintiff’s prestowitz one he’s trying to grab some attention and i
don’t think the player it became so i don’t mind it he’s having a little bit
of fun visitor right the flip side is it’s a little bit meaning for the guy
who won the gold wipro you know medical tripled stop it had been a good record well yeah arguments of a plot fit and they like that no doubt about the fact that right some
a little too or not it but all of our own says he’s got a
little that’s the pretty much infinite mercy push ako your part okay might not nonstop or altogether and i say the same reason for the part because these olympic exports that that rely on the judge’s j there’s value in them and i know some
people love them it’s like who knows who knows if that
didn’t that’s moved or didn’t move in the middle of that thing in the middle
east german judge comes in with the playing another one and it says that i like games where you know
you point so one of them out trying to protect the beaulieu pride in
their right wherever that is anguish at designated point their rules rahe hai
right edad growers in a dispute about all who won the silver who won the plat
patriotic or the buck had stalked we would it take as an american affairs uh… as a student of predicts i think it’s easily yet i get use to get at me for that we’ll
leave it alone this time at this point actually policy but there’s no i i don’t
do it with things does by with judges give you know deciding when in happening even they had to have
the same idea but they have a system anything it’s wanting to complain about
what he said i figured the sport the progress and
regressing like it is because your quadrupled quadruple towns and then you that were not score it that
way the way this course is that this was because of what he’s going to all this
detail bali thinks will be that way and you know he starts the higher
scoring well but as you said he didn’t do it you might have been shaky attitude coming leslie affiliate account
and that is up them i’m better than is that added in front
of them right and you know what the prayers as
part of what bothers me a little bit about this but he took some rafting the quadruple
chin which is great on you are like that electricity right but if it didn’t quite
work for you i mean it was great but it was not good enough because i like i was
close to you with a mattress dealt with the results that list whether
you whether you lose so and as jackie was there nobody likes
or lose right yeah uh… it’s the only reason i pardon them
is because every time

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Winter Olympics FAIL By “Are You Stupid” Sven Coach?

  1. xtralimit says:

    that chick is hotter than anna.
    I'd go down on her in a second.


  2. HardMeStyle says:

    Please shut the fuck up. You guys dont know the whole fucking story.
    so dont judge about 'm. or say stupid things. cuz Sven is a very good ice skater.

  3. losability says:

    @josselyntje beoordeel deze mensen niet hun afkomst.
    En m.i. hadden ze wel gelijk met Svens' arrogantie jegens die journalist.

  4. ClaireV95 says:

    okay whatthefuck is this whole show even about?! if you have nothing better to talk about than "are you stupid" Sven Kramer you should just quit the fcking show. you better shut your mouth because you dont know a single thing about speedskating at all. you are stupid youselves. sven is a legend and he will always be. its so pathetic how people can be jealous of people that are so much better than them.
    sven, je bent geweldig, nederland houd van je <3

  5. Ephraim van IJzerlooy says:

    wat een zielige mensen …..ze kunnen niks anders als slechte grappen maken.

  6. Ayo Bandarasinghe says:

    Beats it when Norway has more olympic winter golds than America with a population of 4-5 million. And of course, everybody SHOULD know who Sven Kramer is. He is a freaking beast on skates, and when you think about it, how many citizens are there in the Neterlands? About 16,5 millions? Well in the States there are about 300 million people. Holland still gets second place in football and is a beast at skating.

  7. Canderius says:

    I love how whenever you point out one's mistake, you get critised beyond imaginable. Course, when you make fun of one Olymipian, people assume you make fun of the entire country. Sven fucked up, simple as that. Was it the coach's fault? Mostly. Should he have known to stay in the right lane? Pretty much. No one's saying he has no skill, they're saying that he called people stupid for not knowing him and he does stupid move. CALM DOWN

  8. jbcomics says:

    if Sven wasn't such an asshole people would go easier on him. Karma IS a Bitch. What goes around comes around.

  9. LEDtherebelight says:

    lol, he is an asshole because he thought a reporter didnt know his name while he won a gold medal and wants to interview him??
    I guess these "reporters" are a little to arrogant about there program and just don't like to be called stupid (patriotic american, anyone -.-), he even said it to another tv stations reporter.. So i dont know what they are whining about
    and making fun of his accent? I bet 90% of the American people doesnt even speak a foreign languange

  10. emiko teshima says:

    No wonder Sven has grown up to be an ill-mannered manchild. He is surrounded by a nation of enablers raised to behave the same way.

  11. emiko teshima says:

    Is it possible for you stupid Dutch enablers to express an opinion without using the word "fuck"?

    No wonder Sven Kramer is synonymous with rudeness. He was raised a Dutchman.

  12. vIRLJuggernaut says:


  13. T-Jin says:

    wauw what a stupid people, loooooooooooooow iq XD

  14. T says:

    Why am I watching these idiots?

  15. maicel35 says:

    @Emiko415 co cry in a corner you lifeless piece of steaming goat shit

  16. Gingersdonthavesoul says:

    WHO THE HELL are these morrons? i irritated myself for 2 hours and the video only lasted for 9 minutes.
    And saying that Sven Kramer diddent do anything in the world? he has dozens of gold olympic medals a nice girlfriend and issent a fat turkish wanker.
    The guy just went to wall-mart en buyed some wood and sayed 'HEY I GOT A IDEA! LETS GOSSIP OVER PEOPLE BUT I AM NOT A SLIGHTEST SHIT BETTER"'
    There are sneezing panda's, finger eating baby's and talking oranges who have more views then you.

  17. Bastiaan Woudenberg says:

    Haha, says the American, traveling around your country and all most of you do is cry and complain about everything and are not ashamed to use the word "fuck".
    Who is the guy be arrogant and superficial, its the American "again".
    Judging our Englisch, at least we speak two languages.

  18. emiko teshima says:

    Sven Kramer is legendary…for being an ill-mannered, ill-bred Dutch manchild. That's because his Dutch parents raised him to value rudeness and entitlement. The fact that millions of you stupid Dutch enablers pander to him is not helping and is in fact despicable.

    Such a waste because he does have some hotness about him.

  19. emiko teshima says:

    Again, is it even possible for you stupid Dutch enablers of this ill-mannered, disrespectful manchild to express your opinion without using the words "fuck" or "shit"?

    No wonder Sven Kramer is now legendary around the world for his rudeness and lack of class. His parents are Dutch.

  20. emiko teshima says:


    Thank you for being one of the few brave Dutchman here who dares to speak the truth.

    For the rest of you stupid Dutch enablers of this ill-mannered manchild who think Sven does not represent the Netherlands, realize that the world is laughing at you.

  21. Not Obama says:

    3 reasons why you are retarded:
    1. you talk about ice skating like you know anything about it but you don't
    2. sven kramer was really concetrated and under pressure
    3. you laugh at everything but don't know how retarded you are yourself

  22. Slickk says:

    'He should be glad that he is at the Olympics'? Are you kidding me?

  23. goawaywithmex says:

    Oh my gosh, SHUT! UP!

  24. goawaywithmex says:

    Oh and yes, it's a fact that the Dutch are a bit arrogant and that we speak our minds. It's true, most of us really do. I hope Sven goes Dutch on his little pathetic suit wearing ass.

  25. Not Obama says:

    @lahmzak idk what your talking about i was in the netherlands for one week and they didn't act arrogant

  26. Amaranta de haan says:

    Wow, so all those reporters can talk about is how wrong Sven Kramer is? It was his coaches mistake, not his own. Can they also not imagine that, as Sven expected to win Gold but got disqualified, he was sad, mad and disappointed about it…? The reporters are complaining about 'bad losers', but they are the bad losers themselves..!

    And we Dutch apparently speak like Germans (3.26)…

  27. Tibbe Zwenkwiel says:

    dutch people have every right to be arrogant XD

  28. Jouk Kelderman says:

    What kind of TV channel is this? Two lame ass, non-informed nobodies that only have enough budget to use one image of an event that they talk about for ages. Ant then they bash a guy that has broke every world record and won several olympic medals. Wow.

  29. praevius says:

    Like, you know, I think this is just karma. This just, like, happens.

  30. Fabuloso says:

    RJ made a perfect comment.

  31. Bernou Boven says:


  32. Никита Волынцев says:

    They are really fucking american stupid idiots. Sven Kramer is the best skater of all times. Fuck you envious Bitches!!!!

  33. Robo says:

    gotta hurt being retarded like the reporter

  34. nnesi says:

    WTF. To the two reporters: ARE YOU TWO STUPID?
    You do speak like stupid reporters.

  35. emiko teshima says:

    So many of you ill-mannered, stupid Dutch enablers coming out of the woodwork have no idea that the world is still laughing at you and your inability to maintain your composure.

  36. emiko teshima says:

    There are 3rd graders who keep their composure better than this stupid Dutch manchild of entitlement.

  37. Juan Xavier says:

    This has got to be the STUPIDEST fucking video you guys have ever made. 'Sore loser'? Its the fucking olypics! 'Karma'? You dumb bitch! Jesus shit this annoys me.

    Btw, thats the worst fucking dutch-english accent ive ever heard.


  38. Ej Grob says:

    people that use the word soccer should not have opinons in general

  39. Demoras says:

    That's Dutch directness for ya. But seriously, can you blame the guy? It is a pretty stupid question. We're just polite enough to point it out. In a very direct manner, if you will.

  40. martin diepstraten says:

    If your an interviewer on the Olympics interviewing ice-skating you should know who he is and what he just did.. Logic reaction: Are you stupid?

  41. strepie93 says:

    fu reporters I think you should give him a break.
    They don't even no anything of him. He is the best speed skater of all time.

  42. jftvrwk says:

    you're dutch accent fail.

  43. bijnahonderdeuro says:

    While I do think this was a perfectly fine reason to not give the man gold, I don't understand how this vid is funny. I guess that's American humour, so yeah… Cultural difference? I mean, over here we got plenty misplaced superiority-complexes too, sure, but this complaining about a sore loser while drawing out "haha look at us" jokes is petty AND unfunny, which kinda disgusts me regardless of nationality.

  44. karmlol says:

    You spawn down this tremendous moralistic crap about how you should behave on camera. Frankly, if you're going to interview someone and don't even know who he is, you don't deserve the interview. If you do know who he is, say his name into the tape yourself.

    This is how I see American television. Just plain and utterly stupid. Stupid on the outside, fuck-all on the inside. You disgrace your country (yet in the process represent it quite effectively). You're the sore losers talking like this.

  45. Sany says:

    This video is kinda pointless

  46. Barry le Bon says:

    Is it even possible for you to express your pathetic opinion in Dutch?

    We Dutch tell it like it is, No hypocritical beating around the bush. Yes, if you have a bad hair day, we'll let you know. Has nothing to do with class or rudeness, it's a cultural thing. Everyone is equal to us in our approach, rich or poor, boss or employee. Check out "Stuff Dutch People Like" No. 4: Dutch Directness

  47. Barry le Bon says:

    It is understandable that you hadn't heard of him before, but shouldn't a reporter be a bit informed about the topic he is doing his report about?

    I mean it is rather ignorant to not know a world champion if you are a reporter…..

  48. emiko teshima says:

    You Dutch tell, but can't take being told.

    This perpetuates inferior cultural mannerisms and rudeness. No wonder you stupid Dutch have such a propensity to express yourselves with derivatives of the words "fuck" and "shit" so easily. You speak, but do not listen.

  49. Jeroen Mirck says:

    Is the phonetic subtitling meant as a joke, or is it just stupid? 🙂

  50. AW says:

    that's not even a dutch accent YOU STOOPID

  51. Andreas Sminthis says:

    it's funny how everyone likes it when TYT makes fun out of Americans but feel offended when they do the exact same thing with someone from their country. I'm not american btw

  52. MrSlickzor says:

    Nothing to do with arrogance you muppet. Americans always think themselves to be superior to anyone else. Now one talks back and actually states it as it is, which is perfectly normal for us when something rediculous is asked. If some reporter wants the best ice-skater in the world to state his name, because no one aparantly knows him in the land of the free (*giggle*) then you might as well not report about it. Americans and their 'own' sports… who are the current world champions of baseball?

  53. MrSlickzor says:

    Actually, there are more people from other countries that use shit and fuck way more often to make up for their inferior English language skills (as an international student I have noticed this quite often). Talking about mannerisms and rudeness whilst dictating us on how it should be done doesn't really show intercultural sensitivity either.

  54. Stonezorz says:

    They ARE stupid, they're the young turks. The worst 'news' show on the internet

  55. Sexyomgguy says:

    i think you guys are really disrespectfull to the most accomplished ice skater in the world ever, what did you guys ever accomplish in your life?

  56. whoisjoeyy says:

    I think its funny how TYT ALWAYS have shit to say about the Dutch or anything related.. Dutch people are known for being direct and honest and tbf as interviewer you should know who the fuck you're interviewing and that's what went through Sven's head. Are you gonna ask a Oscar/Grammy winner who he is, what he does and what he just won? And calling him a sore loser is a bit pathetic, isn't it? The guy trained his butt of for this and made a mistake, let him deal with it i his own way!

  57. ellaphx says:

    So, I'm interested, and try not to take offence here… my first thought was "Oh, the guy's Dutch", because I've been told they'll say things like "Are you stupid?" a bit more readily because it's a more upfront culture and people don't get so easily offended by that stuff. Are you saying that's generally true, but you should keep a cap on it in an international setting? I'm just curious about Europe in general really so I thought I'd ask

  58. strepie93 says:

    You guys suck. with speed skating, its not common for reporters to ask for the names. Good reporters do research.

  59. Loes Verboord says:

    Yeah oké, talk talk talk but make fun of own losers, take Lance for an example

  60. Luitzen Hietkamp says:

    Talk about being rude. The reporters asked him an extremely rude question and he didn't even respond in a rude way, just telling them that the question was dumb. You should also take into account that the Dutch are very straightforward and that he is Frisian. One of the most popular phrases in Frisian is "Mei ik jo wat freegje? Doge jo wol?" Which means: "May I ask you a question? Are you sure you are sane?".

  61. Narva77isback says:

    Probably one of the only videos by TYT that I DIDN'T like.

  62. JUNGLEsausage says:

    The subtitles are terrible!

  63. XeroAIX says:

    Damn, what close minded you are. An ice skater journalist that is not aware of the most legendary ice skater of all times is a complete joke, and _extremely_ stupid. Not much less stupid than a person having a PhD in Computer Science asking what Google is.

  64. Random says:

    watch?v=PTVs5yNSNmQ …. and you will understand how stupid Cenk Uygur is in this clip. Let's just say that the reporter in this clip did not have to ask Shani Davis to repeat his name and what he had just won.

  65. Hijko Boersma says:

    These dumb shitfaces really don't get sports, nor the olympics, nor Sven. Ridiculous comments

  66. John van Capel says:

    Cultural differences cause a ton of strife, yet again.
    In Holland there was no mention of him pushing his coach or the "are you stupid" thing which was apparently pretty controversial.
    We're just direct (some would say tactless) enough that this is completely normal.

  67. bananatree1234567 says:

    No no no, I COMPLETELY disagree with you about Sven being a sore loser. "It's the Olympics, you should be glad to be there" What the fuck did you smoke before filming this crap? The guy has trained for 4 years for this event. Except for that mistake he skates an excellent race and then it doesn't count because his coach made the dumbest mistake ever.

    About the "are you stupid"-comment, can you imagine Andy Murray being asked to say his name and what he won after he just won Wimbledon?

  68. bananatree1234567 says:

    I think compared to other Europeans the Dutch speak their mind a bit more easily and uninhibited. But I have a feeling the Americans are pretty direct as well (from tv shows etc.), so the two shouldn't be that different in that aspect. And no, I don't think Dutch people try to act more polite on purpose when they're abroad, they just act like they normally would.

  69. Monica says:

    stupid television making for an even more stupid public, that is if your watching this kind of crap.

  70. Bicep Stargaze says:

    Hwo the fuck wrote those incredibly bad subtitles. Did they actually think his name is Spain Grammar????

  71. Bicep Stargaze says:

    Seriously, I will never watch pisscrap from TYT again. More than one wrong word in EVERY sentence.. What the hell was the person thinking? This is just utterly crap… I'm amazed!

  72. MALAIXIYAREN says:

    @emiko teshima; stop bashing on us Dutchies, we're not all the same and you are in no position to attribute certain negative traits to an entire nation. I can assure you there are plenty of eloquent and well-mannered Dutch people out here.

  73. Vivres x says:

    Oh please. I know for sure that you can't ice skate at all, stupid people.

  74. Marjolein Feijen says:

    They need to shut their mouths, OBVIOUSLY, they haven't played sports themselves, there is SO much pressure and you have to be selfish to be an elite.. 

  75. Captain Kaulo says:

    Stupid reporters MOTHERGUCKERS he got gold on the olympics 3 times in a row you dickheads

  76. Stainless Steel says:

    Dumb chick. Her contract says she won't have a salary but has to give blow jobs instead.

  77. Fingon says:

    Kramer is one of Swede skaters, hmm?? 😀 And the chick talk about elementary mistakes.. 😀 You have to love dumb americans. Hilarious.

  78. Chapundina says:

    This girl is talking as if she was Sven´s evil ex-girlfriend!! Come on !!

  79. Bafnek says:

    What do these guys know? Bad sportsmanship… If you would have won a gold medal and instead win none at that event, you have the right to be pissed off. It's an event you are training for four years and you lose it because of a stupid mistake by a coach.

  80. Khaleesi says:

    Christ, Americans say way dumber things than "are you stupid"
    Also the fact that he trusted his coach more than his own instincts is amazing. He put full 400% in that guy. And he trained years and years for this medal. It's terrible that this happened, obviously he would have won the race if he was in the right lane, he should've been penalized.

  81. Daan Kolsteeg says:

    Shut the fuck fat ass hè won the world cups And gold at the Olympics so fuck off

  82. Vis sticks zijn vies says:


  83. Qinuito says:

    Who is more stupid, a multiple Olympic champion who made a mistake and respond as any athlete who spend 4 years of is life to reach one ultimate goal or a simple commentator who knows nothing about sports?

  84. Suna Huls says:

    Omg they are stupid xD omg dumb americans

  85. Gunther Müller says:

    Holy fuck… they are actually mocking the best speed skater for doing something wrong? Some American people 'are stupid'. Stupid fucks.

  86. Daan G says:

    These people are fucking idiots, he is on his way to becoming the greatest speed skater ever and these dumbasses are talking shit about some interview

  87. Amy Holbrook says:

    Is she stupid?! Sven is one of the best speed skaters in the world! There was alot of pressure on him and his coach, obviously the goal of winning got to the coach a little was was so focused he lost his way…that was the past though sven has performed excellently in Sochi at the minute.

  88. Amy Holbrook says:

    She needs a punch in the face 😠, sore looser, poor sportsmanship excusee but she can't really talk, she's some dumbass reporter on YouTube pha

  89. Xaminer003 says:

    you guys really are stupid, blame the skater? even though dutch media covered it with split screen, and that gitr, glad she is gone

  90. ShiftAltPrtsc says:

    How can you call this news?

  91. OKO says:

    I hate these ignorant Americans

  92. Introsh says:

    Wow, everything they say is complete, excuse my French, bullshit.
    He was supposed to win the Gold, and because of a mistake that his coach did, he was disqualified. How is this his fault? As if they skate for 10000m straight and can have the mind to judge on which lane you were on before, he just skated fast and listened to his coach. They should'nt judge other people on something they do not know themselves. Well at least he won Silver in 2014 Sochi Olympics. But apparently he kept his coach.

  93. Stefano Trossarello says:

    these people are the two real idiots: obviously he is mad at his coach and he has the right to be (he missed the gold medal, and other than the honor it means a lot of money, what would you do if someone stole u thousands of dollars?! it's completely different from the "5th grade soccer" that they are quoting, but they must be too idiot to understand it…..). Other than this, they can't say "when you are racing it's your fault, it's the Olympics bitch u can't mess up": probably they've never been in a team, it's an individual sport but the coach is so important that if he tells u something u do it also if it's wrong!! They are just felt humiliated because he humiliated an american interviewer and they felt like their nation was in danger as usual (next step bombing netherlands….). Hater are going to hate, while Netherlands won gold silver & bronze

  94. lilly anne says:

    Are these dumbass's serious? He can't be a sore loser if he didn't lose, he was disqualified! Because he trusted his coach!!! Like wtf he's He has every right to be upset just lost a gold medal that he trained almost his whole life don't act like you wouldn't be devasted. This asshole is acting like we need his pardon, your not important. And about the stupid thing, he explained that he said he was trying to joke around but I guess it didn't translate well.

  95. lilly anne says:

    They obviously have never played sports or been on a team, if my coach tells me to do something you better believe I'm gonna do it. It's their job they know best, but just in this situations he screwed up.

  96. Lisa Joanna says:

    This video irks me. They clearly don't know much about the sport, about the particular race, about Sven Kramer, or about his coach. It's not their place to make such crass judgments about an athlete's performance, his character and his intelligence. It was a mistake that should not have been made and Sven has admitted to that and has never blamed his coach in following interviews.

    Try to imagine being in that race, the immense pressure (everyone expected him to win) and then have your coach (the man whom you are supposed to trust more than anyone) absolutely scream at you at the top of his lungs that you are in the wrong lane. Oh no, of course doubt wouldn't start to gnaw at you, dear Young Turks.

    Then imagine crossing the finish line, seeing that you had the fastest time, by far, but are disqualified because you followed your coach's directions… But, obviously the Young Turks would not be upset by that, they would immediately look for Lee Seung-Hoon to congratulate him on his victory by default and say to the coach: "Hey, no biggie. I've trained for this moment for the past four years, I'll train another four years and have my shot then." 

    And did you see 'the push', or just read about it? It wasn'a fuck-you push, it was a perfectly understandable I-need-to-be-alone-right-now nudge and he didn't do what everyone expected him to do, namely fire his coach. He forgave him for his mistake and acknowledged that he, himself, was to blame. But of course The Young Turks don't think that is impressive, they are so benevolent they can forgive everyone who has trespassed against them.

    Also, the "Are you stupid?" interview… Was he arrogant? Yes. Did he have every right to be? Yes. It is like a political journalist asking Obama to state his name and country. If you are a sports journalist covering the speedskating event, do your homework, it's not that difficult to look up all the athletes' names.

    Really guys, if you don't know much about a subject, refrain yourself from talking (shit) about it. I used to like your videos, but after coming across this, I will clearly not subscribe, because I can't trust what you are saying on the topics that I don't know a lot about.

    Finally this is not a matter of "dumb Americans", don't fault an entire population for what these ignorant people have to say.

  97. C says:

    they need their dick's removed

  98. Ben says:

    Sven did nothing wrong. He did what his coach told him to do which as an athlete you're supposed to. Had the gold taken away from him which would make any athlete incredibly angry at their coach.

  99. Dutchmaster says:

    Kutwijf en zelfingenomen kwal, hersenloze amerikanen wie is hier nou stupid? Sven is een baas.

  100. Theo Quach says:

    Poetic justice to a guy who so full of himself

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