WINNERS OF RIGA | ISU Junior Grand Prix 2019/20

WINNERS OF RIGA | ISU Junior Grand Prix 2019/20

Welcome back to our channel. My name is Evgeniya and we keep watching the Junior Grand Prix of figure skating. The third event of the Junior Grand Prix has ended. And now we will talk about its results. If you missed last competitions, watch our previous video and subscribe to our channel, so you don’t miss all important and interesting moments of the future competitions. The most beautiful programs were represented by ice dancers. There was an interesting fight for 1st and 3rd place. so on the first place are Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva and Andrey Filatov from Russia on the 2nd place are Maria Kazakova and Georgy Reviya from Georgia, and on the 3rd place are Sofya Tyutyunina and Alexander Shustitskiy also from Russia. Among junior men four skaters tried to land quadruple jumps. Andrei Mozalev from Russia landed two quadruple jumps and he was the winner of this competition. Sihyeong Lee from Korea is on the second place He tried to land triple axel on the third place is Daniil Samsonov from Russia, unfortunately, he fell from quadruple lutz there also was and not very successful attempt to land quad jump from Andrew Torgashev from USA, but Kao Miura landed quadruple toeloop Among junior ladies nobody tried to land triple axel or quad jumps, but they showed their beautiful dresses. On the first place is Haein Lee from Korea, on the second place is Daria Usacheva from Russia and on the 3rd place is Rino Matsuike from Japan. A Prize-winner of the 1st event in Courchevel Maiia Khomykh from Russia was on the 2nd place after short program, but strong rivals and fall plus under-rotated Loop pushed her to 4th place. Here you can see the 6 highest ranking skaters, who have a chance to pass to the Grand Prix Final.
The 4th event of Junior Grand Prix is coming soon. It takes place in Russian city Chelyabinsk. Stay tuned and see you in the next video. Bye-bye!

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