Will & Greg Show: Urban Sledding Vlog (Ep. 5)

(Hip Music) Ready? Go! I look like a hobo. Scraggy! Hello! Welcome. Today, on another day, where we have a couple hours of free time, to do something that we like to do! That thing is… Sledding! [Intro] [Intro]
It’s the Will and Greg Show Started snowing recently, so we are gonna go ride some sleds! We gotta buy one first cause we don’t have one. We don’t have a sled? no So why don’t you just make one? What do you think- that all we do is make stuff? Could make one, I guess Could make one… Nah, I’m just gonna go buy one. *attempted snatch fails* No! Alright, to the store! To get a sled! Gettin goods, boys Ohhh, yeeah… Men’s Apparel, baby Torpedo? Ooh, yeah What’s it feel like? *internal screaming* Feels pretty good. Alright, we got one? Yup. Big Blue Let’s do it! Picking up some more stuff, In case we want any, like, dogs to pull us This is Finn, Will’s dog Alright, we got everything? (Same time)
We are ready to go
We got our film crew? We need some food I’m freaking hungry Alright, just got here To Lee Canyon, is that where we’re at? Dude, snow is looking kind of deep ‘Kay, we’re ready. We got some work. This is a lot of snow, we should’ve brought the snowmobile The Snowmobile? So, we forgot our shovels and everything to make a ramp, everything to stay warm… But! We have a sled. The Plan is to get this mountain, take it all the way down, go to jump right there about 200 feet into the sky land on that mountain over there. Okay, test number one. ready got some dogs in the way, but it’s okay Are you tired? Take a lot of work to get up there? Test Number 1 oh yeah, yes! yes! you were going about 1 mile per hour. Alright, time go home that was not fast at all. Hey Finn! come here bud Come here bud Hey, I’m just gonna keep; I’m just gonna stay here if you mow me over, That was pretty fast! That was pretty fast, that one looked better. Let’s build a ramp The ramp has been made, check it out. It’s not the biggest but I think it’ll give us an air. Start from up there, landing’s a little rough, go down here, BOOM! 360 land, 600 bonus points. I’ll go first okay here we go! How much air did I get? That was so much air bro!!!!!!! Dude, that was sick!!! Test number two, here we go *Mating Call* I mean, better? I thought I was gonna run into that tree. I know! *Mating Call Slowed Down* It was a success, but not all successes are good. So I think it’s- we got the succ part right. Two on one sled If we get past the ramp and ride off into the distance, we Win. Alright let’s give it a shot Ah, I think I just did the split! Oh that’s cold; There’s so much snow Soon as we hit the thing, my leg went and like spread in front I wanna go home Our ramp wasn’t built very well Let’s get out of here. *intense shivering* Dude, that was such a success. Suck, A sucky-cess. Well, it was, it was fun, but it wasn’t. The day’s not over, It’s only two o’clock. We could still try to sled somewhere else? We’re leaving the snow snow kicked our butt. Alright so we just got back to Las Vegas, there’s just too much snow. I never thought you could have too much. It’s still kind of early, and what’s stopping us from having some more fun we’re gonna keep sledding I guess ONE TWO THREE FOUR extreme That was sick. Ohhh! There’s a big rock there. Alright, thanks for coming along with us today Hope you guys enjoyed it sir. See you guys next time Oh, Ah AH AH AH AHH AHH Yeehaw!

Antonio Breitenberg

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