Why This Olympic Snowboarder Became a Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Why This Olympic Snowboarder Became a Doctor of Chinese Medicine

The human body is the most intricate, well- designed
machine ever built. Every patient is a different
puzzle and there’s different reasons for everything. I just read their entire body For me, the needle is the continuation of my finger. I feel the energy arriving at the needle and that’s
when I know that I should leave it there
and it’s perfect. I was born in
Mont-Tremblant, Quebec It’s one of the coldest
places in the world. I just grew up playing
in the snow. I never really knew what
I wanted to be till I started snowboarding. Then I knew that
I just wanted to be a professional snowboarder and
that’s all I thought about. I remember the moment that
I found out that I was on the Olympic team. It was just a dream come true. The Olympics for me were
a great experience but I was also using
the 2006 Olympic as a platform to really perform
at my peak in 2010. It was the summer of 2008. The year leading up to the games
where everything counts. I was probably riding the best
I’ve ever ridden before and I felt that my ultimate
like the top of the mountain and in a fraction of a second
that changed immediately. My mom wasn’t well. There was a mass on
her pancreas. She had pancreatic cancer. My mom fought for a year
which was amazing except for the fact that
she really suffered. She passed away end of July
in 2009. She wasn’t suffering anymore. Something completely shifted. I felt that everything
I was doing was completely insignificant I wanted to change things and
help people and leave a mark. When my mom was in the hospital, I realized I had an undeniable
passion for medicine. I knew I had to follow it,
but in my own way. I kept falling back on
Traditional Chinese Medicine. I love that they treat every
person as an individual and looked at their body and
the person as a whole. That’s my higher purpose. Often, in the most terrible
events in your life in due time they become the ones
and where you grow so much and where your path changes and
it changes you as a person and you have to embrace that. And I’m extremely
thankful that I found Traditional Chinese Medicine
because I’m more passionate about it than I ever
imagined possible.

Antonio Breitenberg

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