Hey guys, it’s me Tiago the french inline skater and today, I have a little something to tell you I’m gonna change my skating style I’ll start aggressive skating Why? Now I have to admit, but I absolutely love watching aggressive skating videos on YouTube Nick Lomax, Eugen Enin, Montre Livingston, CJ Wellsmore and Antony Pottier who just won the Winterclash contest Congratulations. It was amazing This is just mind-blowing what they all do like oh my god, and this is really giving me the envy to Give aggressive skating another try because when I started on skating After my first day when I tried to do inline hockey (and it was a huge mess) and I tried to to do aggressive skating because I love it. I like I like how it looks I like almost everything about it. Then I quickly moved to over disciplines because I don’t like being Stuck in a single discipline to me inline skating is much more than that and I would love to try all the categories genres, subgenres of inline skating and Now after watching all of these things like the winter crash contest. What happened a few days ago. I didn’t watch everything about it because I don’t know I was just only seeing little bits on Instagram and from the little things that I watched It really motivated me to want to Do aggressive skating! as I said in the beginning of this video I’m gonna change my skating style. it doesn’t mean that I’ll stop doing freestyle skating you know because I absolutely love like I love freestyle skating! and I will not stop doing slalom and This leads me to another point that is about a new source / a bigger source of inspiration to me. that is in 2 words: Mushroom blading so if you don’t know them very group of Canadian inline skaters who have a very unique way to skate And I don’t think there are words strong enough to express how Amazing what they do really is like Joey McGarry, Leon Basin and Todd Shaun Unwin from Shop Task I don’t know if he’s a full member of the mushroom blading But it doesn’t really matter for me because either way He is a huge inspiration to me like everybody in the mushroom blaming crew at the same time They all do amazing things I’m really obsessed with it like I really want to try this style because to me it’s kind of a mix of everything! like all the in a skating styles, genres and everything into a single one And I find it just beautiful you know, and I want to try it out Every time I watch their videos on YouTube because yes we do have a youtube channel and yes I do recommend you to subscribe to them because what they do is gold like “oh wow” so I’ve been watching more and more of their videos and from what I’ve seen they have an aggressive skating background, so this just added a Layer of reasons for me to try aggressive skating you know; so yeah now I really want to do it I’m gonna do this I have a pair of aggressive skates the USD Franky Morales 2’s, I bought about a few years ago when I started inline skating and Well now but I grew more in my head now, I think it wasn’t the best idea to buy these skates, When I started on skating, because ,one: these skates are made out of carbon fiber and for a beginner, Especially for someone who is a noob when it comes to aggressive skating (me), because yes, I don’t know almost anything about aggressive skating it’s it may not be the best choice and they have super super fancy materials, and I can’t take real advantage of it for aggressive skating Other reason is that I bought them in the smallest size USD can make for this type of boots that is size 39 and my actual skate size now is 38 so Every time I try to skate with them, because yes, I still try to skatee with them my feet move inside the boot and it’s kind of annoying especially when I’m trying to like jump because my heel goes up It’s not the best experience. I know these skates can do a lot more But since we are not the right size for me. I can’t really have fun with them for too long and Yeah, so what I think I’ll do is go out buy a new pair of inline skates well, try to guess what skate I’ll buy next! they will not be in carbon fibre. They’ll be in plastic They’ll be in size 38 and will not have removable liners so it will be a unimold design try to guess! plastic, size 38 and non removable liners! About the next videos you’re gonna see me learn the basics of aggressive skating and fall quite a lot because I know I’m gonna fall x) And I probably know that I am gonna laugh quite a lot as well, so That’s good! So I hope you enjoyed this little message I have for you and don’t forget to subscribe to see the next Episodes and please help me make inline skating more popular, by sharing this video to your friends You can change everything! Think about it! alright guys, see you in the next Episode

Antonio Breitenberg

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