Why I returned my Gilson Snowboard 154 Duel Wide

Why I returned my Gilson Snowboard 154 Duel Wide

hey guys how’s it going so I haven’t
done a video in a while that I apologize I threw out my back actually I landed on
the rail or the box that I made and yeah it taking taking a while to recover so
that being said this is why I returned my GIlson 154 wide I had caught talked
to him when I ordered it and I said I have a 13 size boot you know I’m
currently riding an arbor draft and you know I need the wide I was very
persistent and they were like it’s really wide and I’m like no that’s fine
you’re like it’s really wide and I’m like okay how wide and they’re like it’s
11 inches at the at the the whatever called with right so yeah the arbor
draft here is nine point seven five okay that means it would be over an inch and
a quarter bigger than the arbor draft which I wasn’t having too much problems
with I mean I wrote it fine you can watch my videos I really love the grip
tech on this that little kick out that they have so I got the arbor drier not
the herb draft I got the GIlson 154 wide and I took it out and it wrote okay
first of all the GIlson 3d base right how does that ride that rides amazing
that technology is amazing for what I believe because when you’re riding and
you’re so used to going on your heel or toe edge right or just sliding on them
right because of that 3d base you can actually just stay level and go down a
groomer it’s so weird because you’re so used to having to push your heel down
– you know to learn I don’t know if I would recommend the board for a beginner
but that’s my opinion because you may never learn to fully engage your edge or
maybe you don’t you know so I wrote it it was so cool to ride it like that and
do that but it was it was a little bit heavy for me it was weird you know and
I’m like do I need that full 11 inches and what I did was and I’ll put a
picture up here his I had in half an inch on both sides
of my bindings and I’m like I need something more like a 10 F and they’re
the ones who told me not to get it anyway so it’s kind of my own fault
right they said that the normal wide would be a great board to have right and
you don’t you know we don’t have problems with people riding their normal
wide you know and you’ve got a large binding Burton large binding and 13 boot
which I plan on getting the step ons when they come out this fall of 2018
because they people are selling them for ridiculous on eBay and there’s no more
left so that being said I did return the GIlsonwide and the reason why is
because we’re gonna unbox the gleason 150 for regular so stay tuned for that
video next and we’ll go through that and compare it to the the arbor draft and
the signal park and so yeah to wrap it up there’s nothing wrong with the board
besides the fact I didn’t need a wide and and so you know if you’re looking to
buy a GIlson 154 wide measure out how much board you actually need cuz 11
inches wide it felt like a surfboard going down the hill and I love to spin
and do things and do that kind of stuff so yeah I did I didn’t need it I didn’t
need the width now as far as the duel itself yeah jack technology or the
GIlson people rip on it and say you know
whatever I seen some videos or people just shred it and whatnot I don’t know
if they’ve ever written it or ridden it long enough or what to actually feel
what I felt but in my opinion GIlson has a great technology when it comes to
the rail kind of tricks and even butters and stuff like that there’s a new world
out there because you’re you have with a soft edge and the hard edge and when
you’re lifted off like that you know is it’s a different world it’s it’s not
you’re not catching that edge I saw a video of a guy doing multiple 360s
across the box right he’s just spinning like that right and he gets towards the
end and he just leans a little bit catches that edge he falls off into the
snow that being said you won’t have that kind
of issue I believe as I try this board next year and ride it and whatnot with
that 3d based technology you know if you’re if you’re just starting out you
know maybe it’s not the board for you right maybe the 3d based technology is
not right for you they recommend it’s for anyone who rides I don’t know
because I’m not a new beginner snowboarder I’m not advanced either I
wouldn’t say that I’m good enough to you know beyond any Instagram viral feed
unless it’s a bad fail right but that being said yeah we’ll wrap this up and I
love the board it was just too wide so let’s take let’s do an unboxing video of
the new Gleeson 154 wide well yeah subscribe to our channel like share with
your friends whatnot you know we’ll keep on posting videos on Tech and learning
how to ride boxes and rails you know or if you’re tall and need to ride
something wider what not I’ll go through that and do that with you too alright
stay tuned for our next video

Antonio Breitenberg

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9 thoughts on “Why I returned my Gilson Snowboard 154 Duel Wide

  1. Gilson Da Silva says:

    Gilson… say it G I L.. GIL-Son

  2. Gilson Da Silva says:

    Thanks for the video… just lear the name.. its driving me crazy cuz that is my name… but yeahh I want to buy this board cuz it has my name on it and you video help me learn more about it

  3. Hermanandmiltonsangeldusteddreams says:

    U have no idea wtf u talking about. Size 13 w 27 ww is too wide? Ur an idiot

  4. Hermanandmiltonsangeldusteddreams says:

    No offense, but I don’t think ur carving at all.

  5. Wild Outdoor Living says:

    Wide boards, regular boards, double wides… All meaningless. Gotta know the actual waist width, and you gotta know it in centimeters. Then you can figure out the range you like and know exactly what you are buying. Looking forward to the review.

  6. Brian Shea says:

    It’s not Gleason it’s Gilson. And btw who measures snowboards in inches? Do you even ride these boards are garbage….maybe y u have 67 subscribers

  7. jared malmend says:

    Dude there’s a reason you don’t grab your edge so easy maybe that’s why it’s called a butter pad so you can butter!!

  8. Jordan Black says:

    Dude what is going on??? It GIL..SON.. also this video is pointless. You just filmed your mistake

  9. Chau Tran says:

    Was this worth making a video??

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