Why All Phones Got Rid of Their Headphone Jacks

Why All Phones Got Rid of Their Headphone Jacks

Boy, modern tech is ever-changing. Hey, don’t blink, you’ll miss it! You look back just a few years ago and think,
“Remember when mobile games weren’t even a thing? Ah, yes – headphone jacks and home buttons
– those were the days!” (Just wait until you see what the future has
in store!) But for now, check out some past vs. present… 1. – Power banks
Nobody needed a power bank 10 years ago, and only 1 or 2 firms made them. It took forever to juice up the simpler batteries
of the day, and the thing had just 1 connector. Granted, the push-button phones of the time
could stay charged all day since we didn’t use them as much and for such big tasks as
we do these days. Now, power banks are common since we need
to charge our mega powerful phones on the go. You still have to charge the power bank before
you leave the house. But it beats being stuck without a phone because
your battery ran out! (By the way, the power banks of yesteryear
would only be able to charge a modern phone battery about halfway!) 2. – Tablets – “You be fine. Take two tablets and call me in the morning.”c
Talk about yesteryear, when you could actually talk to your doctor on the phone! Oh well. Oops we were talking about tablets… When the first iPad came out, you couldn’t
really do much with it. Internet surfing was slow and not very convenient
because of the small RAM and single-core processor. You needed to connect the device to a computer
to update the software and transfer content to it from other devices. Now, the iPad and other tablets are full-fledged
mini-computers. You can already connect a mouse, keyboard,
and gamepad to them. You can display two apps on one screen, open
full desktop versions of sites, play games with console-worthy graphics, and, well, I’m
sure you know what they do! 3. – E-readers
In the early 2010s, switching paper books for electronic ones was a trend on the rise. But this reading-of-the-future started out
on computer and phone screens – inconvenient, to say the least. Thus, a new gadget emerged: e-readers. Their main perk is that they don’t reflect
light, making it easier on the eyes. That, and the battery can last for weeks! Over time, backlighting for night reading
appeared, and the screen and speed have also increased. It seems like an ideal book, but, surprisingly,
paper editions have started gaining popularity again! Even with so much tech around us, sometimes
you just want a good ol’ fashioned book! 4. – Phones
With such a low screen resolution 10 years ago, you couldn’t watch movies or videos on
your phone for long. Early smartphones didn’t have front-facing
cameras, which meant you had to guess if your selfie is centered in the frame! (It usually wasn’t for the first 5 tries!) All music was downloaded through a computer
or transmitted via Bluetooth, and a game with 3D graphics seemed mind-blowing. Mobile Internet wasn’t so common either – if
you did have it, it moved at a snail’s pace. Now, modern phones are practically useless
without mobile Internet. Cloud services mean you’ve got pretty much
endless memory. Displays have become larger, and you can easily
go without a TV if you have a newer-model cell phone. The cameras have become so cool that you can
shoot movies, panoramas, and, yes, perfectly centered selfies…with fun filters! But the main change affected the appearance. Smartphones are thinner, lighter, and more
elegant now. Every inch on the phone has become important. Because of this, modern phones refuse space-wasters
like home buttons. Headphone jack ports are also disappearing
for the sake of increased battery life. …And for wireless headphones sales of course! Which brings me to my next point… 5. – Headphones
10 years ago, Bluetooth headphones were a small wire that could be hung around the neck. It had a mini remote with buttons to switch
songs and change the volume. The headphone’s energy was enough for 1-3
hours of continuous listening. Ooh! Now, there are no wires at all. Modern technologies mean getting rid of analog
mechanisms and switching to wireless. The battery lifespan has increased, and charging
cases have appeared. We have touch and “smart” controls on the
headphones instead of analog remote control. A smart noise reduction system means better
quality sound streaming into our ears! 6. – Gaming laptops
We might’ve gone from a 4- to an 8-core processor and are now enjoying much better
graphics – but the appearance and price of these laptops haven’t changed much. They’re still bulky, heavy, expensive, and
give you about two hours of battery life. But now, a new type has appeared – portable
gaming laptops. They weren’t around at all 10 years ago. They launch games on high graphic settings,
and the battery life has doubled. 7. – Portable consoles
In the early 2010s, PSPs were the thing. You could play 3-4 hours without recharging,
enjoy 3D graphics, convenient controls, a large screen, and an affordable price – any
teenager’s dream! However, their popularity fell quickly… Because phones began to support the same graphics! Don’t worry though – PSPs came back with
a vengeance when the Nintendo Switch was released. The key to success? It can compete with those impeccable smartphone
graphics! 8. – Watching movies
First, DVDs replaced VHS in the early 2000s. So we switched to DVD and threw away the VHS. But it was a short-lived victory since the
disc soon found itself competing with the Internet. Which is one reason why you can by a DVD player
for peanuts! Now, movie-streaming services give you a huge
library at your fingertips. You can binge-watch your favorite shows for
hours, maybe days! The best part: no need to wait until they
come out on DVD or spend hours scanning the shelves at the movie rental place looking
for something to watch! Wow, remember movie rental places? 9. – The Internet
Anyone old enough to remember dial-up knows how far we’ve come. But even just 10 years ago, Wi-Fi wasn’t
very fast. Back then, no one could’ve imagined that
it’d be possible to watch 4K videos online without constant buffers and crashes! Oh yeah, and in the not-so-distant past, it
took about an hour to download a 100-megabyte music album! Now, wireless connection has become available
for free almost anywhere you go! You can download 20 gigabytes of your favorite
show in minutes. The Internet has replaced flash sticks – you
don’t need to carry it everywhere when you have cloud storage with an almost unlimited
supply of memory! After hearing all that, it might feel like
we’re now at the peak of our technological evolution – but we’ve only just begun! Let’s see what your favorite devices will
look like in the near future… 10. – Super memory discs
So-called “5D data storage” has already been invented. These are small thin glass disks that can
withstand extreme temperatures and accommodate 360 terabytes of data (that’s over 1,400
laptops-worth of memory). The most mind-boggling part: it can save this
data for billions of years! They’ll become as commonplace as USBs in
the future. 11. – Rolling screens
You won’t surprise anyone with ultra-thin TVs now, but imagine a large plasma panel
that can be rolled up like a piece of paper. Major electronics manufacturers are already
working on this. The same fate awaits phones. There are already phones with folding screens
now! On that note… 12. – Phones
Gaming graphics on them will reach the same level as powerful PCs today. And the battery won’t require charging from
electricity – it’ll be fueled by solar or kinetic energies (that is, when the phone
is charged from your movement). 13. – Augmented Reality
AR-lenses will appear. They won’t only complement our reality with
an amazing computer interface, they’ll also be able to improve your vision! 14. – Watching movies
One of the coolest technologies of the future will allow you to watch your own dreams on
any screen! True, probably won’t happen in the next
10 years. But scientists have already managed to scan
the visual parts of the brain of a person watching videos. A computer then calculated the signals and
converted them into an image. They got a very low-quality picture, but it
was a big step towards the visualization of dreams! 15. – A.I. Artificial intelligence – we’re already
making baby steps into depending on it, what with personal robo-assistants like Siri and
Alexa. Long story short, thanks to AI, humanity will
be able to increase the speed of huge technological advancements hundreds of times! It’ll make our lives easier in countless
spheres – transportation, medicine, banking, research, entertainment – get ready for
some big changes! So if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! Here are some other cool videos I think you’ll
enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

Antonio Breitenberg

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