Who is Shorty? | A Soccer Skills Guru | World Class Soccer Training Program!!!

Who is Shorty? | A Soccer Skills Guru | World Class Soccer Training Program!!!

See how my muscles react. It’s a coil to react of doing so many touches This was the place for me to get ready and win championships. It didn’t matter what the challenge was. This was the place for me to come This was the place for me to get fit, mentally ready and polish my skills When I left this place. I knew I was the best It didn’t matter who stepped on the field I was going to be on the winning side, most of the time I did it! The best place to train is right here. You have to wait until they come to you. Just like a Matador! You better be ready because that bull is coming you better watch out. And once that bull gets going. What you going to do? You do this. Odelay!! I grew up with a soccer ball. When I was in the game The ball would come to me and I was running and the coaches would say who’s that kid. This is the baseball field where I grew up training two times, three times a day beautiful spot perfect weather conditions There used to be a wall, a tennis wall they took it out the weather is fantastic here, look at this wall this is where I would practice my wall passes with my right foot and coming back with my left foot I could easily do 50 kicks one way 50 passes and work on my power kicks right here against this dug out, this baseball dug out I use to wear out my soccer shoes here Everyday this was my spot. No Iphone, no tablets, no internet, just a soccer ball. dreaming of becoming the best player in the world. Unfortunately in this country it’s not the reality Nothing like South America and Europe Where kids can go up to be somebody. And travel to Europe and be world class. When you accelerate, you accelerate! He thinks your going that way. And that’s when you turn this way! This is the wall where this dug out and I would jump the fence to get ball and it would come to a point The baseball coach Mr Bevins Left the door open for me to get the ball This is the baseball field hasn’t changed. In fact Mr Rondalino the football coach made me a key to the main soccer field to train He said “Lorenzo, here take this key I don’t want to see nobody else but you, mess up the key is mine.” There’s the stadium over there! A pass, contol the ball, you strike and then you pass Then here we go! STRIKE, PASS CONTROL the ball, LOOK STRIKE, LOOK.. Now you need to relax, give me a nice throw in Ok and your going to do a volley back into the wall like this big throw in throw in OK Maybe three, four minutes and now you have your warmup Then you try this With your right foot your kicking foot No your stepping on my toe, no a little bit higher there hard, hard, you don’t feel anything, it’s a solid bone you could probably have a ton or two tons and it would hold onto that force I’ll do it on you See here, it hurt, you feel yay right away huh Here less right and here you feel it that’s the spot I want you to start kicking! Do different pieces PULL IT! Stop stop your doing a tiny pull, PULL IT, let it roll then go after the ball! let is roll here we go pull it there you go

Antonio Breitenberg

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    @Kyra Anzaldo  I train with Shorty. I am in this awesome video. We did a soccer training video. Check it out https://youtu.be/JjIanjAHTv4

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    MSA training video (Shorty's training video) – https://youtu.be/m1z8mDs0sj4

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    U12 Girls Elite Camp (Shorty's training video) – https://youtu.be/43ykCJfMOs4

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