‘Whistler 2010 Sled Dog Massacre- A Veterinarian’s experience’

‘Whistler 2010 Sled Dog Massacre- A Veterinarian’s experience’

Its a beautiful place to visit. Its a beautiful place to be, but its hard
to believe that horrible things that have happened here. Its just so hard going back
to the scene of the crime. Canadian authorities are investigating a Whistler
Sled Dog operation for allegedly slaughtering up to 100 dogs after the 2010 Winter Olympics. Nobody forced him to slit those dogs throats,
shoot them multiple times and create a mass grave.We started doing excavation around 8:00
am in the morning. By 11 o’clock we hadn’t found anything and
to be honest everyone was starting to worry that maybe we were digging in the wrong spot,
or worse Bob Fawcett made all of this stuff up and there were no bodies and this was all
a giant waste of time. Around 1 o’clock they started finding the
graves. and you knew instantly because of the smell that was emanating from the pits. I am always going to remember the smell. Bob Fawcett goes into great detail about a
few of the dogs and Nora was one of them. And he indicates how he missed the shot with
Nora and he blew off part of her head and so there was an eye hanging out and Nora was
running around and so when our constables found Nora, um which is incredible that was
a bit preserved in one sense. Being able to then identify this is exactly what happened. It was Dr. Melinda Merk a veterinary forensic
pathologist who identified Nora. She was at my table. And we were able to follow the path of the
bullet from where it entered the eye socket and out dissintegrating the jaw bone. We were even able to trace where Bob Fawcett
had sliced Nora’s throat. And able to show that from the blood that
had accumulated in the muscle layers that Nora had in fact had died a slow and painful
death over several minutes. She suffered. While the other teams were busy excavating
and documenting the grave sites, we had some downtime. And one of my jobs was to look at these bags
of puppies. Wasn’t just one bag, it was 6 or 7 and each
bag contained 8 to 12 puppies. Because they weren’t part of the warrant they
weren’t part of the court case, but we do feel that they deserved documentation.
and my job was to examine the puppies, to necropsy them and try and decide if a puppy had died
by someone crushing their chest in which case the animal sufferred or died because their
skulls were crushed which in veterinary medicine is considered a humane death.

Antonio Breitenberg

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3 thoughts on “‘Whistler 2010 Sled Dog Massacre- A Veterinarian’s experience’

  1. darthtaiter says:

    I'm very, very sorry you had to go through that experience Dr. Walton, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for honoring all of these creatures.

  2. DeadlyDanDaMan says:

    The man that committed this horrendous crime was given NO JAILTIME and a measly fine of $1725 dollars. This isn't justice…he did unspeakable things to these dogs…things no rational minded human would EVER do.

  3. Crystal L. Cuffee says:

    My heart aches. This was a horrendous crime and horrible act. And when he said that what happened to the puppies is considered "humane"!! That's bullshit. It's not humane at all!!

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