What’s The Point? 1975 Surfing Punta Mango El Salvador with Dave Hartman

you in late nineteen seventy-four friend of mine Jerry Ferguson sandy I was going to go back to El Salvador and Gary had come back to Vietnam I thought he might you know enjoyed it so I actually want to go along this trip and they said yes so I think we went to Florida first in December of 74 and then started board Central America and infinitely 75 took a couple of weeks to get down I told him that you know I have that except we had we’re going to rent this house fire to San Diego which same way house we had this year before at least that was the plan and talking about the waves and told that this other point I’d found where we could get away from the crowd that libertad and it comes in his ways we could go down to put the mango and pacing certify yourself so ended up getting there probably sometime in january and the most people know january-february that that area to coast in its not getting any self southern hemisphere swelled face but you might get one or two a month and you have deep breaks in between we could surf out in front of the house which at times it was pretty fun i think gary was a little frustrated the time and i understand it just it doesn’t really start picking up till maybe march you start getting some of those storms and gets better and we did eventually get a couple of storms went down to all tamango which was probably about a hundred mile drive it’s down closer to honduras the only promise Gary broke his board almost in the first couple of ways I get had blue the take off and had got caught inside and was just swimming and trying to you know trailing his board behind him on the leash and it was wave just want to hit it right and snapped it right in front of inbox I had two boards one was a 64 nomad kind of a rounded pin I think it was and the Ellen was a 6-10 nomads maybe a little swallow tail so I said well you can use the 610 I don’t need that to look bigger ooh 30 years later Dave return to El Salvador the first time with the new surfer friend Eva’s aid I kind of had a new friend Mike trivet and he got the same he had been going back to El Salvador like in october november it seems like whenever he was going I was somewhere else who had never met them finally out ran into him and I said well you’ve gone to Salvador yet he goes no but I’m leaving in two days you want to go I go yeah okay so we go home get on the computer get a ticket which turned out to be a hundred dollars less than one he fought like a month ago it’s fine I could take that and I we’re driving up his sister lived in gaithersburg butterfly about dollars which is illegal like six in the morning so we went up the night before and I really didn’t know Mike and Mike I mean we talked constantly in the truck and it turned out Mike had been everywhere in the world I just amazing we started traveling he does wallpaper work work first dad and then he had his own unit started on business but he had just bent and we were like travelling like 17 18 years old he take off we could punch money together take off for like eight months so I was just amazed how far they got gone but anyway he’s taking me back to El Salvador I’m like okay kind of cool and I had been there since 30-some years so we get there you know you leave dulles at six in the morning and one min clock in the afternoon whenever you’re walking out the point with you and shorts and it’s there’s waves and here we are again so surf that day can give him anyways the next day we go back head against a little smaller which is good for me and I ran into a guy guys paddle by me he said hey I saw you get a couple good waves yesterday I said boy you must have seen hold it to an ad dessert you’re the new guy on the block you don’t nobody knows me from 30 years ago so you’re just going to you know you get whatever is left over and we talked back and forth about all these parallels in our lives and he started to paddle if probably talk for 15 minutes in water and he was a flight attendant for American he spends like one week a month there and the other key works the other three and started pad away he says really hit by the way what’s your name I said Dave and he started liking me kind of strange noises Dave the guy who bought that lot down there and plus the man and I said yeah how did you know that he said don’t remember back in 1976 my Australian girlfriend and I came down and we camped out with you for about three days and surf with you and the eternal jokes trusted you know I remember you but I think I remember your girlfriend so anyway but nice guy got in Texas and then also the rose’ off another gentleman there John Stokes Bernie who had bought way back in the 70s bought the hood put the roken bought the end of that live at the end of their I think he bought it with grubby car Clark flippy Hoffman all these you know like iconic California names and John was a UH a ceramics professor at the University University of California at Thornton and he was always on some sort of sabbatical king when I was there and he was always in libertad surfing and I hadn’t seen John and my since 1978 and here John ends up he’s there three weeks a year the same week I was there you know the waves are fun but it was really cool going back and seen these people I hadn’t seen 30 or 35 years it was a fascinating trip and the waist weren’t bad either

Antonio Breitenberg

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