What’s inside a Soccer Ball?

What’s inside a Soccer Ball?

Alright, now we are at
the Wilson soccer ball. – [Voiceover] Wow, it’s so amazing. – It’s pretty nice. – [Voiceover] Yes, it’s
too nice to cut open. I’m trying to tell my dad. – Alright Lincoln, you hold it? – We’re not cutting this boy open. – [Voiceover] Alright buddy, what do you think’s
gonna be inside of that? – Rubber and air. – [Voiceover] Rubber and air. What color’s the rubber gonna be? – Gray, maybe. – [Voiceover] Gray? – I don’t know. But, we’re not gonna cut this one open. – [Voiceover] Yeah, we’re gonna
cut that one up with our… – It’s no nice. – [Voiceover] Let’s put
our other one over here. There’s our golf ball, baseball, and tennis ball. ‘Kay, let’s do it buddy. Hey, let go.
– Aww. – [Voiceover] Soccer ball time. This one I think we’re gonna
use the same blade here. – [Lincoln] Wow, that will be a nuisance. – [Voiceover] Alright
Mr. Wilson, soccer ball. – [Lincoln] No-oh-oh.
– [Voiceover] Can you even… Can you even see it? Alright, you ready? – [Lincoln] Nooo! How could you? – [Voiceover] Ready? – [Lincoln] Go. – [Voiceover] Ooh, I’m sad. I’m a sad soccer ball. – [Lincoln] Aww. – [Voiceover] I think this
one’s gonna be a little faster than the golf ball. – [Voiceover] I wanna watch this. – [Lincoln] Golf ball was really slow. (kids laughing) – [Voiceover] They’re getting real flat. – [Voiceover] Whoa! Look at that! – Oh, can I touch it? – [Voiceover] That is cool. – Can I touch it?
– [Voiceover] Yeah. – Oh my Gosh. – [Voiceover] Touch it, Lincoln. – [Lincoln] I want soccer ball. – This is now a new hat. (laughing) – [Lincoln] This is now my new baby. – [Voiceover] (laughing) Alright. That’s pretty cool. But that’s not gonna do it, we gotta cut– – [Lincoln] Can I put it on my head? – [Voiceover] Now we need to cut this. Yeah, you wear that. – [Lincoln] Oh yeah. – [Voiceover] Can I put it on my head? – [Voiceover] Nice hat, buddy. Let’s keep that. – [Lincoln] What? – [Voiceover] Can I wear it? Can I wear it, Link? I wanna wear it. Link, I wanna wear it. – [Voiceover] No, he’s gonna
wear it right now, honey. – [Lincoln] Can I have all
that stuff inside of it too? – [Voiceover] This is your project buddy. You get to keep it all. – [Lincoln] I will. I wanna like, display it and everything. And then I wanna take all the stuff off. Put this in place, ’cause
I’m wearing my hat. Can I have meant want that one for my hat. – [Voiceover] I did not think that it was gonna look like this inside. This is surprising, it’s like a rubber, it’s like a big rubber
racquetball feeling inside. With this thread around it. – [Lincoln] I want that to be my hat. Can I have that one to be my hat instead? – Okay, and I can have this one? – [Lincoln] No, we’re putting this on. This one I’m just
wanting to keep if I can. It’s like rubber inside. – Let me see, I wanna see, I wanna see. – My new hat! Woo!
– [Voiceover] I wanna see. – [Voiceover] This one has like, rubber. There’s a little air nozzle right there. – [Voiceover] I wanna see inside it. – [Lincoln] Not that exciting. (laughter) – [Voiceover] Here you go, Claire. – [Lincoln] I like this
one, it’s like thread. Ah yeah. – [Voiceover] Hey, kind of new hat. – [Voiceover] And it has, yeah. Nice, so there we go. What’d you think? Were you surprised, what
it looks like in there? – I was so surprised. – [Voiceover] Yeah, that is a crazy one. We’ll have to display it
with both things showing. ‘Kay, that was a fast one. – Woo, I got my new hat!

Antonio Breitenberg

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