What’s inside a Refrigerator?

What’s inside a Refrigerator?

(upbeat music) – Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Dan. We got our friend Shaun with us today. Where’s Lincoln? – I think he went to get a otter pop– – Today we’re going to cut– (laughter) – Today we’re cutting open a fridge! – Okay, we’ve got this
refrigerator that Shonduras gave us, we were watching this
vlog and we saw that he had this refrigerator that
he got that was new, and tons of you guys have been asking, “Cut open a refrigerator,” so we thought Shonduras,
can we use your fridge? And he’s like, “Perfect.” – Let’s do it, we’re
cutting open a refrigerator, but first we got to– – Have some fun with it. – We’re going to have some fun with it and so what does everyone
do with refrigerators? Sledding, we’re going
refrigerator sledding. – Guys, any final words,
what do you think? (kids talking over each other) Alright, here we go, hold that down. Let’s go. (screams) (laughter) Refrigerator sledding, 10
out of 10, will do again. – Yeah. – [Shawn] Three, two, one. (screams) – We’re back from fridge
sledding, it was awesome. And now it’s time to
cut this fridge in half. – First step, I’m going to
cut down the sides so we can see the coils and how it works inside. Then after that, everything
else is down here, so we’ll flip it over
and see what we can get. Alright we have this panel
from all three sides, now we just need to pry it
out and see what it looks like inside, you ready for this Linkin? – [Linkin] Yeah. – [Shawn] I honestly don’t
even know what’s in a fridge. – Get those chunks out, Linkin! – The fridge is dead, it’s not in pain. – [Dan] Let’s get rid of this insulation. – Oh my gosh!
– [Dan] That’s pretty thick! – [Linkin] That actually is working. – The guy that serviced
this to take the Freon out of it told us that the coils
were going to be right here on the side. – Maybe we cut the wrong side open. – I think we cut the wrong side. (laughter) – [Shawn] I bet the coils
are down at the bottom. – [Dan] I’m not seeing anything,
or feeling anything. Oh. – [Shawn] Maybe it’s lower? – [Dan] Check this out. – Oh my gosh, it went right
in between the plastic, (Shawn laughs) so there’s nothing there. – Okay, so we beat the
sides of this thing open. It’s just a bunch of
insulation, which makes sense, you want your refrigerator to stay cold, to keep the cold inside and not go out, but let’s get to the guts of
this thing and flip it over and we’ll show you where
the other stuff is. So how a refrigerator works,
obviously you’re going to plug it it, get the power to it. This big box right here
is called the compressor and it has these valves inside
of it that takes the Freon gas that we already
took out earlier today, and it pumps it through
these coils as gas. And when it goes through
here it’s really really hot. And when it does that, it’s
taking the heat from inside the refrigerator and sending
it out when it’s gas. And then what happens
after it goes through here, it goes through a pipe up to
the top into a thing called the evaporator, the gas that’s hot,
it goes into the evaporator when it expands, it actually
turns into a liquid. And when it turns into a liquid,
kind of like when you spray an aerosol can, and it’s really
cold feeling, it attracts the heat and takes it in, but all of that cold air is
released into the refrigerator. And then it just comes back
down into this compressor as a gas again, and it does the same thing, and it circulates over and over. That’s where all the coils
go up, and then they go right back down. Let’s take off some of these vents. And this panel. Oh, look at that. Sweet. There’s the coils where it goes through. Let’s take those wires out. – [Shawn] Woah. – [Dan] Oh yeah. – [Shawn] I feel like it’s
going to flipping hit me in the face. (laughs) Alright, refrigerator coils. – This is the coil, this is
crazy, look how long it is. – And it just keeps
stretching, look at this. (grunts) (laughter) Let’s play jumprope. – So this is so funny because
we thought this was all going to be on the sides because
that’s what the appliance technician told us. It was all inside the freezer. – Every time I have a cold drink, I’m going to think of this
coil in loving memory. – [Dan] You can do it Shawn. – [Shawn] Here’s the control panel. (laughter) – [Dan] That’s the What’s
Inside spirit right there. (laughter) – Ow, that hurt! – [Dan] He got cut! – Those refrigerators, they’ll get you. – Surprisingly, that is the
worst injury we have ever had out of all of our videos right there. (laughter) – [Linkin] And it’s not by us. – (laughs) It’s by me. – You never know what’s going to happen on What’s Inside, this one was really fun, with these crazy coils. We did have a little bit of an injury — – (grunts) I had no idea
what was inside of a fridge, so this surprised me. – Me too, I didn’t think
that the coils would look like this, they’re crazy! – They are crazy. So I know a lot of you are
already watching Shonduras’ vlog channel, if you’re
not watching it right now, you need to go on there because
the behind the scenes from this video was pretty crazy. We had the cops that
came, we got in trouble — – [Shawn] Multiple police cars showed up. – If you want to know how to make a sled out of a refrigerator, you can
watch the behind the scenes, there’s some really funny stuff on there. – It was kind of
interesting how we did that, and getting the fridge there
it barely fit in the car, yeah. This was a good behind the scenes, I think you guys will like it. – So click over here if
you want to go watch the behind the scenes right now — – Click inside the fridge. – I’m just going to take this and stick it back in there. And then, I’m thinking that
maybe we can just put it all on the side of the road
with a “Free” sign? (laughter) You know, somebody could
pick it up and take it. Let’s see if this even shuts. – Bye buddy, I’ll miss you. (crosstalk) Alright, that what’s
inside a refrigerator! (soft music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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