What’s inside a Blind Person’s Soccer Ball?

What’s inside a Blind Person’s Soccer Ball?

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “What’s inside a Blind Person’s Soccer Ball?

  1. MorgieMango says:

    I think this is a great thing given people that might not have our blessings a chance and be loved and be able to prove they are the best 😀

  2. LS_Destiny says:

    U sound like dr.lupo

  3. Diamond Hill Hotel & Resort says:

    USA let’s gooo

    Message to dan and Lincoln I live on ur street

  4. Emily D! says:

    This is actually so cool

  5. jeff says:

    What's a soccer

  6. Icyy_kelvin says:

    Well now you know that saying ball of steel

  7. Viva Ken-9 says:

    Did Lincoln used to go to Woodland Park Academy

  8. gianyangges says:

    What's Inside your House?

  9. Jean Andrade says:

    “Looks like he lost his front tooth…seriously” 💀💀💀

  10. Snowylynxx says:

    Respect. Good job guys

  11. Mir Ameen says:

    Nah man, Y'all didn't check what's inside the metal balls….

  12. Ciarra Chamorro says:

    Hey what’s inside you guys should look up goal ball it’s a. Game that is played by blind and visually impaired individuals are using their hearing and touch you should also check out beep baseball

  13. Marks GR says:

    in the blind soccer ball there are more smaller soccer balls 😀

  14. CalFromManc says:

    imagine there was no one to coach the players where to go, would be utter-chaos

  15. Mitch Yorkey says:

    Do what's inside the indestructible ball

  16. hunter j says:

    Do what is inside a 360 camera

  17. Jay Atal says:

    How many balls have you guys cut?

  18. FastLikeUNO says:

    7,OOOth LIKE!!!

  19. Almost Pigeon says:

    A I R

  20. Almost Pigeon says:


  21. Almost Pigeon says:

    B A S K E T B A L L

  22. amy thompson says:

    Ali a music in the background 😂

  23. Sacredpip {1} says:

    Air ;_;

  24. The Twins Gamer says:

    metal balls lol

  25. Hirstee. says:

    Looks like the goalkeeper has impaired vision

  26. sour snail says:

    i think air is in it ._.

  27. Gucci kid 153 fortnite and more says:

    Blind soccer players are better than Americans soccer

  28. Amber Dove says:

    Have you ever gotten something under your eyelid?

  29. Creative Thinks says:

    You have a script

  30. Pedram K says:

    like the effort in the edit

  31. OneTon says:

    Noice some soccer

  32. Kirsten Tuinstra says:

    Reject girlfriend suppose below process swing slide attraction across perspective.

  33. Slammed95eth10 says:

    Are they all actually blind.? Why do they have masks on.?

  34. Conor Clnacy says:

    I didn't know this exsisted it's really cool.

  35. RS 1990 says:

    Cut open a Wiggly Giggly Ball!

  36. Ash Heng says:


  37. Zealhozi says:

    there is air in it there i helped

  38. Yassine Gonzalez says:

    One border probably term alien bacteria ideology relation track emotion trail.

  39. Lilliann Goedeke says:

    What's inside the ball?

    A black bag and six pouches on the side

    What's inside the bag and pouches?

    Cotton in the bag and rattles in the pouches

    What's inside the rattle?

    Ten metal balls

    That's what's in a blind soccer ball.

  40. Joseph Jones says:

    Physically glove bacteria respect disaster champion schedule professor ball entirely.

  41. Simon Richard says:

    intend surprisingly million maybe lawyer fifty

  42. Olga Kouris says:

    air -_-

  43. Atomic Human370 says:

    how do they know where their goal is and the apponets goal

  44. S S says:

    Dan. Take your money, hire a coach and some trainers, then find blind people who wanna play soccer. Boom, the U.S now has a blind team

  45. Samson Amari says:

    Maybe the sound of the ball is how they know where the ball is

  46. Qui-Gon Jinn says:

    I don't know

    I'm blind

  47. laurenz Reigns says:

    open a slow motion football and a curve football

  48. Audisee says:

    Am I going to hell if I laugh at a blind person crashing into each other? I do I the same with non-blind soccer players.

  49. Aurielle says:

    They look like they should be wearing helmets 😁

  50. Aurielle says:

    There was a bird and then there was a plane..

  51. angelIamGeli 123ABC says:

    DO A "WHAT'S INSIDE A DOOR?"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Deepak rawat tv says:

    I like blind football
    I am indain

  53. Squirel says:

    Whats inside a blind persons hockey puck

  54. iTXRROR1ZE says:

    If the IS Men’s National Team is terrible then a blind version of that would be horrendous😂😂🤣

  55. that bG says:


  56. lovebird mic says:


  57. Oh Yeah Yeah says:


  58. Ethan Colson says:

    Is that a Model S in your garage ?

  59. japared oakfield says:

    Such an awesome channel. Just subbed!

  60. annu aikulola says:

    Cotton,Metal,Magnet- Ballz,

  61. Dan the man is da best says:

    its football not soccer no offence

  62. Pete Tommerup says:

    Cut say from your hand smarty

  63. Tyi Wolfe says:

    What’s inside of dan

  64. Nathan Bootz says:

    What's Inside of an atom

  65. David Atrian says:


  66. Ben Gongon says:

    That poor axe.

  67. the before picture says:

    "It's under the Tesla"
    Subtle flex.

  68. Waffle_ Gamer264 says:


  69. Jamie Gunn says:

    I like how you say it.s under the Tesla

    You could of just said it’s gone under the car

    Quality flexing.😂😂😂

  70. Techy Trey says:

    Air! Just kidding I just wanted to say that for fun lol!

  71. Almaco Galoso says:

    That's where Cristiano Ronaldo lives

  72. Dan Ricks says:


  73. Dogman Do says:

    This is the 1010 comment btw I’d you really love your family like this comment show your love if this comment hits 50k likes
    I’ll destroy my phone on a video no lying

  74. Sloth Blower says:

    If blind people can play football anyone can play football

  75. Samuel Aves says:

    Why did you make the jingle bells song

  76. JamesonGames says:


  77. Matthew Mescall says:

    The Maryland School for the Blind is trying to help develop a US Men's Blind soccer team! Reach out to us if you want more info! Thanks for the video and for advocating for Blind Sports. Check out the Paralympic game of Goalball next!

  78. paula dunbar says:


  79. Nolan Jarrett says:


  80. Fatma Ulutas says:

    yeah what is inside area 51

  81. Germandoge 26 says:

    What about a deaf soccer ball?

  82. Sam Van YT says:


  83. Zachary Ledford says:

    Good news! This is a very late response, but multiple U.S. states are teaching people this sport and trying to form a team to go to Tokyo for the Paralympics and I’m trying to gain experience to join the team!

  84. Butter says:

    You guys do a script

  85. cadyn the _bass.angler says:

    5:00 weird flex but ok

  86. 8Pool_ and more says:

    5:35 so that's what MLB stands for.

  87. KillsKounted says:

    As a blind person I find it offensive to cut the ball open for such a rare sport

  88. Tyler Haines says:


  89. Aiden McIntyre says:


  90. Jomarcenter Media says:

    it is me or at some point in time we get another incident where a disability only sport someone would put normal people to cheat.

  91. IDOL8th says:

    Boi he said there was another World Cup haha😂😂😂😂😂😂 they don’t know what leages are the average us americans I would say at 0:26

  92. Jesse N Football says:

    It’s air

  93. ben437 says:

    Still better than womens football….

  94. Ibraheem Fakir says:

    Thx! Where can I purchase one of these balls?

  95. Oskar TV says:

    What's inside a rattling plush toy

  96. Max Katie says:

    Thanks Lincoln I'm Russian

  97. Fireing Tris says:

    I watched this 1 year later it came so 3 years now?!?!?!?

  98. Azza Bridge says:

    Trying to explain to my daughter how blind people play football and found this video thanks made my job easier lol

  99. Lionel Messi says:

    Hey why not Barcelona

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