What is Snowboard Rocker? And How to Choose The Right Type

What is Snowboard Rocker? And How to Choose The Right Type

Hello everybody this is Ben from evo
and I’m here to talk to you about rocker designs. Typically snowboards used to come
with traditional camber, but nowadays there are all sorts of crazy hybrid rocker
designs out there – there’s rocker camber rocker, rocker flat rocker, and we’re just
here to tell you a little bit about all the different types of rockers that are
out there. First up we’re going to talk about camber. When you look at a
camber board and sight down the side of it it’s going to make a little bit of a
frowning face, but don’t be fooled by that camber has been making people happy
for a long time. The way it does that is it evenly displaces your weight along
the side cut and the contact points of the board. Typically people that are
riding camber snowboards are people that are going a little bit faster that need that extra
edge, or park riders that are hitting the park pretty hard off jumps or halfpipes.
Next up we’re going to talk about reverse camber. So take that camber frown
and turn it upside down and make a banana shape with it and that’s called
rocker. Rocker is great for people that want to ride through powder and maybe
have trouble keeping their tips up. It helps with turn initiation and also for
beginner riders, it makes it a more catch free ride. Our next rocker type is flat
and just like you would expect we’re going to split the difference between
rocker and camber a flat face is going to be flat from one contact point in the
tip all the way down to the other contact point in the tail that’s going
to offer more stability quicker edge to edge for people that are going through
trees or tighter conditions. It also is really great for people that are
learning – it gives them a more stable platform to get their turns down. And if
you just can’t decide between a rockered or cambered snowboard, the good news is as there are
many combinations of the two. This first combination is what we call
rocker camber rocker, that means turned up rocker in the tip and the tail to
give you great turn initiation and float in fresh snow conditions, but it still
gives you camber underfoot for great turning ability and edge hold. Our next
design is a design that’s unique to snowboards only. It’s the opposite of
rocker camber rocker – you guessed it camber rocker camber. That means the
camber zones are pushed under the inserts where your feet go and the rocker
goes right in between legs. What that does is the camber
underfoot gives you more drive and more pop, the rocker between your legs gives
you a little bit more circle motion and great turn initiation in fresh snow. If you’re looking for one rocker type to do it all this is a great
all-mountain board whether you’re in the park or in the powder. Snowboard
manufacturers offer all kinds of different rocker and camber combinations
to accommodate different types of riders. Keep in mind there’s no wrong way to do
it, so when a doubt go for a hybrid shape – it’s going to work for most riders. Now
that we’ve covered some of the main elements of rocker and camber you can
now find the board that’s right for you. Shop by rocker type on evo.com

Antonio Breitenberg

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5 thoughts on “What is Snowboard Rocker? And How to Choose The Right Type

  1. Kevin Schulz says:

    what never summer board @ 2:22?

  2. Hank Miller says:

    Dog this video was great!

  3. JFomo says:

    Which hybrid is better at being catch free?

  4. crosshair says:

    i'm a beginner just started, i have a wide 154cm k2 fatbob. i'm 5'11, size 12boots,weight is 195lb is the board too small, should i get a 159cm?

  5. Coleman Youmans says:

    Thanks for this. Was literally on the Evo site which sparked this question. Will be seeing you guys soon!

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