West Coast Snowboarding Documentary // Ft. @nolans_journies

West Coast Snowboarding Documentary // Ft. @nolans_journies

All Right, yeah Oh I put my heart and I had to know I’m serious Got some untouched powder out here out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado I’ll hear my homie Nolan now come around me that he’s up there. We’ll see him in a minute, you know something for my Sake I wanna take a suicide Don’t take the lucky dog Fucking nice girl and have antennas phenomenal So Let me come home and I just need some gather some sticks They Don’t give me answers just change my Shoes and the child I was busy cutting on myself On a playground way wrong More than just my mind gathering was up a suspect You come here why you’ve drawn and why you never let me what I need Hey, I smoke too much the problems over 20-something I drink too often this liquor pouring from the foster father You were the song for father winter tunes then I’m doomed to die a young addicted to dried plum He’s bitches ain’t shit and pussy is my greatest vice. I love smoking weed. I hate advice I know some niggas that talk good the wise man from a long line a bitch made and brides man Who never had never fucking dreams you just caught up in the height and fashion the song it seems the limelight I know that I rhyme tight no need for yo to sense and burning your Blueprints these people think I really give a fuck about the shit Something about like you got punched line days so generic flow Sokoli a Bunch last days so generic can float. So call me mate yeah, and I’m so misrepresented by niggas to claim true Represented by mr. Klain charity, so Yeah, first levels off in the TMP on sipping on a my mom and I need a beat on sexy shaky-shaky Celine Dion sucks. You can’t get out city long Listen to the speaker miss Trish Please to coming at me with the smarts even the night Fuck our garage full tank of gas that’ll mean Nothing, nothing. Nothing. What aren’t you shotgun in the passenger? I’m the loneliest man alive, but I keep on dancing with our mom I’m gonna run out of booze cuz I can go to the blues. If you know when we beat Jay selling the car Vietnam Look at how much is done for recently folks there’s a car today So they do it out here big dumper style I’m scared Well, I didn’t close the door How the mountain like storages today? Oh To Me That’s Gia, that’s next hold a little puffers are you guys down So we’re just talking

Antonio Breitenberg

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