Welcome to our Channel! I’m Surf and I’m
Turf! We’re here to show you the world from the highest mountains to the deepest seas in our travel guides with tips, reviews and recommendations! That’s right,
we’re here to show you how to do within your budget and if it’s anything like
our budget its about that big. If you are short on time check out my 60 second vacation and see highlights from everywhere we’v been. If you’re a gearhead like me then check out my Tech
Talk with Turf where we’re gonna talk about photography cinematography videography
aerial photography and any other ..ography I can get my hands on and with that dislike, unsubscribe.. No, no, no! Please like, subscribe, and share our videos with all your friends. That’s right, okay and if you are a subscriber make sure to
hit that Bell icon so you can get notified every time we bring out new
videos, we’re gonna do our best to bring out a new video every single week for
you guys and show you what the world has to offer. So with that… Welcome to the
World !!!

Antonio Breitenberg

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