Weird Waves Season 2: Gaso-Line (Portugal) | Surf | VANS

Weird Waves Season 2: Gaso-Line (Portugal) | Surf | VANS

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Weird Waves Season 2: Gaso-Line (Portugal) | Surf | VANS

  1. R3l3ntl3ss says:

    Ben Gravy would be proud

  2. Gustavo González says:

    YASSS YOU GUYS SURFED THAT WAVE, I've been telling everybody that you should try the gasoline FOR MONTHS!
    Cheers from Portugal mate!

  3. AlohaMilton says:

    The crap first day wave size was bigger than what I found after school in California most days, and way cleaner as well. Nothing like groveling at the local beachbreak when its both ankle high and completely walling out.

  4. carlos royo says:

    i've to say that the coolest vans shop ( a part of all of them) is the lisbon's big one

  5. Surfmus says:

    I remember seen Dylan as a kid surfing. When Wilderness was huge he would surf Wishing Wells. Is nice that he made it as a Pro. My best surfing was that west area of P.R. in the 90s.

  6. Bubba Digital says:

    fairy surfing, sounds like a magic session brah

  7. Jordan Stuart Smith says:

    Love this show , proper story telling

  8. Luke morris says:

    god i look forward to these

  9. Rudy Colludi says:

    So much fun !!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Elouan .LC says:

    wheres Ben Gravy at tho

  11. Nicholas Kerr says:

    One of my favourite surf series for sure. I've seen all these waves been surfed before, but the way this series is put together is just so damn dope! Dylan Graves as host kicks ass also!

  12. Bruce Viaene says:

    Honestly the only series i look for. Amazing visuals, story and surfing. Please dont stop! Thank you

  13. Aaron Bodger says:

    Weird waves is awesome !! Love watching these

  14. Gonçalo Soares says:


  15. Pablo Quesada says:

    So Epic! Portuguese vibes all over !! Sickkkkk

  16. Benoit Avril says:

    That's great, there is that wave in san sebastian you could surf too, in the river. Also Waves in the caspian sea or in the black sea, or Skookumchuck.

  17. J.M. Hanover says:

    If your talking Novelty waves then where is Ben Gravy??? Who else has surfed ALL 50 states? Lower 48 States in his own Van… come one Vans. Dylan is a bomb ass surfer in all but give the King of Novelty his due…

  18. Kostas Labis says:

    Name song at the end please?

  19. Raving rabbid Nate says:

    He looks like Iggy Pop.

  20. Wilmour43 says:

    Fucking epic surf. Weird waves has to be the best surf series out.

  21. Chris Naegele says:

    Absolutely the best thing on YouTube. I've been casually surfing for years, but Season 1 (specifically the Severn Bore episode) turned me into an absolute frother.

    Keep it up, y'all!

  22. Wills Paris says:

    So Good!!

  23. M. Veloso says:

    Whaaat?! I'm portuguese, i've been surfing for years now and I live 20 minutes from there and never heard of this wave. This is insane.

  24. Joshua Lander says:

    Will you please do an episode on Surf Lakes in Australia? There’s just no good info on this Mad Max wave.

  25. Nick Everly says:

    Im loving this series!!!

  26. Justin Hidden says:

    love it as usual, best show on youtube for sure !! keep up the great work guys

  27. GoJackslash says:

    Another well done production. Keep crushing!

  28. Lord Méndez says:

    I love that show so baddddddddd

  29. eben1975 says:

    So the key is to just copy what Ben Gravy is doing????

  30. Tim Gys says:

    Best series ever ✌️✌️

  31. Adrien Chauvet says:

    This series rocks!

  32. The BenSman says:

    So rad! Yeah Dylan & friends! Wish the episodes were longer but sooooo good

  33. Phillip Harriott says:

    Fucking love this series! Keep it coming.

  34. Liam Kienle says:

    I felt the excitement so much when u got that last wave, insane

  35. Shasta Dragon says:

    Love this series! Yeeew! That last wave looked SO FUN!!

  36. Luis Almeida says:

    That’s my home town, Ricardo it’s a very nice guy.

  37. justpaulo says:

    Sick & Epic !


  38. skills playz says:

    Fuck I’ve never been so happy to see this. more please 😂

  39. lilbuddha says:

    Ben Gravy did it first!!! HAHHAHAHAA! The stoke is real!

    Awesome wave and congrats on spreading the stoke to the masses and the groms of portugal! I hope to visit this wave.

  40. Sebastian Gray Palacios says:


  41. imnotmelvin3 says:

    Share what have in life to help others, the wave of life leads to God.

  42. Matthew Gehm says:

    dylan dylan dylan, he spit hot fiya stoke

  43. Sam Kirchner says:

    Ricardo the wave hog

  44. Loic Minty says:

    Weird waves always has a sketchy beginning and crazy ending

  45. str8frnt says:

    "GASO-LINE" song is so epic, frothing over this novelty…Awesome Boiz 🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾

  46. David le Roux says:

    That stoke! its a beautiful thing.

  47. gustavo cutillas says:


  48. Sumatran Surfariis says:

    That guy is like the nicest, happiest person in the world.

  49. Brian Park says:

    @bengravy where u at?

  50. endwido says:

    This series is getting me from semi to fully erect

  51. Kookvision says:

    great series!! Go Vans!!

  52. 2m4u says:

    Portugal CARALHO! 😂

  53. screechyhamster says:

    Is that Paul Daniels from the bluff???!!

  54. Bobby1502Jetty says:

    Sic song at the end 🤘🛥️🎶

  55. Captain Kai says:

    Pure stoke

  56. Jose Verneck says:

    very fun! im going there for sure!

  57. Adam Smith says:

    Would love to see him on a noserider and try to hang 10 on these smaller knee high waves – would make such a sick photo

  58. britshell says:

    Season 2 has been a let down so far, compared to how cool season 1 was.

  59. Frank Ervin says:

    A few years ago we had ferry waves in Tallinn but they slowed the ships down so now they aren't rideable

  60. Yo Man says:

    While working with a pile driving crew on a crane, a 65’ Coast Guard ship came under the Martinez/Benicia bridge. It was going slow then sped up and it created a 6-8’ wake that was really awesome, happened back in 1974.

  61. ScoodWhichu says:


  62. Adventureman Dan says:

    Love the stoke! Love the Froth!

  63. Jay Stewart says:

    Nice!! Great Series!!

  64. cadete tiago says:

  65. Noveo oevoN says:

    me regalaunos vans

  66. Tyler Grayford says:

    so sick

  67. kaiden cameron says:

    You should surf the silver dragon bore

  68. xirix says:

    Here is the Facebook Group of the Gasoline Association
    Give them a shout if you liked the Gasoline wave, or even if you drop by and want to ride with some locals 🙂

  69. Sand Hopper says:

    Now THAT'S fun!

  70. Augustin Series says:

    Kid at 6:31 has me dying

  71. CAN Control says:

    This a great series. Keep going! I’ve herd of some kinda weird waves around Vancouver island British Columbia

  72. Chris Churchill says:

    Warren 2020!

  73. zrebrutibreniti says:

    Orgulho Português 🤟

  74. surfallday says:

    Great to know the captain is on board with surfers.

  75. Dude Leboski says:

    Great video, please make more like these…real people

  76. Santos Aguirre says:

    song? 8:25

  77. Warren Bennett says:

    Oh, FERRY waves.

  78. Simon Bitton says:

    Wearing a vissla cap on a vans tv show haha

  79. Spartan-Surfer says:

    Viva Palermo Sicilia
    Konaboyz Honolulu

  80. Spartan-Surfer says:

    Insane 🙂

  81. Christian Jacob says:

    FKING INSANE!!! yeww

  82. Christian Jacob says:

    FKING INSANE!!! yeww

  83. The Fletch and Seb Show says:

    We surf weird waves too. Leftingtimes, Omagods, Workouts. You should come and check them out.

  84. Michael Ross says:

    Sick !!

  85. Jonathan B says:


  86. ethan mcalister says:

    Literally I smile the hole episode

  87. Sergio Pinto says:

    muito bom!!

  88. Dennis Lübkert says:

    We have a fairy wave in germany also.
    It's at the Baltic sea in
    ,, Travemünde ".
    It's very famous in germany among Surfers.

  89. s1rrah says:

    Nice edit. I think these had it a bit better …

  90. Pablo says:

    11:28 high five with the guy holding surfboards with both arms

  91. Daniel Spurr says:

    where is this ?? 2:31

  92. Tico Friends Baby Equipment Rentals says:

    Why does that guy keep burning you?… Would way rather see you ripping that left

  93. prreeya narayanan says:

    (:(: … so funny dears… waves because of ferry rides and you guys waiting for ferry to make ur gasoline waves!! …speechless…surely magic though!!!

  94. Rory Corrigan says:

    Best series on YouTube

  95. Jeremy Bailey says:

    so nice, we should give all our savings to Ricardo and his community work, what a hero!

  96. Javier Silva says:

    mate best series ever

  97. Red Nova says:

    This is so beautiful. Cool friends from all over the world, having fun in nature. 🙏🏽✨✨✨

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