Weird Waves Season 1: Stream Tour Part 2 | Surf | VANS

Weird Waves Season 1: Stream Tour Part 2 | Surf | VANS

– [Dylan] Ya gonna do it? – Just do it.
– Is it time? I think you got it. Alright. Ready. Set. Go! (laughs) (mellow music) – [Dylan] Welcome back to Weird Waves! We’re on the Stream Tour, part two. We said our goodbyes to our new friends in the Rocky Mountains, and as we made our way down, the snow on our windshield
turned into bugs, and we knew we were close to the land of a thousand micro-brews, Bend, Oregon. (river roaring) – This bridge used to be this spillway that was super gnarly. This is where people come out
and inner tubes through here, and then flowed down
through there and then this is still blocked
out from over the top so people don’t flow down through here. No way.
– Just flipped off that thing! – I’ve never seen that. That’s psycho. In the summertime this will get so busy that just walking across
it’s like Frogger, you’ll have to wait for
five minutes for people. There will be a constant flow
of people coming through. – [Dylan] Just to get
across to get to the wave? – Yeah, it’s gnarly. If they take you out at the leg
you’re going down with them. (laughs) – Oh there’s a grandpa.
– There he goes! Whoo! Sure there are people here
that have never surfed. This is surfing to them. They’re just learning
how to ride this wave and they, you know, that’s what they do. You don’t have to be a surfer to do this. You don’t have to be a snowboarder. You don’t have to skate. You don’t have to do any of them. You can still learn how to river surf. – [Dylan] Meet Alex Lopez, pro snowboarder and son of mister pipeline, Gerry Lopez. So when the city of Bend
was thinking of adding surfing to their list of
Board Sport Recreation, Alex was all about it. (mellow music) – [Dylan] The Whitewater
Park was built primarily to help control water levels so that endangered species can thrive. It also has gates that
regulate the flow of water, making Bend surfable year-round. But the most unusual fact, is this Whitewater Park (echoes) has a brain. – It’s the Batcave. (laughs) We got a white cat down there. Just sittin’ there. – Mr. Bigglesworth?
– Just pushing buttons. (laughs)
Yeah. (metal door creaks) – What? – My official title through
Bend Park and Rec is River Recreation Specialist, but everyone just refers
to it as the wave shaper ’cause that’s what you’re doing and there are 26 gates throughout the park and they control the flow
volume throughout the park and how it’s distributed,
and then they also shape each of the four waves in
the whitewater channel. When I work with James,
the other wave shaper, it’s super helpful because
we can actually be out testing the water and the other one can be shaping it and giving feedback so it’s a pretty good two-man
system to operate this beast. It’s tough cause everyone
wants something different especially when you get
into kayaking and stuff. That gets real specific
as to what people want so you just kinda gotta
do the best you can to make as many people happy as you can. You’re always gonna piss off someone. – Right, yeah. – So these five right here are really critical in the surf wave and say you wanna open any one of ’em up, like that you just open it up. You can put air into it, you can take air out, you can stop it, you can have it hold a certain setting. – Could you potentially wipe someone out– – Oh yeah, for sure.
– While they’re on the wave? (laughs) – Dink! You’re gone!
(laughs) Time’s up, bah boo! See ya! In the van man. – Yeah, cool. Nice van. (laughs) You can just pull in, maybe we’ll see this truck.
– Between these two? – Yeah like, in between the buildings over here. – [Alex] Oh I could
probably turn some lights on for you guys. – You should see our collection
of river boards up there. – Oh yeah? – All the ones that didn’t work. (laughs) – Trial and error? – Yeah, we can go check it out. This is where we have
lots of cool stuff up here – Careful you guys, there’s
no handrails up there okay – Okay, yeah. Right on. – These are a bunch of, these are like all of my dad’s kind of first
riverboards, I guess, right there. – [Dylan] Oh no way. – Alex was just like 10
years old, or maybe… – So is that your first
river surfing experience? – Yeah, I guess so. – Boogie boards and stuff, so this guy jumps in and I’m standing like this far
away from him watching him. I never rode a standing wave before. Let me try that thing! (laughs) – Cool.
– And then I go gosh, I can’t wait. I go home. I got a 6-0 or something at home. So I brought that back and ride and ah, man you can make something better. So I went back cause we use UV we can, I shaped it, and then we glassed it and that afternoon we
jammed out there, tried it. Wow, this is way better. And it just evolved. And this was one was the
first one that was really good and it was only a twin fin, they were all twin fins out there. And then Alex got into it. He’s actually the one that’s been shaping most of the boards for it ’cause he’s, kinda figured it out better than I have. – [Dylan] The wave and Bend
has a really tight transition. Basically any board over 5-6
and your nose will catch. It’s also really shallow, so snapping fins out is
a regular occurrence, as well as your body
bouncing off the gates. With paddling taken out of the equation you don’t need as much foam
as you would in the ocean. I was riding a 5-2, 19 and a half wide, 2 and a half thick, Haydenshapes geared more
towards a fishy ocean shape I thought might work. Alex was riding a self-shaped 4-7, 17 inches wide, 2 inches thick, asymmetrical outline. Your average surfer down at the wave all ride roughly that size. But no matter what shape or
size you’ve got lying around, if it floats, give it a go. (river roaring) – Surf’s goin off in Bend, huh? (laughs) (mellow music) (river roaring) – It’s an old an old windsurfer. – [Dylan] An old wind surfboard? – Yeah – Epic, so you just–
– Chopped off the tail. Chopped off the nose. Mast track is underneath here. – [Dylan] Nice, it looked like
it was working really good. – 20 bucks – [Dylan] 20 bucks, got a riverboard. (mellow music) – [Dylan] I was surfing the
land of a 1000 micro-brews with Mister Pipeline and his son, with people riding
repurposed wind surfboards and a wave shaped by a wave wizard. Sounds like a crazy dream I would have. Which kinda sums up our trip. – You’re surfing.
– Yeah. – In central Oregon, 200
miles from the ocean. That’s gotta be cool. – Oh, really cool. You know, just gettin’ to
surf it with all the locals and have you rock up and
rip a couple was pretty rad. – You know, surfing’s grown so much, and then all of a sudden
it got real popular. Now there’s a lot of guys in the water. There’s tension. There’s all that. You know that more than I do. – Yeah.
(laughs) – But you come here and
you have to wait your turn and everybody’s kinda still
grooving on it, you know. – [Dylan] Yeah. – Everybody’s really encouraging
and having a good time. It’s kinda like surfing used to be. Everybody’s gonna get a turn, you know. (laughs)
That’s the great thing. – Yeah, there’s no urgency
or jocking for position. – This kind of surfing.
– Which I love. I love that aspect.
– Me too. This may very well be
the future of surfing. Something like this. (mellow music) – [Dylan] Whoa, how
about those weird waves? Huh? That was fun. Well, thanks for cruising
along our journey. We went from Pipeline, Idaho down to surfing with Mister
Pipeline in Bend, Oregon. Wow, what a journey huh? Well, again, thanks for coming along. You know, we saw more than… (upbeat music)
Heh, hey! Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of the video. Thirsty for more? Well, we’ve got plenty of links, you know. Lots of links. Tons of links. You want more links, we got em. Clink the links. Here’s the links.
Click em.

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