Weird Waves Season 1: Stream Tour Part 1 | Surf | VANS

Weird Waves Season 1: Stream Tour Part 1 | Surf | VANS

(water rippling) – Oh, hey, welcome to another
episode of Weird Waves. This episode can be
summed up in two words. (playful music) Where are we going, what
are we doing, sheesh! You want your hand held
the whole way, too? We’re going to your mom’s house. (laughs)
Psych! We’re goin’ to Missoula, Montana. For the first stop of what
I’m calling The Stream Tour. – Holy cow, the water is… – (laughs) It’s also pumping. – Holy smokes. – So there’s three waves here? – There’s actually three waves, yeah. – Crazy. – There’s three channels, and
then there’s like that far… – They all work on different levels? – Yep. – KB’s home court. – Yeah and it’s unusual levels right now, like the highest I’ve ever seen this river is 21,000 cfs and that was
probably like 7-8 years ago. – And what are we at right now? – It’s 18,400 right now and looks like it’s still on the rise. So that’s why we’re seeing
all the wood coming down too ’cause the water hasn’t
been this high in years so it’s cleaning off the banks, you know. – Whoa, it’s a huge log. – That thing would take you out. – Is there a lot of rocks
right there you think? – So, there is rocks there
but right now with the way the water’s so high you
can just kinda like… you just saw that guy kinda
jump on that foam pile and just kinda float over there. – What’s the water temp. Jett boys got his 3.2,
you think that’s enough? – Yeah he’s young. (laughter) Probably like 48 maybe,
30’s it’s snow melt ya know it’s a little bit of sunshine on it maybe. It’s cold, you just gotta
get out there and feel it. – [Dylan] Let me introduce you to KB. He’s a kayaker turned cold river surfer who shapes his own boards
and started his own brand geared towards river surfing
called, Strong Water. Oh, and when you hear us talk about cfs that stands for cubic feet per second. Which is how people
measure the amount of water that is flowing down the river. Okay, let’s go surfing now. (waves crashing) – Hey feel how cold this is. Haw haw! What did you just like step
on that rock right there? – [Dylan] Yeah, I just
jumped onto that little whitewater and then angled out it. (waves crashing) (rock music) – This is actually the
highest I’ve surfed it before. It hasn’t gotten this high for like four years I’ve been surfing so. I’ve never seen it completely
blown out like this. It’s so fun to go out
and there’s like three or four waves that are
surfable so that’s cool. – I’m nervous. (nervous laugh) will you help me? (laughs) (rock music) – [Dylan] With current
water levels at 18,000 cfs it was way above the
magic number that usually makes this spot light up. But KB had a few extra
blades laying around that made the conditions
a lot more enjoyable. (rock music) – Dude that was a frickin blast. – Such gnarly cardio,
just do this for a workout and just get my legs big. (LAUGHS) – Yeah my legs are burning for sure. These boards are psycho. – These boards work so good. – KB’s got the magic recipe
cooked up for these waves. – Definitely way harder
to ride a surf board like this thing just goes
perfect in the waves. – [KB] It’s just kinda small. – You think it’s worth tryin
to hunt something else? – This is fun. – There’s a spot that
might have a big ass wave. – Maybe get one more, get some lunch and go see if we find something? – I’d be down. – Alright. Easy ta think that more
water would equal less waves. That was the case in Missoula,
the cfs had gone too high. Luckily KB knew of another spot. A little wave called pipeline in Idaho that would handle this cfs. We’d had enough of Jett, so we dropped him off at the airport. Psych! He had to get to a contest. – [KB] If you just chop
that in like three pieces. – [Dylan] Yeah, oh like
just straight through? – [KB] Yeah yeah, here put it
right on this, there you go. If you set it like up here, yeah sick. – Dude I think we’re… – We’re golden – It’s goin. – This is actually like
where Lewis and Clark when they came through,
they came through on the top of these mountain ridges right here. Everything that we’re
surfing here is just like melted snow so this
stuff’s just like coming straight out of the mountains, you know. So this is a special place, you know. I guess for me for river surfing man, like I don’t even see it
so much as river surfing. I just see it as surfing. It’s just literally like
my passion and my life and it’s just like what I wanna do. This is it! That’s the thing look how
much stuff you’re surfing and your not even like, your
1,000 miles from the ocean. As we drive up this river it’s just like driving up the coast line, you know. Gonna be another break
along the way, you know. – [Dylan] And now for a quick comparison of river surfing verse ocean surfing. Ocean waves are created by wind. River waves are created by
specific water levels, or cfs. Ocean surfers track
storms, river surfers hunt different water levels as
each wave has it’s magic cfs. Two different strategies, but both with the same ultimate goal. Getting stoked! Alright let’s get coffee’d up. Want some creamer? – Nope, I’m good. – Okay. Yeah the Grants out there! (laughing) – So it’s breaking, that’s
breaking on a boulder? – Yeah so there’s a big granite boulder water’s just pouring over it. So you like you can see
the water kinda speeds up then it goes over that
boulder and really speeds up. Then it’s just a big deep
pit where the wave itself is. And that’s kinda what kicks
up and makes the wave. And then this wave’s kinda
both a right or a left so kinda that shoulder
where we just saw Grant that’s kind of like the sweet spot to kind of get your speed going. And then you can work
out in front of the wave and that far shoulder go over
and hit that lip over there. – It has like a dance
almost, like a sort of… – Exactly, it has a rhythm to it and kind of as your surfing
it you start kind of like tapping into that rhythm and the pulse and the surge of the wave. Arg. – Should we get out there? Are ya waitin for the sun to hit it? – Oh I don’t care, we
can go now, or whatever. – Yeah, looks like the sun’s
almost over the mountains. – It’s gonna pop-up pretty soon. – I feel the energy, I feel
the surf stoke coming on, big time. Yeah cowabunga. (rock music) – You’re constantly on your
board maneuvering those things, your legs get so tired. Like there’s no break to
be like, okay I’m chillin. (rock music) – It’s wishy out there today. – Kegging. – [Dylan] There we go. (waves crashing) – [Dylan] Oh man, shit. Dude that thing just detonated him. – [Dylan] It is kegging, big time. Alright the master. (waves crashing) (laughing) Oh my gosh. Oh shit, damn. – I just came of the wave was like swimmin hard for the eddy and then decided to turn
around and get my board ’cause I was kinda on the eddy line and I turned around and took the board to the eyeball I guess. – It looked like right when you popped up your board came and went pop. Mother nature wins. – Yeah mother nature wins sometimes. It’s not gonna stop me. (laughing) (rock music) Ah that was a fun day, whew. Pipeline. – You killed it. – When you’re all dressed and
ready to go certainly no rush. There’s dinner on the stove for ya. – [Man] You guys set a good
example for opening day. – That’s what I’m talkin
about right there man. – There’s a couple rides where it was just throwing rainbows
out of the top of the wave. From there here it’s just
rainbow, rainbow, rainbow. – This place is magic dude. – It is yeah. – I think I’m gonna have a
beer, sounds pretty damn good. (beer cans popping) – There we go, cheers. – To an amazing day, magic pipeline. – [Dylan] Well you know us
we’re always gonna be out there drivin around tryin to
find those weird waves you know what I’m saying? We had a blast with KB and
the boys at the Lochsa river. But stay tuned, we got
hot action in part two of the Stream Tour coming soon! Congratulations, you’ve made
it to the end of the video. Thirsty for more? Well we got plenty of links
you, lotsa links, tons of links. You want more links we got ’em. Click the links, here’s
the links click ’em.

Antonio Breitenberg

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