Weird Waves Season 1: Great Lakes | Surf | VANS

Weird Waves Season 1: Great Lakes | Surf | VANS

(cheerful music) – Welcome to Weird Waves. In this episode, we travel to the greatest lakes on earth: the Great Lakes, to ask the question what is a lake surfer and are they different from you and I? (cheerful music) Yup, we’re doing it. – Look at this one! Oh my god! – [Dylan] I know, I know. Not your dream surf trip. But I wanted to experience
something fresh. – Dude I got worked on – Dude! Yeah dude! Oh my Gosh! – [Tyler] Oh, I see a car with surfboards Yeah there he is (laughs) Yeah, Burton! – Just pull in right here
– Okay cool – Dude, sick! No way, yeah! Nice to meet you Are these things solid? Gotta be, huh?
– Dude we are on Tomorrow is Hellyin day,
victory at gnarl dude Victory at lake it’s
gonna be fricken gnarly – [Tyler] This is Burton
Hathaway, our guide. He works for UPS in Racine, Wisconsin and has surfed and explored the
lakes for the past 11 years. I had been in touch with Burton for months – [Burton] You’re gonna see something that no one’s ever seen. – [Tyler] On call for a big winter storm It was safe to say he
psychs harder than anyone I’ve ever met so I didn’t
know how to interpret what him and the boys were
calling ‘the swell of the decade’ – [Burton] No way! Oh! We’re
looking at reds and yellows and oranges and subway – Code red dude! Code red. – Is this someone’s house?
– Yeah. – Are we allowed to go down here? – Oh yeah, we’re just down here for… Just don’t let, just don’t tell
him that in summary you know There’s a few ice chunks in the lake! – [Tyler] I know I was
just gonna point that out I saw ’em floating – Yeah god you’d need a
big old come back around Look at this one! That’s way bigger than, Oh my god dude!
– That thing’s solid. – Oh my, I’m so pumped for us dude I’m riding my bigger board dude – Yeah, we’re fuckin’ out there – Yeah dude! It’s fuckin’ so good! – We’re out there.
– Oh my god! – Can’t get these things on fast enough Hold on it’s not, pull
it down on, oh okay. You got buttoned up by the man himself! Alright, let’s do this! Step by step (laughs) – [Burton] Just be careful
on the shore breaking you guys get out right here
dude, like for real dude, like when you get out just
remember there’s huge boulders inside of like this dude, just be careful. (adventurous music) – [Tyler] That first icy
duck-dive was basically the lake slapping me in the face. I was trippin’ on how cold it was and how much water was moving. With fresh water being less buoyant and swell periods at 12
feet in seven seconds, the lake put me in my place real quick. (adventurous music) – Dude, that was so much gnarlier than I thought it was gonna be, I don’t know. I feel like I got Men in
Black blasted with the little zapper first duck dive was just like pew! Like a mind eraser, mind numbing cold – I just got worked, dude. I took like seven on the head – Yeah your suit’s open
– My god it ripped Dude I got worked on, we’ll
go find somewhere mellower. – [Tyler] Let’s break it down. We’re in Lake Superior, the
largest lake in the world, for the biggest storm in the season. With 270 miles of open
water there’s plenty of room for these storms to create waves. However, it’s relative
size compared to an ocean gives these wind waves
zero chance to calm down. Hence, the relentless onslaught of thirty-degree water we just dealt with. So we went to a part of the lake shore that was a little more protected. (gong crashes) (relaxing music) Surfing this every day, you know, it’s just there’s so much more work. Everything like paddling, catching waves, everything’s just a lot harder. I have so much respect for these guys, you know surfing in these elements, everything about it is just a
lot tougher, a lot more core. (relaxing music) – Yeah we’re lucky ’cause
we got point breaks, we got rocky points here, we got sandy beach breaks,
we got river mouths. So that’s really almost
one of those kind of rare phenomenons of nature for surfers up here to have all those variety of
breaks for us to choose from. We’ve definitely had our fair
share of curiosity seekers like yourself coming
out here that are like “what is this all about?” You know? but I always feel so lucky
’cause it’s just like the way aloha comes back
in town and so I get that little Hawaiian vibe,
the southern California, the Florida guys and now you
from Puerto Rico so I can… I’m living the dream! (laughs) (relaxing music) – [Tyler] Totally different beast today. More everything: more snow,
more wind, more waves. – Wow, look at how thick these things are! (whistles) nice and easy – It’s gonna be brutal,
it’s rough right now. You can’t see very far and
you can’t see very well So I dunno man – [Tyler] We’ll see what we see – We’ll see what we see, we’re out here – [Tyler] Lake Lawrence, 2018! – It’s a secret weapon,
sponsored by Coleman. Put hot water in this thing and then put it in your booties and mitts, and then it feels like
California, sort of. – Here we go – Dude south side’s even working, dude. – Wow look we can’t even pull up to where we were the other day. – Wow, that looks bigger
man, way bigger than… – What? Oh my gosh
– Oh my gosh dude. It is way bigger than yesterday – It’s sorta like the medium
ones are kinda looking like they’re the ones hitting the reef right. – Wow! Dude!
– Oh my! (gentle music) – Oh my gosh! (relaxing music) Next one!
(relaxing music) Where are we?
(relaxing music) (cheering) – Oh my god, dude! Yeah dude! Oh my gosh! Oh my, that was a sick one dude! You drove it through all the way – Yeah the take off was like, I wasn’t sure if it was
gonna open up I’m like “ahh” And then I ended just
just being sort of alright – Right in it at the
end I thought you were gonna clued to me I’m like oh my yes! Lake show is a full freaken event dude! Hells yes
– I can’t feel my toes – I got flushed, I got flushed dude – [Tyler] Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the video. Thirsty for more? What else… We’ve got plenty of lakes,
you know, lots of lakes tons of lakes, you want more lakes? We’ve got ’em, click the
links, click the links.

Antonio Breitenberg

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    I love seeing the big lakes represented in channels like this.

  5. Florian says:

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    Wow just wow i live in ohio northeast ohio and during a storm u stock up on food an just watch it snow from ur warm couch. These guys are awesome out surfing lake superior during a winter storm.

  10. banditto1969 says:

    Having lived near a particularly bad stretch of lake Superior, this is NOT by far the gnarliest storm of the season. That happens when the skies of November turn gloomy and I never saw ice chunks in November.

  11. Zach Landon says:

    Dudes level of stoked is awesome

  12. CYBRCDZEN says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, yep that's real barreling shznit. Damnnnnnnnn nice but that could though. You guys are solid

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    Winter in So Cal is bad enough, not to mention dodging chunks of ice. Great vid

  27. Panty Snatcher says:

    Great job Dylan!! I learned to surf with your dad in South Miami Beach. Saw him from time to time when we lived in Brevard county. Last time I saw him was when I lost to him…AGAIN…in the finals of a early '70s Easter contest at Canaveral pier. Happy to see you're continue his legend.

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    Who invented a fucking machine.
    Concave or convex,
    It served either sex.
    But oh what a bitch it was to clean.

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    I’m not even a surfer but this series is entertaining! Love that you surfed Superior in the winter lol! At an average depth of 400’ it’s not much better in the summer haha! Great content, thanks for posting!

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    come check it out from the Canadian side theres guys here just as stoked on the lakes as burton. I do believe you can get to all of the lakes from this side of the border. Have to give a shout out to the canuck GLS.

  40. Brent Cappello says:

    So much stoke! I love it!

  41. Kristoffer Necros says:

    This video i will always remember to come back to when life is shit …. i will look at Burtons stoke .. and just feed of that! He seems like one of the coolest dudes that walks this planet! Nothing makes me happier than to see people like him! And i totally agree with Paul Roman … He is the definition of "Off the wall" … Vans needs to put this dude on a lifetime sponsor, just for beeing the coolest dude ever! Loooaaads of love from cold ass Sweden!

  42. Lew. says:

    Get Burton his own show man, holy shit.

  43. Tristan Moore says:

    Needa come surf the Gauley River in West Virginia!

  44. Stephen Schwake says:

    I have only surfed along the Texas Gulf Coast. Port Aransas, Fish Pass Jetties, Surfside, Matagorda Beach. Choppy, sloppy waves. Longboards, eggs, funshapes, old style fish shapes. Nothing crazy, just some mellow frontside turns. I live in Austin, 4 hrs from the coast. I gave my 8'2" funshape to a friend so his daughters can use it at their beachhouse in Port A. This series is the most entertaining thing I've seen in a long time. Makes me wanna go down there and paddle out! Thanks for showing the fun side!

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    Lake superior is a good bit smaller than the caspian sea, did this bloke not do any research? Or is this an american thing?

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    It’s a frozen pipeline

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    and better" than you scored it- those folks are not lying 😛
    Real nice edit and much respect to everyone who partook in the madness.
    and Especially the Mn North Shore Locals!

  72. T D says:

    Good Show, Nice Score and believe those when they say "it gets bigger
    and better" than you scored it- those folks are not lying 😛
    Real nice edit and much respect to everyone who partook in the madness.
    and Especially the Mn North Shore Locals!

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    First, your testicles must be the size of those bolders we saw in the clip just to attempt this. Secondly, I am sure you couldn't find them after you got in the water, they migrated into your body and probably didn't come out for a month afterwards. Beyond that who would have thought surfing in the Great Lakes….awesome show…..

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    Does Not shred nearly as hard tho.

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    Great video! Believe it or not, the waves can get a lot larger than this on Superior. Check this article out, from over on the Michigan side of Superior, near Munising – 28.8 foot average wave height over a period of an hour:

    “It [the buoy] records what is called significant wave height, which is the average of the biggest third of all waves out there,” said Norma Froelich, an assistant professor in the department of earth, environment, and geographical studies at Northern Michigan University.

    “That means when we do get a 28.8 foot recording, there probably were, over an hour long period, maybe a couple 30 footers or maybe even 40 footers, but then also a bunch of 10, 15, 20 foot waves in between. So it’s the average."

    "This is the first time these particular buoys have ever recorded something so large. “It is not the biggest waves that Lake Superior has seen (!!!)….it is the biggest we’ve had since those buoys have been out there,” she said."

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