We Surprised Her with an Amazing Dog Sledding Adventure! – Random Acts

We Surprised Her with an Amazing Dog Sledding Adventure! – Random Acts

– Today’s the day! – We’re here at the
Payson Family Pet Hospital, where Katie works, and we’ve
got Sweetie Bell with us. Emilie:What’s wrong
with Sweetie Bell?
– Oh, nothing. He’s fine. – Oh. Oh! I see. – Mm-hmm. – Sneaky. ♪♪ ♪♪ – Thank you. Emilie:You’re so welcome.Jenna:Good morning.– Who do you have
with you today? – Sweetie Bell. – We’ll get you checked in and a tech will be out front
for you shortly. – All right. Sweetie Bell. [man on radio]:
Ready, everyone.
Katie could come out
any minute.
[man 2 on radio]:She’s leading
them through the first door.
[man on radio]:Okay,
she’s coming out now.
– Yes! – Hi, my name’s Katie. I’ll be taking you back. Jenna:Okay.– So come on and follow me.Right over here.Jenna:Okay.Oh, thanks. Oh, man. – So what is going on
with Sweetie today? – You know what? Sweetie Bell is
perfectly healthy.Bringing him here was just
an excuse
tomeet you.– O-kay… – And believe it or not, we’re not the only ones
who wantto meet you.– What? Hi! – You are on the show
Random Acts. – Oh my– [Jenna laughs] Where we do nice things
for inspiring people, and we know
all about you, Katie. We know how much you love snow
and snow sports and being in the mountains, and we know that you haven’t
been able to do that a lot
and today wewant
to take you on a snowmobiling adventure. – Oh my gosh. Emilie:And yourboss is in on
it, so we’ve got the whole day. Everything is taken care of. We’ve got snow gear for you. – What? Are you kidding me? Emilie:No!Jenna:And we have
to leave
now. – Now? Jenna:Yes, we have
to leave now.
– Because we have a whole day
of snowmobiling adventures to go do. – Okay. – Yeah? – Yeah, let’s do it. Emilie:Yeah, let’s go!I love that you’re just
ready to go. – I know, I love this. [applause] Jenna:Here we go, everybody.Katie:Let’s do this!♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ – All right! Look at this place. – This is nice.Oh my gosh, it’s just
a winter wonderland.
– [whispering] So we’ve got
another surprise.Katie has five sistersand we’ve flown them
from all over
the country. They’re hiding inside
the cabin. ♪♪ Emilie:Oh, and because
of the logistics,
we can’t have
our own private tour. Katie: Uh-huh. – So we’ll just, like,
be joining another groupif that’s cool with you.– Yeah. Emilie:Cool.Looks like that’s the group
that we’re going to join.
[cheering] – There’sall of you?!– Group hug! [laughter] – Oh, Katie, we love you. This is the hardest secret
I’ve ever had to keep. – What a day, huh? Emilie:Okay, you guys,let’s get ready
to go snowmobiling! [cheering] – Where’s Katie? – I’m right here. – Yay! Let’s go! Sister:Love you, Mom!Bye, love you!– Have fun! – Hey, Jordan! – Good to see ya. – Good to see you too. – Hello, everybody. – Hey, we’re so excited. – Fantastic. Raise your hand if you’ve
ever snowmobiled before.Nobody.Okay, great.We’re gonna get you
up to
just under 10,000 feet.It’s gonna be gorgeousand we couldn’t ask
for a better day than today. – No kidding. – All right? ‘Kay, jump on your machines. – All right, let’s go! – Guys, I’m so excited
about this. – It’s gonna be awesome. – Woo! Jordan:Is everybody ready?All right, good.– Let’s do it. – Here we go. – You ready? – Yeah. – Here we go. – Bye! – Wild ride, get ready! – Katie, you’re crushing it! – So fun! I love it! – Yeah! – Woo-hoo! Tara:I’m not gonna
stop smiling.
I’m gonna have like,
permanent grin on my face the whole time. – You’re a good driver. I feel totally safe. – Thank you. – Yeah. Tara:You ready to pick up
some speed? – Yeah. – Me too. – Ahh! – Get it, girl. Big turn, coming up.You’re crushing it.– All right, don’t crash. Don’t crash, Tara. – Don’t crash. – Here we go. Yee-haw! – [mouthing] Oh my gosh. – Ah! ♪♪ Katie:This is gorgeous.This is so beautiful!Jenna:It’s incredible.Katie:I love it.– Wow. – [gasps] So beautiful. – Unreal. Emilie:Look at that!Oh mygoodness!That ledge is
a little nerve-wracking.
I’m not gonna lie.♪♪ – Woo! – This is gorgeous! – Here we go! Katie:This is beautiful.Jenna:Look at this.Katie:Oh my gosh.Emilie:Are you kidding me
with this view?
Jenna:Unbelievable.Katie:Wow, this is beautiful.Emilie:This is unreal.Jordan:Good job, guys.All:We did it!– Check it out! That looks like a picture. Katie:So beautiful!Tara:Unbelievable.Jenna:I think we might be
the only people in the world,
right now.Tara:That’s what itfeels like. – That is what it feels like. – Yeah, for sure. – We’re here! All: Hello! – On your way into work today, did you think that this is
what you’d be doing? – Oh, heck no. No chance. –Howlong since the
original six had a little mix? – Just the girls. Sister:Katie’sgraduation. – Five years ago. – Happy sister reunion! [cheering] Sister:Family!– Oh no! – Oh my gosh. She’s down. – Ah! Oh my gosh! Sister:That’s some deep snow!– I’ll take you to
the ground… Sister:Holy mackerel!– I’ll help you! – We love you! – Dog pile! – Here, I’ll help you, ah! – I’m still stuck. – Was I helpful? – No.Oh, this is a workout,
you guys.
Canwe be part of your family? – Yes.
– Absolutely. – All right, you wanna drive? – Do you want to drive? – I want you to drive. – Okay. [guitar music] ♪♪ – We made it! – That was so fun. – Nice driving, Kate. – Katie, we hope that you have had
just a fantastic day. – It has been amazing. So amazing. Emilie:We are so glad,because
you absolutely deserve it. – Thank you. – But it was like,
kind of surpris– It wasn’t that cold
up there, right? – No, it wasn’t. – You’re feeling good. You’re not cold, right? – No, I’m good. – Well, good,
’cause we’re not done today. – Wait, what? – Mm-mm. – We’re going dogsledding. – No way! – Yes, way. We really are. Right over there. – Heck, yes! Jenna:And we’re not just
sledding, we’re racing.
– Oh my gosh! I want a husky so bad. Jenna:These guys are asleep
on the job. Emilie, Katie,
these dogs are for you. – That’s fine.They’re conserving energy.Tara:Oh my gosh,Katie, this has been the hardest secret
ever to keep, like for real. – Wait, how long has this
been in the works? – For a long time. Long time.I knew about the dogs,and I knew you
were gonna
love’em. – Oh, thank you. – Animal lover. – All right, this is
genuinely going to be a race. – Yeah, so we need to stop the
family friendliness right now. – Yeah, okay?So, bring it on.– ‘Cause you guys
are going down. – We’ll see about that. – All right, we’re going to
do this time trial style. Who’s got the timers? – Me. – On three? One, two, three. Go race! Sister:On your mark,
get set, go! – Ah! – [cheering]– We’re doing it!Look at these dogs go!Woo! – Oh my gosh,
this is awesome. – Okay. Katie:Look at them.Emilie:They’re going crazy!– Ready?Set,go! – [cheering] – Holy cow! Emilie:Look at them go!Katie:This is amazing.– We’re doing it! Emilie:How fastcan you go? Musher: Probably 15. – What? – That’s really fast. – Whoa! Haw! Haw is left and gee is right. So that’s how we steer. They forgot to put
steering wheels on back here. Jenna:They’re so strong. – They are. It’s unbelievable. – So how much weight
can they carry? – Depending on the conditions, about 100 pounds per dog. – What?! – That’s amazing. – Six and a half minutes. – Oh, oh. And we stopped. – C’mon, dogs! Tara:We’re suppposed
to be winning.
Katie: I could get used to this. – I feel like this is the
only way to travel now. – Yeah. Jenna:Our dogs
are not lining up
like they’re supposedto. Tara:They missed the pep talk.Katie:At work, we see a couple
of sled dogs.
So cool to see how they work. – Yeah. And how do you decide
who’s the leader dog? Musher:The lead dogs are
generally more intelligent,
and they’re a little bit calmer.Emilie:Are they
super happy puppies?
Musher:They are very happy.These dogs getloved on all
day and then they get to run, and that’sbasically
their two favorite things.
– Oh, we’re going now. We’re still gonna win. – I’m feeling very optimistic. – Good. – Nine minutes
and forty seconds. Tara:And we’re going downhill,
get ready!
– Ahh! – Wow! That is so much fun! – So what has your favorite
part about today been? – I would say
just being outdoors. Being with– Whoa! Being with my family,
just everything. It’s been so amazing. – Ready for these bumps? I’m seeing these bumps. – Brace yourself! [screaming and laughing] – Fifteen minutes. Musher:Okay, this one’s
a little bumpy.
– ‘Kay, here we go. – Let’s do it! – Let’s get it. – Yee-haw! – Oh, this is so great. – That was so great. I think we’re winning. – We’ve gotta be winning. – Look at all those trails. – All right, this is the
last real push here, doggies. Take us in.– We’re catching up.– C’mon, guys. – We’re almost there. – Make us win,
make us win. – You can do it! We can still win this! – Yeah, we can! – Here we go! – Winners! – Last home stretch. – Come on, go, go, go! – Woo! Woo! – That was so close! – [cheering] – So awesome! – [whispering]
That was so much fun. Hey, can you see this? So, the ranch wanted to do a little something
special for Katie. But let’s, let’s go see
who won the race. – That was so fun. – But enough of all this
friendly camaraderie. I need to know who won. So, what was the time
for Jenna and Tara? – Eighteen minutes,
33 seconds. Emilie:Okay, that’s gonna be
tough to beat.
– Okay. All right, good time,
good time. Emilie:How about
Emilie and Katie? –That would be18 minutes and 14 seconds. [cheering] – I know– You know, we would
really love to take credit, but really, the dogs
did all the work. So… – Really, they really did. Jenna:Katie, wejust really,
really loved spending the day with you today, and we know that you can’t
have a dog right now. We also know that you had a very special
four-legged friend in your life, and right now, there is a new generation
of husky puppies here. And, the ranch would like to
name one of those puppies after your dog, Oreo. – Cool. – Would that be okay? – Yeah. – Would you like to meet him? – Yes, I would. – Okay. Let’s go meet him. Emilie:Mason, bring him in.– Hello. Can I hold him? – Yes, go ahead. – Hi, Oreo. Hello, my sweet. – Thank you, guys. – Well, that is our show. Thank you so much for watching
and a huge thank you– Oh, no. I’m sorry, hang on. We’ll try that again. – C’mon, c’mon. – Well, that is our show. A huge thank you to
North Forty Escapes and Payson Family Pet Hospital. “Random Acts” on three? – Yes. – One, two, three! All: Random Acts! [puppy whining] – What are you trying
to tell us? – What? – It’s very important. – Obviously. What is it? Say it. [puppy whines some more] Both: Oh. – He wants you to subscribe. – Oh. You better hurry. – He’s very adamant. – Hurry. [puppy whines loudly] Both: Oh. – You’re really upsetting him,
you guys. – Look you can subscribe and the
puppy’s all good.

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