We Sent her on a Skydiving Adventure – Random Acts

We Sent her on a Skydiving Adventure – Random Acts

– Today is the day! – And we’re about to go
surprise Savannah at breakfast. ♪♪ ♪♪ [funky music] [record scratch] Voice: [over radio] All right, Savannah and her family
are at the table. Will and Emilie are heading in. – It’s go time. – –like quite a bit of time. [indistinct chatter] Emilie: That was insane! – For real! – Oh my gosh. – It’s pretty cool,
that was awesome. Have you ever been
indoor skydiving before? – No, have you? – I haven’t, but– – Savannah, where’s your suit? – Have you ever been before? Indoor skydiving? – No. – No? – Tunnel? [imitating wind tunnel] – Did they not call you? – No. – Oh, well that makes sense, because you’re on
a hidden camera show called Random Acts, and that would have
ruined the surprise! [laughing] Will: Totally, yeah,
that’s right. So that’s where we’re goin’,
indoor skydiving right now! Emilie: Do you wanna go? – Oh my– – Whoo! I guess maybe you can finish,
or you could take it with you. Either way, we gotta go. – Okay! [cheering] Kai: Hello! – Hey! Will: Everybody, this is Kai. – How’s it goin’ today? Savannah, it’s good to meet you
finally, we’ve been excited
to fly with ya. Will: Kai is gonna be
our instructor today, and it’s gonna be
Savannah and Emilie goin’ up in the air. Kai: Perfect. First thing we’ll do is we’ll getcha started
with some flight training. So, I’m gonna start
from the beginning, which is the entrance. Arms are up, and then you’re just gonna
do a nice smooth lean into the wind. Once you’re there, you’re gonna go
into a body position, we call it belly flying, which means shoulder-width apart
in the legs, a slight bend in the knees,
chin up and then hands out
and a little bit together. Okay, so because
it is loud in there, I’ll be using some hand signals. The two fingers here,
think of ’em as your legs, so if they’re straight that just means
straighten them out, and if they’re bent,
that would be bend ’em, all right? – Gotcha. – Now I know there’s some
special circumstances, is there any concerns
or anything that you guys need from me? – I think we’re good. Kai: Yeah? – Just need stuff to hold onto. – Well let me know
if there’s any issues at all and we’ll go from there. – Cool. – All right, let’s go gear up and go do some flying,
all right? Heather: This is so exciting. Will: Savannah,
tell me a little bit about her, she’s a strong one. – Ever since we found out
about her condition, it’s been awesome as a mom to watch her
take everything in stride and, I mean, here’s a young woman
in nursing school, fulfilling her dreams, and now all of a sudden,
her dreams have to change. So I love that you chose
to do this for her, ’cause I want her to have
everything that life has to offer, even if it has to be
a little different now. I’ll cry, so I can’t
talk about her too much. – It’s okay. – She’s amazing. – [indistinct] – Yeah. Don’t even get started. – Well, it’s like you
have to be strong for her as you process– – That’s my baby. – Yeah. – She doesn’t complain ever. She’s just ready to go
for anything. She’s amazing. I wanna be like her
when I get old. – Me too. Kai: Does that feel okay? – Yeah! – Sweet,
you guys are looking good, we’re ready to fly! Will: Oh, there they are! – Yay! Kai: So stand right here
and remember, go in that body position
and just have fun. ♪♪ Heather: Oh my– Will: Here she goes. – Oh! Oh! [laughing] – Oh! She nailed it! – Oh, oh, oh! [laughing] Oh! ♪♪ [laughing] She did it! She did it! ♪♪ [laughing] Heather: She’s awesome! ♪♪ – Whoo! [cheering] Kai: Awesome, nice job! Just keep doin’
what you’re doin’. Let’s do it again. [laughing] [excited screaming] Heather: Holy cow! Oh my word! Holy cow! ♪♪ [laughing] ♪♪ – Oh my gosh! Will: Well there they are! [cheering] Did you guys have
a good time in there? – Yeah! It was so much fun. – That’s awesome. Do you think you would ever
do the real thing one day? – Yeah! For sure. Heather: Are you serious? – Did I say “one day?” Because I meant today. We are going skydiving
right now. Heather: You’re kidding! – Right now, dude. – Do you believe me? – No! – Well you better
start believing, because it’s true. We are going skydiving today,
everybody! But we are actually
running a little bit behind, so let’s get over there. – Okay! Emilie: Let’s go! Will: You ready? – Yes! ♪♪ – Ready to do this? Whoo! Mike and Mark! – Welcome to Skydive Utah! You excited? – Nervous. [laughing] Excited though. – Let’s jump out of a plane,
huh? – All right, so let’s introduce you guys
to your instructors. Will, you’re gonna be
jumping with Scott here. – Cool. – And Savannah, you’re gonna
be jumping with Zach. Scott: Hey Will,
nice to meet you. Come on over here,
let’s get you geared up. – Pleasure to be
jumping with you today. – I’m excited. – It’s gonna be
pretty chilly up there, we got a jumpsuit
you can throw on. All right. So we’re gonna get you
in this harness. I haven’t lost anybody yet,
so… [laughing] I hope that makes you feel
a little bit more comfortable. Emilie: If you’re feeling faint,
hold on to me, mom. – Put on the backpack here. Emilie: So how you feelin’, mom? Heather: Do you want me
to be honest? – I do want you to be honest. – I’m so excited for her,
but I’m scared half to death. – But she’s gonna have
so much fun! – She is. Scott: So we’re gonna be
squatting down in the door, really low. Zach: Cross your arms
and hang onto those straps. – Okay. – And I’m gonna rock us. We’ll go ready, set, and we just fall
out of the plane. – When you feel a tap
on the shoulder, your hips come forward
and your hands come out. – I have these
special leg straps that are gonna lift your legs
right up, and we’re gonna land
sliding in on our bottoms. – That’s the only thing I was like, “Sure,
I’d love to skydive, but I don’t know if I could
run at the end, or whatever.” So I don’t have to worry
about it. – Not at all. These straps were designed
by my mentor, and he had a strong belief that everyone
should be able to skydive. So, I think about him
every time I get to use them. He’s with us. – That’s awesome. – All right, how’s that? – Feels good. – So how are you feeling? – I’m ready. – Let’s get you on that plane! – Let’s do it! ♪♪ Scott: All right, follow me. – Whoo! Heather: All right Savannah,
you got it! ♪♪ ♪♪ Emilie: So, what Savannah
doesn’t know is that we’ve invited
a few of her friends and family to come and greet her
when she lands. [excited squeal] Who’s here for Savannah? [crowd cheering] Well let’s get on out there and we will watch
for her parachute to come down. Let’s go! – Oh my gosh, we’re so high! Will: It’s starting to
sink in a little bit. – Yeah! Only one way out. Heather: This is her plane? Emilie: Yeah, this is her plane
right up there. – Oh my word. Scott: All right Savannah,
we’re gonna get ready to jump. – Okay. – All right, that’s it. All hooked up. Get those goggles on and we’ll scoot up
to the very end of the bench. [air whooshing] – Okay! [screaming] [rock music]
[screaming] – Whoo! ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ – Whoo! Yeah! ♪♪ – How was that, Savannah? – Good! Oh! – Take your breath away
a little bit, huh? – Yeah! Whoo! – Oh ho! Oh! My gosh! – There’s Will. – Oh, Savannah! Right there! [cheering] – This is beautiful! Wow. – Guys, that was unbelievable! – Wow. There’s my mom, down there. – Holy cow! [laughing] Zach: You wanna drive? Savannah: Yeah! – Grab onto those straps there. You’re in control. – Whoo! You just pull the thing? – Yeah, you wanna go right,
pull it right. You said you like
roller coasters, right? – Yeah. – All right, we’re gonna
make a big 360 here. – Whoo! – Hands up! – Oh my gosh! Zach: All right,
now pull ’em both! – Whoo! – Here’s your roller coaster! All right, put your hands up. Here’s the drop. – Wow. – Oh! – Ah! [laughing] – We’ll be landing
right down there. [cheering] Savannah: I’m surprised
we can hear them. – She’s still way up there! There’s Will, though. [laughing] – Oh, holy cow. Heather: Oh! [cheering] – Whoo! – Okay, Savannah’s next! She’s coming down you guys! Whoo! One, two, three– All: Savannah! [cheering] Heather: Oh, my goodness,
how was it? Savannah: So fun! – Oh my gosh! – That was amazing! Emilie: We brought
some friends and family! All: [chanting] Savannah,
Savannah, Savannah, Savannah, Savannah! – Thank you for jumping with me. – Thank you! Will: Hip hip! All: Hooray! Will: Hip hip! All: Hooray! – Hip hip! – Hooray! – Wow. – Grandpa is first hug. Emilie: So, Savannah thinks that
her friends and family are the last surprise, but in true Random Acts fashion, we’ve got one more
that we think she’ll love. Well, we hope that
you have had so much fun today. – Amazing. – We’ve had this amazing time
getting to know you and experiencing
all these things with you. – And we’ve become
huge fans of yours throughout the day. – You’re so nice. – But we have one more fan who has come all the way here
just to meet you. I believe you know
Brittany Frank. – Britt! Brittany: Hi! What a day! – Crazy! – You are so brave! – Oh my gosh! – Have there been
lots of tears today? – I held it together ’til now! Will: So Savannah,
have you been following Brittany for a while online? – Yeah. – How has that affected you? – Can’t even talk. Um, I don’t know, when I first found out
about being sick, um, the first thing
I was nervous about was being a mom
and stuff like that, so finding your page
was just amazing. I can’t say enough about you. – Well, when you reached out, that’s exactly
why I share what I share, because I was in those shoes
once, but you will be
such a wonderful, wise mother, sister, daughter, friend,
you’re just the best already. – You’re the best. – Mother to mother, thank you for what you did
for my daughter. – You’re so welcome. It’s so worth it,
putting myself out there. – I feel like we need
a group hug. [laughing] – I need a blue jumpsuit now! Emilie: Well, that is our show, a huge thank you to Kneaders,
iFly Utah, Skydive Utah, and Brittany, thank you so much for coming
and hanging out with us today, and thank you, Savannah, for being such an inspiration
to everyone. Will: Random Acts on three! One, two, three! All: Random Acts! – Hey. It’s plain to see. – You should jump
at the opportunity to subscribe to the channel. – Don’t just wing it. – Do it. If you don’t, we’ll think
you have an altitude problem. – You can subscribe here,
here, or here. – [laughs]

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