Watch Snowboarder Chloe Kim Win 2017 Burton Women’s Open Halfpipe Tournament | Features | Refinery29

Watch Snowboarder Chloe Kim Win 2017 Burton Women’s Open Halfpipe Tournament | Features | Refinery29

We’ve called her the future. She’s really the now of competitive snowboarding. Chloe Kim, the Golden One. Last time around when they were picking the U.S. Olympic team, she would have qualified based on points but she was in fact too young to compete in the olympics. Don’t you hate when that happens? When you’re on a snowboard, you’re gonna strap in, you’re gonna feel a little weird because you’re standing sideways, you might fall over a few times. You’re dropping in pretty fast. You’re gonna feel the friction, you’re gonna feel the movement, the momentum. When you go up the wall it’s like… pretty
insane. You’re gonna feel the g-forces working against ya. It’s kind of like a roller coaster. There’s a lot of spinning. You look down and you’re just… going in circles. You see a lot of blurs. It doesn’t feel like you’re hanging upside down. It’s the Burton U.S. Open Women’s Halfpipe final, the most prestigious title of the winter season. My main goal for this competition is just to put down a solid run that I’m happy with. Being super chill and laid back, not being too stressed, just finding that happy place and staying there. Having fun is my greatest strategy. I have known Chloe since she was about eleven years old. I saw her riding in a snowboard contest and was like… “That girl’s gonna be the next thing.” People use the term prodigy a lot. She’s unnaturally talented for someone that young. When I’m just having fun I feel like my riding’s so much cleaner and I’m not as stiff. Just relax. My training regimen involves skateboarding, trampolining, working out, trying to eat healthy. Trying, but not really. I was stuck at the gym for a few months for knee rehab. I partially tore my ACL a couple of summers ago and that was really hard. I feel like we’ve all had moments where we think about giving up. I think every bad experience I’ve had has been a learning experience. Chloe is one of the true faces of progression. All the young girls that are inspired by the top level snowboarders see what she’s doing and see that it’s possible. It’s gonna create insane talent in the future. And when you look at her just from a technical standpoint, what she is able to do on that snowboard, how big she’s able to go out of this pipe. Last year I was able to put down a pretty solid run and I took home first. She landed back-to-back 1080s which means she did a 1080 degree rotation and then landed backwards. And then did a switch 1080 rotation, which is insane. The pressure is on Chloe Kim now, finally. She’s gotta deliver. Fairly moderate backside air, not her biggest, but a front side nine there from Chloe Kim. Into a McTwist, so the game plan for Chloe Kim out here today was, “Let’s not come out guns blazing.” When I was dropping in I was like… You still did a better job so more of the same. I’m hype, thank you. Will we see some big spins? There the front side 1080 from Chloe Kim. So…McTwist. That will be the highest scoring run. An 86.8! She’s gonna go for it! Frontside 1080 into a Cab 720. Does she know that she has already won this? Chloe Kim’s victory laps have become legendary. Chloe Kim, you have already grabbed your second win at 16. That’s just nuts. She will continue that progression. The sky’s the limit for Chloe Kim. Pretty stoked on life.

Antonio Breitenberg

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27 thoughts on “Watch Snowboarder Chloe Kim Win 2017 Burton Women’s Open Halfpipe Tournament | Features | Refinery29

  1. givesmelight says:

    She's younger than me but I still look up to her haha

  2. pkayy121 says:

    I really hope she'll qualify for Pyeongchang! She'll be able to board in her parents home country! Ahh!!

  3. Auriell Daye says:

    GIRL POWER, wow. lol

  4. So's Reel Thoughts says:

    I freaking looooove her!!! <33

  5. breathing says:

    well that was badass.

  6. Victoria Marie says:

    More of this!

  7. y.j kim says:

    I hope that she will win gold medal in Pyeongchang south korea in 2018.

  8. Sungjin Ahn says:

    she is amazing.

  9. Eugene Chao says:

    – – i searched youtube in hopes of learning how to snowboard.. but this video just made me give up lol

  10. bruce Hur says:

    pumpkin moon face is pretty good …

  11. sunshaped says:

    Only just learned of this girl (I don't follow winter sports at all until the Olympics come along). She's so rad. Very exciting to watch!

  12. Arnold P says:

    She is amazing! I tried a half pipe once and went half way up the wall and I was like"NOPE" and rode straight down the middle lol

  13. Breeze Incognito says:

    Chloe is the PR agent's dream

  14. Gabriel 1 says:

    God I Love Her!

  15. fetB says:

    the editing was weird

  16. Peeravat KPR says:

    Spraying champagne but still not old enough to drink them

  17. d culhane says:

    Cross out the word "Could" and replace with "Became"!

  18. jonas smith says:


  19. jonas smith says:

    1:03 HAHAHA usa hate IS a burden that SWEEDEN bear with ease 1993Fallingdown was instructive .. even a maxi pad was used :)::):) whip ski .. GOOD let the hate FLOW in you american FAMELY

  20. jonas smith says:

    1:41 WHY olympics snowboarding is whack ass fuck … imagen 15 years old cwally fee to american fotball standly cup or olympics hockey — .. STATE DEPARTMNET .. don't look that up before STATE DEPARTMNET cheat in olymopicks and BIND them self on war crimes … in syria Insunatiung doping #CHHET #usa #netflix #statedepartmnet … FORFEITED her medal

  21. jonas smith says:

    1:43 SILLY was 16 years old before i ride on a snowboards .stop when travis rice and burton at up .. assume #satedepartmnet STILL financing MY snowboards #burton cease and decease …

  22. jonas smith says:

    1:57 LIE a gain ,, My home ( at the time NOW HE OLFSSON homie ) .. dis snowboards and hockey but he was tackle to hard so he started gym … so did i … 15-16 trained ever sense TOTAL FABRICATION #ceese and decrees burton snowboards and disseny channels

  23. jonas smith says:

    2:02 torah bright … i.e TRAVIS rice You my blue print to get 3000 paying costumer MINUS ME ..AND WB MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A GRUPIE think clint eastwwod (knowed WHIP hater) or BURTON promise me GEAR in austalia open … and fuck me on that .. don't know PROBLAY burnton more so … one of the other could have me keep going boputh FUCK it #ceense and decrees .. NO contract

  24. jonas smith says:

    2:08 STOPING is not give UP — master it no fun now .. 10 years do you needd 20 more ?? see no komeptions it silly

  25. jonas smith says:

    3:21 DECALRE WAR DEPLAY all MY MEDIA BRANCH of WAR propaganda PENTAGON can master … was not what i exempted but that was what usa did — WHITE HELEMS even minor terrist treets … did USA war machine deploy — on sweden atlhets

  26. jonas smith says:


  27. Mckinley Beacon says:

    She should write a book

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