Watch Margot Robbie Fight on Roller Skates in ‘Birds of Prey’ | Anatomy of a Scene

Watch Margot Robbie Fight on Roller Skates in ‘Birds of Prey’ | Anatomy of a Scene

“Hi, I’m Cathy Yan, the
director of ‘Birds of Prey.’ So we’re near the
end of the movie. And this is the culminating,
the final fight scene between the women
and the gangs that Roman Sionis,
played by Ewan McGregor, sends in to the
funhouse, which is called the Booby Trap. Well, originally, it wasn’t
a funhouse, actually. I believe, originally,
it was a hotel. And they were supposed
to fight their way down. But then, when I got together
with our amazing production designer, KK Barrett, and
our DP, Matthew Libatique, we kind of thought,
wouldn’t it be more interesting to
convey a location that felt like Harley
Quinn’s mind on acid? Our actresses,
they’re actually doing the majority of
the stunts themselves. That was four to five
months of brutal training. When we were in
prep, the actors were training pretty
much every day with our stunt team.” “Come on!” “Margot learned to roller
skate for this movie because she ends up roller
skating in a good portion of the movie. She learned to roller
skate on a bank track for the derby scene. And then, obviously,
she’s roller skating here. And for this moment, she is
actually just roller skating. And she was so– she became so
good that she was able to stop herself,
which is actually the most difficult
thing to do, while on a rotating
carousel, which is infinitely harder
than when you’re not on a rotating carousel. What was another big challenge
that we only sort of realized on the day, too, was that
because the background was so different, for continuity,
whenever we started a take, we had to make sure that
we started and ended at the same point. So the carousel became
a sort of clock. And we had a number
for each of the hands. And then each hand had
to directly correlate with a point outside
in the funhouse so that we were able
to actually match up the backgrounds. If we didn’t do that,
then it would have been a complete nightmare.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “[SHOUTS] Ah. Wait.”

Antonio Breitenberg

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15 thoughts on “Watch Margot Robbie Fight on Roller Skates in ‘Birds of Prey’ | Anatomy of a Scene

  1. Sandra Padmindra says:


  2. Se7en says:

    Looks so badl

  3. Cameron Money says:

    I have no issue with this movie. Id even see it again. But it needed a stronger story line. Maybe a male character besides the bad guy? So its not like ghostbusters remake lol. And the bad guys in this scene.. Some were just standing there til one of the girls turned their attention to them before they did anything! Biiiiiiig no no!! Other than that loved the acting and the fight scenes. Loved the characters. Mostly Harley. Oh and that asian thief girl was soooo bad! So boring. Her acting was flat

  4. Robert Scott says:

    some extra coverage (overhead shots? floor level shots?) might have been interesting.

  5. PG says:

    This is incredibly boring.

  6. Hallie Hurst says:

    Margo Robbie is going to get to the end of her career and be one of those actors who’re basically a ninja with the number of stunts they’ve done, if she keeps going like this.

  7. Hallie Hurst says:

    This scene is so much slower with someone talking over it 😂

  8. Bernard Czajkowski says:

    Jesus this looks terrible.

  9. Danielisreal77 Gardener says:

    This is just bad. In a bad way. Nope

  10. FriDuh says:

    Please tell me this isn't the climax of the movie. If so I won't watch.

  11. Tomas piñera says:

    John wick is better

  12. AERoVALKYRiE says:

    get woke go broke. stop spread feminist propaganda

  13. dschonsie says:

    doesn't look very appealing at all

  14. Erika says:

    This movie was dope. I dont care about box Office or critics

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