Walk off The Earth – Has a Reality Show Ep.1 (Pilot)

Walk off The Earth – Has a Reality Show Ep.1 (Pilot)

Sarah: Previously, on Walk Off The Earth. We took a break from our tour to visit our friends Archery Tag Centre in, Edmonton, Alberta. Joel: Hey no head shots Marshall! Sarah: And as usual the boys started getting competitive and things got heated pretty quickly between Marshall and Joel. Sarah: Gianni took an arrow to the head and twisted his ankle pretty bad when he went down. Sarah: But like any other day the show must go on… Gianni: We’ll be able to play a sold out show here, lets go ! “Music plays” Rule The World by WOTE Sarah: And now some of us are taking a few days off in beautiful Whistler BC to relax and do some snowboarding. Sarah: We’re going snowboarding !! Sarah: We’re going to have some fun! Sarah: On the slopes, on the slopes! “Laughter” Sarah: Gianni… where are you !! Gianni: Giorgio and I decided we’d go check out our surroundings, you know go on a little adventure before we hit the mountain today. “Laughter” Gianni: See his face…you held on man… Gianni: Good grip bro. Gianni: Should we go find flowers for mama? Gianni: Let’s go! Giorgio: Let’s go! Gianni: Is that the one she likes? Giorgio: Yaa.. Gianni: And when you get to the door you gotta give it to mama, okay? Giorgio: No just dada. Gianni: You want me to give it to mama? Giorgio: Ya. Gianni: Me?! Giorgio: Ya!! Sarah: You need water for the flowers to grow? Giorgio: Ya.. Sarah: Ya thats true. Sarah: So we’re in Whistler BC and we’re about to hit the mountain and… Sarah: It’s never come up before between me and Gianni whether or not either of us could ski or snowboard. Sarah: And he’s been talking himself up so much that I haven’t even had the chance to tell him that I’m actually really good at snowboarding. Sarah: So I’m gonna go along with this. Gianni: We’re about to go snowboarding in Whistler Blackcomb… Gianni: It’s my first time on a mountain in over 15 years, let’s do this. Let’s not pull a hammy! James: Lets go!! Gianni: Think the chicks are gonna be good at snowboarding? James: I don’t know man. They talk a good game for sure. Gianni: Yeah I’m worried about Sarah. “Laughter” James: And she’s gonna go for it too. Gianni: Yeah… She’s gonna hurt herself. Gianni: She’s gonna pop a kneecap up there. Gianni: They’re not gonna beat me down the hill… you know what they might beat us down the hill in one of those skidoo gurney’s. “Laughter” Gianni: That’s a big mountain man.. James: It looks a lot bigger than it dose in the pictures of the magazine. Gianni: That’s where we’re going? James: Yaaa “laughter” Gianni: Your not going to get hurt up there are ya? Sarah: I dunno..maybe I might slip Sarah: Might slip and fall. I’m not like pro or anything… Sarah: You? Gianni: I could do a 360. Sarah: Oh ya? “Laughs” Gianni: Ya, 180 without trying..one time I pulled a 550. Sarah: A 540? Gianni: No, I over..I over-rotated it. Sarah: Oh like a little bit extra. Gianni: Doesn’t matter if you can snowboard or not. If your not dope as shit on the hill you ain’t nobody. Sarah: He sounds like he’s been snowboarding a few times so. Gianni: Its all coming back..Ohh yea.. Sarah: I mean he’ll probably lead the way and then we’re just gonna like go. Gianni: I’m ready to shred baby. I’m ready to shred. “Music plays” Heart Is a Weapon by WOTE Gianni: All right first run of the day and we made it to the top…Whistler Blackcomb, baby! Sarah: I know.. Gianni: Wanna take the first run? Sarah: I don’t think so, not in the halfpipe. Gianni: No..want me to show you how to do it? Sarah: Ya, I’m going to need you to… Gianni: All right, just follow the curves that I do.. Gianni: I’m going to put some deep ones in the snow and it’ll help you kind of like catch a line and just I don’t know… Gianni: See what see what happens. Gianni: Alright… James: Go get em G! Ya doggie ! “Laughter” Gianni: **** AHH Sarah: He’s taking a break “laughs” Sarah: You know every once in a while… Sarah: You got to come out of the woodwork and show people the skills that you’ve been hiding for a long time. Sarah: So this is one of those moments. Sarah: That was good babe! Gianni: Conditions are not ideal. It’s tough out there. You gonna go? Sarah: All right.. Gianni: Take it slow girl. Sarah: I will. “Music plays” Gang of Rhythm by WOTE Gianni: What!…You’ve got to be kidding me. Sarah: Hope you guys had fun watching that pilot the next episode comes out next week Sarah: So stay tuned and if it is next week already Sarah: Click here to watch us Sarah: Hit the like button and comment below if you think we should make more content like this Sarah: Do not forget to subscribe and hit the notification bells so your always in the loop when we drop a new video Sarah: And you know, we’re always on tour. So we’ll see you soon. Love you guys xo!

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100 thoughts on “Walk off The Earth – Has a Reality Show Ep.1 (Pilot)

  1. Vaidah Katz says:

    Why would anyone click the dislike button!

  2. Dddsasul says:

    So this is an extensive vlog, I love it!

  3. Willem van de Beek says:

    staged, but still funny 🙂

  4. Marissa Harley says:

    This was so cute and I would love to see more! It's a great way to see inside the group from a non-music/touring perspective.

  5. Casey Deatherage says:

    What the heck who does 7 min videos come on make them.longer

  6. Danielle Harty says:

    Make more !!

  7. MrsBrandiSherman says:

    I can’t wait to see Sarah kill it on the half pipe!!!! Guess I have to wait till the next episode!🤣🤣🤣

  8. JMBEEE says:

    more doood

  9. Paul Sp. says:

    Ohh, she shreds I am sure! But in the end, G-man will be happy she does too! Just has to play up the hurt ego a bit first!

  10. Lisa Klonowski says:

    Love It…

  11. gyaq says:

    this is great, keep it up

  12. Alex Cheng says:

    Not gonna lie. Never came back to this channel for about a year and this video got me excited for the next episode!

  13. Wendy Hughes-Jelen says:

    This was fun! What I would really love to see is how you create a cover from deciding a song you want to do. You're all pros so know all the sounds you can make with different things, but how do you decide what goes when? I'd love to hear those conversations and process as you create a new cover.

  14. Libero Ripoli Neto says:

    Love WOTE and you're know good way to live life! Cheers!

  15. Hola Ka Ase says:

    just one question: are you the ones who direct and do the reality show? I love you, I hope you continue this well in the future and to know you, I send you a hug from Mexico

  16. TheMelissaleigh says:

    Yes! We want more!

  17. Stina Ruiz says:

    OMG I dont want this to end! Way too short in my opinion! – LOVE YOU GUYS!

  18. desire to desire says:

    I remember this channel with 200k subs and look at them now 💛

  19. Deniz Narin says:

    No,i don't like this idea

  20. MonicaTheMad says:


  21. Юрий С says:

    Удивительно позитивные ребята!!! Хорошие люди, хорошая группа, прекрасная музыка, оригинальный стиль исполнения…. всё здорово! Вы молодцы! Активно отдыхаете и занимаетесь спортом, это хороший пример для многих и для ваших детей. Удачи Вам и новых интересных проектов!
    Surprisingly positive guys!!! Good people, good band, great music, original style of performance…. it's great! You're good! Actively relax and do sports, this is a good example for many and for your children. Good luck and new interesting projects!

  22. Marielle Ananias says:

    You guys always come with the best ideas!! Love you

  23. Clayton Hurdle says:


  24. Tamber Grable says:

    Love love love it!

  25. Felacia Andrews says:

    But Sarah! I wanted to see you kick some butt!!!!

  26. ZwiekszoneRyzyko says:

    And that, ladies and gentlemen is how divorces begin 😃😃😃

  27. Shanon Watkins says:

    Hahaha yehyaaa classic!!

  28. My High Adventures says:

    More please! Awesome!

  29. kittenhaile says:

    A cliffhanger this early in the season?! 😜 I am anxiously awaiting episode 2! 💜

  30. Richard Ware says:

    Ohhh my god! This was wonderful and you left me hanging! I love how you share your lives with your fans and everyone!  Keep it coming from a long time fan! I saw you in Courtenay BC a month ago great show! Btw I used to live in Whistler and recognize most stuff. Keep it coming this is better than real life!

  31. austin mueller says:

    Ahhh i can't wait for the other episode!!!!

  32. Cecelia Nydam says:

    I cant wait to watch next week! This was really well done and you two are the sweetest. ❤ Love it!

  33. Danicka Le says:

    Pretty sure Sarah is going to shred that half pipe. Gianni, “Conditions are not ideal…”. 😆 He looks like a great Dad, tho. 😃

  34. ivan ewing says:

    Was just watching your Facebook live and had to share my insight. Remember you all got your big break on YouTube, you are YouTubers as well as musicians. Meaning we love you all no matter what you do as long as you share it with us. I have been following you for 7 years now and other YouTubers for even longer. Creators I found before change paths and they worry about their followers not like their new content. We like you, your content will always be great if you’re doing it. People like me will love this new style of video because it’s more of you. Do what makes you happy, we will follow YOU. (Never stop making music though, because you are AMAZING at that)

  35. Melissa Long says:

    Excited! Want to see more 🙌🏼

  36. Corrie Lavina Knight says:

    Who are the 60 idiots that disliked this video? I mean, the music is awesome and all, but what makes this channel (and the others associated with it) so adorable are all the stories, hi-jinks, and shenanigans behind the scenes. You are fantastic musicians, but you are an even greater family, band family, community, and just all-around awesome chill dudes to hang with. Please make more episodes for our viewing pleasure.

  37. Sneakypig33 says:

    3:59 demonetized lol

  38. Akbar Maulana 00 says:

    i want you guys cover some songs from 21pilots, it will be amazing i think

  39. Miss Def’s Come As You Are says:

    My 9yo son who was born prematurely & is diagnosed w mild cerebral palsy loveeees you guys. (Lol I caught him practicing beat boxing after one of your songs:) Awesome idea w the reality show- we’d love to come see you live🙏🏽

  40. Zack Branch says:

    Hell yeah love you guys. Can't wait to see what song you do next also. COME TO CLEVELAND PLEAAAAAASE!

  41. Kam says:

    Yay! That was fun! Thanks for this and please bring out some more treats for all us fans.

  42. Pierre Fouquet says:

    Sarah is a badass. Confirmed!! Again…

  43. officialdahan says:

    this is awesome, cant wait to see Ep.2

  44. Sara Lee Seduction says:

    I LOVE this episode. What a great idea to bring your fans even closer. I will be watching on Tuesday.

  45. Oilerpa says:

    I’d watch. You should get a Netflix deal. Love you guys

  46. Judo Johnny says:

    Keep it real, I love you guys.

  47. Sherri Stewart says:

    So adorable! Really fun!

  48. John Cline says:

    Yeah, that was fun! More, please!

  49. Buddercup _ says:

    Excellent job! Can't wait to see more.

  50. Sara Walker says:

    Omg yes. I will watch all of this always ❤️

  51. Jerry Sweet says:

    When is the Epic Beard Guy spinoff?

  52. Mr Dave says:

    That was awesome and very cute, keep it up guys!!!

  53. Travis Tredway says:

    Do y'all have a concert near LA/San Diego? I'd love to see you in person!

  54. Aimee Morrison says:

    Are you freaking kidding me? Sheesh! I'm stoked af ♥️♥️♥️♥️😬😂

  55. Aimee Morrison says:

    Beard Guy 😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  56. Cory Jones says:

    I need the next episode ! Wanna see Sarah kill it on that half pipe !

  57. Heidi & Dan Sutton says:

    yes! keep 'em coming 😀 😀 😀 😀

  58. Yellow Submarine says:

    Yesssss!! Make more lol can’t believe you left us hanging and unable to see how well Sarah did

  59. Zarrul Yusof says:

    Love u guys

  60. Canal 8-bits says:

    Rhythm of the Night cover please. Eu amo vocês, vocês são os melhores. O mundo precisa conhecer mais vocês.

  61. Sonia Acco says:

    j'aime beaucoup votre groupe et je vous suis tout le temps, bravoooo et je suis allée vous voir à Paris et j'ai adoré, bravooooo et merciiii

  62. Anne says:

    Yes!!! Love y'all!!

  63. lycidium says:

    Thats the reason I think Sarah is badass. Good job girl!

  64. sisoi deli says:

    Subtitulenlo pls

  65. Luise Bomke says:

    That's really cool! 🙂 Please more!!

  66. Caitla Hall says:

    I need more of this!!!!!!!

  67. MissMischief says:

    Yaasss I love it! More please

  68. KimMee Lavender says:

    Guys can you make a song with Taylor singing? I would love to hear his voice

  69. MiMi SeeYou says:

    Is this airing exclusively through your YT channel? I know lots of fans and will tell them how to watch. Loved the teaser!

  70. Evan Tomsha says:

    I really enjoy what all of you do! Thank you! Your channel is the only one I'll go out of my way to check if you have any new videos. I'm so inspired by all of your music, covers and originals, and also like to see what you all do when your not making awesome music. You all seem like good, fun people!

  71. Luffi Yusran Kamal says:

    Keep it going lads! Cant wait for full video!!!

  72. The Celtic Traders says:

    Brilliant!!!!! Can't wait for the next one 😀

  73. Jennifer Wilson says:

    So I’m probably the only one to ask something like this, but my grandkids have been listening with me and they love your music. I know they’ll want to watch the show, too. Any chance y’all could keep the language G rated? Yes, I’m old but I don’t think anyone will be watching just for the cursing and you’ll lose some viewers over it. Well, there I said it. Can’t wait to see y’all down south! Dallas is a 10 hour trip for us, but I think we’re gonna just have to make it happen.

  74. John Philippatos says:

    Man, when we badass guys get humiliated by our girls….
    I remember having to give my wife my old Mercedes to drive, while I would lead the way with another car. I'm a fairly aggressive driver, but that day I was hopelesly trying to catch up with her. And she had never driven a car that size before

  75. Violet de Besche says:

    I love this!!! Please keep making these!

  76. John Smith says:

    So scripted. Painful to watch.

  77. Shaun Goosen says:

    That was so awesome. I was really disappointed when i realised this wasn't a thing yet. Loved it and love your music

  78. Kamarovskygames says:


  79. PP May says:

    Yes yes yes can't wait for ep.2

  80. Kevin Henderson says:

    I think the snowboard portion was a set-up all the way around……just saying.  I'm guessing music is not the thing, anymore.  Found this "show", a bit sophomoric and overly scripted…..not really "reality" tv, here.  I'm afraid this will hurt your carreers (musical), and will marginalize each of you, individually.  Sorry to be heavy.  🙁

  81. Sara Meitner says:

    YES!!!! MORE PLEASE!!!! WOTE follower in Lübeck, Germany. I've got lots of my students hooked on you guys!

  82. Martin Armstrong says:

    This is so cool! Definitely need more of this in my life!

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    Can't wait for more of these, this was awesome.

  85. kristal andrews says:

    I would love to be part of your world, even if it's just though my computer. I have followed you guys since you broke the internet with '5 peeps one guitar', and seeing those beautiful boys grow is a joy. My only wish is you would do a show in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Love and peace.

  86. YOUR SISTER ON CALL Meg Martens says:

    Soooo fun! No offense to Gianni, but the crew here is rooting for Shredder Sarah 🙂

  87. Rick H says:

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  88. Skuggie says:

    hahahahah I love it!!!

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  90. PMH says:

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  91. Kayleigh McDaid says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ Love watching this, can’t wait for the rest!

  92. Jae Torbet says:

    You guys are silly
    Just show us you, be spontanuous! Lol
    Loved what you do since early days, keep being true to your fans x)

  93. simpler user says:

    omg his kid is so cute. great show, great idea. 🙂 see u hopefully on a next conert in germany.

  94. ratyo hage says:

    0:33What is the title of this song?
    I English is poor and would appreciate your favor in japan who

  95. thy vũ says:

    Love from Vietnam ❤️

  96. Hugh Fry says:

    Folks, Gianni should take an arrow in his KNEE, not in his head.

  97. UdonBullets says:

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  99. John Smith says:

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  100. Glen Gorman says:

    That's not Edmonton Alberta, that's The Hood Archery Games in London, ON. 🙁

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