Welcome back to Guga Foods everybody
I want to thank Tourit for sponsoring this video. Today we’re going to do
something different we’re going to go outdoors and cook. You know it’s awesome
we are always outdoors here but today we’re going to go on a little trip.
Sponsors are great because it allows me to do that. Now here’s the deal I’m gonna
make a beautiful wagyu tomahawk steaks and some lobsters. But we don’t have
lobsters so we gotta go get them and I’m gonna go to the Florida Keys. So let’s do it! Tourit is an awesome soft cooler which
is totally leak proof and it can hold up to 30 cans, so you better believe I
could put a bunch of stuff inside. It is a hundred percent leak proof. This little
cooler is not small and it can keep the food cold up to three days. And I’m gonna
show you guys how I like to use it. But first we got to prep some stuff. Since
I’m gonna be cooking an amazing Wagyu tomahawk steak and some beautiful
lobster the first thing I like to prepare is some seasoned butter, and
here’s how. I started off with a whole stick of
melted butter, 1 tablespoon of garlic paste and about a teaspoon of smoked
paprika, mix it well and your basting butter is done. I’ve also made a quick
tomato salad which consists of tomatoes, very finely minced onions, chopped up
chives, don’t forget the lime, a little bit of
salt and pepper, mix it well and you’re done. Now let me give you some tips about
cooler and ice if you throw ice directly on your cooler you will just melt down
and get all your food wet. So here’s an example this is a gel pack that my meat
dealer sends to me every single time they send me meat. So a lot of times I save
some so I can use it in the future. Now if you don’t have that available another
thing you can do is vacuum pack some ice. But if you don’t, you can also vacuum
pack some water and use it as you please. This will assure that your food will
never get wet especially if you’re packing bread and sandwiches. But now
that I got the prepping ready it is time to pack up and get going and for that I
threw everything inside of my Tourit. To grill my food I’m using this
little portable grill. I just throw everything inside and I was ready. So where are we
gonna get the lobsters bro? We are gonna go to the Florida Keys to get live
lobsters because there’s nothing better than fresh Lobster? You agree? Oh yeah! Well we are gonna go get them so let’s do it. Let’s go! Why you so serious? Really? Look at this. We are at a dead stop! We had to do a little switch huh Angel.
Yeah cuz someone doesn’t like to drive in traffic. What’s up with that? Look at the
time! Look at that! They are close already. Look it’s 2:56 everybody it’s not 5:30 yet! Yo Juanito the place was closed bro what do I do now? Try Mr. Lobster or the
Lobster walk Mr. Lobster I think they are open. All right ahh, well that’s what were go. That’s probably the only option. That’s the only option guys I want some lobsters
man! All right Juanito thanks bro. Well is that or the supermarket. I am NOT coming to the keys to buy Lobster
in the supermarket! That’s just not right! No man! See all of these wood boxes everybody
these are el lobster traps. This is where they get all the lobsters. I’m pretty sure
here we’re gonna get some. Now we’re talking ah. Now there’s some
lobsters in here everybody. Check it out look at that. Okay so the cleaning who normally, do you guys
normally do the cleaning right here? You know what let’s have them clean it
because you’ve seen me cleaned it before. So you guys clean. So if you want
everybody they’ll clean it right up for you. The reason I used a knife I don’t have
the upper-body strength this goes in separates the meat from the legs and you’ll get a
quarter to a half ounce more from the tail. The reason we cut it in the beginning is
that severs the intestine if you do it right, the whole thing would normally pull out. So after seeing the way she
cleaned that lobster I know you guys wanted to see it my way. So went ahead and
cleaned the other one and I always like to dispatch the lobster first. I feel
that that’s the right and the most humane way to do it. So check it out. Ready to go. Okay. All right guys we got
our beautiful three lobster tails I wanted to clean one to you so you guys
can see how I do it I normally like to dispatch it but to be
honest here in Florida nobody dispatched the lobster first we
just you know twist it and get it all out. But I know that that’s the right way
and I know you guys want to see the right way. But anyway now we got our
lobsters ready as you can see this thing’s still super cool we’re gonna put
them here. I said right now enough talking
it is time to cook it let’s do it. To keep things simple I’m seasoning
everything with salt pepper and garlic powder. Remember everything I use is
always in the description down below. Alright guys we got our beautiful
lobsters over here together with our wonderful steak. I also have other
friends here with us that is going to enjoy this feast and they’re gonna get
to try it right after. But I say enough talking, are you ready to try it? Let’s go
don’t wait no more. Cheers! Mmm We’ve been waiting for this for a while huh Angel? Oh yeah! Since we left the house everybody oh man. Since before we left the house. It’s awesome it’s super soft. Extremely
tender. I mean is wagyu you know what I mean
Wagyu is fantastic. Steak and lobster seriously grilled outside outdoors go
for it Angel. Yeah together man steak and lobster how do you call this? Surf and
turf. Cheers buddy The lobster is sweet medium-rare with the steak. Wow. That was really good mm-hmm that is good. Thank you so much for
watching I hope you enjoyed this video if you enjoy videos like this let me
know in the comments down below I’ll make a little bit more outdoors. If you
do enjoy this video make sure you give it a thumbs-up if you’re not a
subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos remember if you’re
interested in anything I use everything is always in the description down below.
And if you guys are interested on learning about more about this wonderful
cooler make sure you check it out on the description down below. That’s how you know it’s good. When the guy who does’t like lobster is eating it still. I know right you don’t like Lobster and you having more Lobster that means that the lobster is really good. By the way everybody this is my
good friend Captain Juan you see me fishing with him this guy is fantastic.
If you want to fish in Isla Morada go check him out. The best part right there little bit on the bone.
It is the best part. There you go.
Oh now we are served right here. That basting on the lobster everybody is
definitely worth it let me tell you. Which one you like better Juan the
lobster or the steak. Hard to say man. You know you can’t compare both so
good it’s so differently to each other I it’s hard to compare because they’re
both good. I think they complement each other
perfectly it’s like a little sweet with a little savory you know what I mean
it’s fantastic. Amazing.

Antonio Breitenberg

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